What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


15. Such a bad day

Niall's P.O.V -

I smiled sleepily as we all parked infront of the hotel. Everyone was just barely half awake, even me. We all lazily got out of the car and immediately went straight for our rooms, barely caring enough to change into pjs. I yawned and lied Lounai onto the bed. I went to the bath room and changed into a pair of shorts and a loose tank top. I walked out and saw Lounai curled into a ball.

I weakly smile and lie down next to her, and as if by instinct, she turns and hugs me. I chuckle quietly and hug her back. I give a hug yawn. Jeez, we did alot today, I'd be surprised if I wasn't tired. I tugged the blanket over me and Lounai; also pulling Lounai closer to me. I kissed her nose gently before falling asleep.


I woke up about 3 hours later to a lot of bumping and thuds. I groan quietly and look at the time. 2:13 am. I sighed and got out of the bed carefully, trying not to wake Lounai. I lazily walked to the door and opened it. " Who the hell would make so much noise at this ho- " I say, pausing myself when I saw a girl in the living room.

A girl I didn't recognize. How the heck did she know where we were staying? " Uhm, who are you, and how did you find us here? " The girl looks straight at me, and gets a look as if she were about to scream. My eyes widen and I run up to her, covering her mouth. " Don't scream right now! Do you not know what time it is?! " I yell-whispered.

She shrugs and the look of shouting disappeared from her. I sighed. " What do you want? An autograph? A picture? " I just wanted her out of here so I can go back to sleep. Hopefully Avril hasn't waken up by accident. " Can I have a kiss? " She asks, looking very hopeful.

I had to admit, she was a pretty girl, but she looked a little too old for me. I'm not like Harry. I didn't quite like girls that sneak around, nor would I go out with any that were over my own age. " Uhm, How old are you? " Unfortunately, I don't think she was quite caught up on what was happening with One Direction currently, cause she didn't seem to know that I now have a girlfriend.

" I'm only 23. Come on. Please? You don't have a girlfriend, so it shouldn't matter! " She pleads. I rolled my eyes. " First, Sorry to disappoint you ma'am, but I don't like older women. and Second, I actually do have a girlfriend. Yeah, her name is Lo-Avril. So please, leave this hotel room, or I'll have to call the body guards. "

I was not in the mood to argue with anyone, more or less even a girl right now. " Come on, just one kiss and I'll leave for good! I'll even not say a single word that you guys live here! " I groaned. Everyone was asleep, and this girl would just cause even more trouble if she were to shout, or tell any paparazzi that we lived here. " Fine.. " I mumbled.

She was about to squeal, when she stopped herself. She leaned in. I grimaced slightly. Now that I was sorta fully awake, she wasn't much the looker anymore. Her cold lips touched mine, and all I felt was misery. God, do I wish it was Avril's lips instead. I pulled away after not even 2 seconds from the kiss and wiped my mouth.

I opened my mouth to say something, when I heard a stuttered gasp and a sniffle.  

I turned around quickly and saw Lounai standing there with a shocked and hurt face while her eyes teared up. " N-Niall... " She whispered. I bit my lip. " Avril, this is not what you think! " I defended. She huffed and turned around weakly. " I-I saw what I saw Niall. We're over. I'm going back to sleep. In my room. Good night. " And with that, she left. 

I growled and looked back at the girl and she winced at my glare to her. " Get out now. You've caused enough trouble. " She was about to say something, when she just remains quiet and walks out. I swallowed hard, holding back tears. What have I done... I turned and lied on the couch. 

After all this, I am not stupid enough to go back to her room. I curled into a ball and silently cried. Probably what Avril was doing too. I am such an idiot. So stupid. Why the hell did I even agree to do that? I guess I was just desperate to go back to sleep with Avril. Now I just lost her instead. 

What am I going to do now? I lost the one I loved.


Avril's P.O.V -

I woke up the next morning, shivering cold. It was snowing. And I didn't have a blanket on. And there was one less person in bed. Memories flowed back in from last night. I sighed. I guess I cried myself to sleep. I sat up weakly and went to the bathroom. I washed off any dirty and dried tears from my face. 

After that, I walked out and went back to my room to change. Today was our last day in New York. Next, we were to go to France. Which we were leaving for today at 11. I looked at the time. 9:00 am. I guess I woke up a little to early. Might as well get my horrible day started. Why horrible? I just lost my boyfriend, and now I can't give anyone a good morning kiss.

I went back to my bathroom again and changed into this. 
[polyvore] . Don't blame me if you don't like anything. I'm too sad and lazy to care right now. I yawn slightly and walk out to make myself some breakfast. Once I walked out, I tensed slightly when I noticed Niall asleep on the couch.

I bit my lip slightly. He didn't look like he got much sleep at all, nor did he look even comfortable. I sighed. Stupid conscience. I thought. I hesitantly got a blanket and gently put it around him, making sure I didn't wake him up. I rushed back to the kitchen so he didn't wake up at me standing infront of him.

I sighed in relief and opened the fridge. I took out some ingredients to make pancakes and then I started to hear shuffling. I guess he was waking up. I heard a groan, then sigh. I then heard a couple of footsteps as I started cooking. I was pouring the mix in the pan once Niall had finally noticed me. 

He froze a bit and looked at me. I glanced at him, and I noticed he had a hurt look. It was either because of last night, or he's noticed that I took out his name from the bracelets I had, and I wasn't wearing the necklace and bracelet he bought me. I huffed and continued cooking.

He sighs again and goes back to the room. I hope it was just to get his clothes. After a while, I heard the door open and I see him walk out with new clothes on. When he walked out, I heard the other doors open and the other boys, and Mina, came out. I had just finished cooking plenty of pancakes too. 

I wasn't that heartless, cause I even made enough for Niall to eat. The boys smiled and sits down at the table, grabbing plates and pancakes. " So how are the love birds doing? " Harry says, stuffing his face with a pancake. The boys notice Niall flinch. I roll my eyes and take out my ipod. I put my headphones on and sit in the living room, listening to music.

I look through my play list and randomly play
 Boulevard Of Broken Dreams By Greenday. I lie down and close my eyes, letting my head wander in the lyrics.

I walk a lonely road,
The only one that have ever known.
Don't know where it goes,
But it's home to me and I walk alone.

I walk this empty street,
On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams,
Where the city sleeps,
And I'm the only one and I walk alone.

I walk alone, 
I walk alone.
I walk alone,
I walk a

My shadows the only one that walks beside me.
My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating.
Sometimes I wish someone out there will find me.
Til then I walk alone.



I'm walking down the line
That divides me somewhere in my mind
On the border line
Of the edge, and where I walk alone.

Read between the lines,
What's f-ked up and everything's alright.
Check my vital signs,
To know I'm still alive, and I walk alone.

I walk alone,
I walk alone.
I walk alone, 
I walk a

My shadows the only one that walks beside me.
My shallow hearts the only thing that's beating.
Sometimes I wish someone out there-

That's when I was waken up. I groan and open my eyes. I look up at the person. Niall. " Erm... It's time to go.. " I nod and get up, until I totally had forgotten to pack. " Wait.. I forgot to pa- " I was cut off. " I did it for you.. " Niall mentions, walking out the door. I sigh and follow him.

When I walked outside, it was freakishly hot. I groaned and took off my sweater. I put my sweater away into my suitcase and everyone looks at me; well my shirt anyway. They look towards Liam, and then Niall. Niall sighs sadly and gets into the car. " Uh, Did we miss something yesterday? " Liam asks, really confused.

I sigh. " I'll tell you guys some other time. And seriously, it's just a shirt." I say as everyone else finally starts getting into the car.  Since the car was still limited on people, I had refused to sit on Niall's lap again, so I sat on Zayn's instead. " Are you sure you're okay love? " He whispers to me. 

I weakly smile and nod a bit. Still looking unconvinced, Zayn nods and leaves me alone, knowing it probably wasn't the time to talk about it. The airport was about an hour away, and that was when I fell asleep. It was going to be a long day.


I wake up a couple of hours later to see I was on the airplane already, sitting next to Zayn. Good, I almost thought it was going to be Niall for a second. I yawned and looked over to Zayn, who was on Twitter. " what time is it? When did we get onto the plane? " I ask, still half asleep. " It's only 1:23 pm. We got on about 20 minutes ago. The ride is going to be about another 4 hours though. " He says, looking a little annoyed from the time it was going to take.

I chuckled and kissed his cheek. " Thanks for carrying me on here. I'm not really the lightest load. " I swear I saw him blush, but then again, I just woke up, so it could have just been my eyes playing tricks on me. " It was no trouble really. Honestly, you're really light to carry. " He says, smiling a bit. I smile back and nod. " Whatever you say then. " 

I looked around for Mina and saw her asleep, her head on Harry's lap. I smiled. Good thing they sat infront of us. I poked his head slightly. " You guys doing okay? " I whispered to him. He smiles and nods. I smile and lean back. I take out my Ipod again and looked through my play list. 

Hmm. What should I play now? I stopped when I saw a certain song. " Let me love you " By.. Zayn Malik? When did I have this in here? I thought for a second. Oh yeah, I had let Mina borrow my ipod for a couple of weeks before, I guess she added some songs into it without letting me know.

I looked through my play list more, and saw she also added alot of The Fray albums. I think she said that Louis liked those songs. I shrugged mentally and played Let me love you, being curious. Just as the song started, I noticed Zayn glance at what I was listening to. 

" Y-You have that on your ipod? " I was sure he blushed this time. I smiled. " Mina actually downloaded it into my ipod, and I'm just curious to how you sound. Is it a problem? " I ask. He shook his head and I nod. I continued listening. Wow, he was a really good singer. He should get more solos soon.

After that was finished playing, it had went to the next song that was on the list. It was I gotta feeling by Black Eyed Peas, but it didn't sound like them. It sounded more like... My train of thought was cut off when I heard someone singing, Louis to be exact. I listened slightly, and realized he was singing I gotta feeling too. 

Then I noticed the similarity. Mina must have downloaded Louis's version of I gotta feeling. I continued listening to the song, when I noticed it had a bit of autotune in it. I sighed. Why was this boy using autotune? His voice is beautiful the way it was. I turned around to face Louis and he looks at me and smiles.

" Hello love. " I smile " Hi Lou. Can you tell me why you used to use autotune in your singing? " He gave me a confused look, until I showed him my ipod, and let him listen to what I was listening to. He chuckles slightly and scratches the back of his head. " Oh that. That was 3 years ago. I dunno, I guess I didn't think I was that good of a singer back then I guess. " I pout childishly and poke his cheek.

" You have an amazing voice. Don't change that. " He smiles. " Thank you love. I'll keep that in mind. " I smile and I was about to sit back down correctly, when I noticed Niall was sitting down alone in a seat. No one else was sitting next to him. I bit my lip and finally sat back down. Zayn notices me looking at little troubled.

" Is something wrong love? " I sighed. " Why.... isn't anyone sitting next to Niall? " Zayn looks back and glances at Niall. Niall was looking a little sad, and he was looking outside the airplane window. " He sorta told us the story while we were in the car. Everyone knew what he had done was wrong, but I didn't think it would have caused him to be alone... " 

I bit my lip. I didn't want him to be lonely. And right now I was hating the fact that I still loved Niall after he had cheated on me. I was about to say something, until I heard a loud crash. I jumped and screamed a little loudly, and ended up hugging Zayn's arm, hiding my face into his chest. 

He chuckles slightly and strokes my back. " It was just lightning love. " I shook my head. " I don't care, I hate lightning and thunder. They've too freaking loud... " He smiles and puts me back on the seat. " It's fine, I'm right here. But you aren't allowed to sit on someone's lap on a plane. " 

I nodded and remained hugging his arm, ready for the next strike. 

An hour later -

After the hour full of my trembling and fears of the thunder and lightning, the sound had cleared a bit. I was hoping it had stopped now, but I was fully wrong. Thunder soon came extremely close to the plane, causing a loud boom, and causing me to scream and jump onto Zayn again, but crying too.

Lightning and Thunder always brought some memories of me as a baby when I was younger. I couldn't much make out most of it, but it always showed someone getting electrocuted from the thunder and lightning. It was  also an occasional nightmare I had. One that I really hated to have. 

I then thought the storm subsided again, until I heard a crash again. Not one like lightning or thunder. No, one like something has been hit. My eyes widen as an alarm went off. " Ladies and gentle men, please get into your seats quickly! We are going to have quite a rough landing! " The intercom said. 

Zayn quickly put me back to my seat and put my seat belt on. My heart was racing a mile a minute as I could feel myself fall in the airplane. I held onto Zayn's arm tightly, closing my eyes, fearing for my life. " Z-Zayn!! I-I'm scared!! " I started hyperventilating a bit. Please, I didn't want to die now. Zayn held me tight.

Oh god, please. Don't let us die now. Not in a storm.

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