What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


12. Starting A New?

Avril's P.O.V -

" Welcome to Wantagh, New York, babe. "

I smile, happy that I was in New York, and happy about my new nick name. I get up and rush over to the window. I smile widely as I see the Statue of Liberty in sight. " Oh my gosh, I've always wanted to come here before. Oh! The Statue of Liberty! Will we be able to go there later? " I ask, looking over to Niall as he hugs me around my waist from behind.

" Maybe today. Not sure. Today we have to head to Nikon at Jones Beach Theater for a signing session, a concert, and this twitter question session " He sighs, seeing how busy they were going to be today. " Aww, so I'm going to have to be home all day? " I mope, getting out of his arms to go to the bed; only to have his arms around me tighten.

" Who said you aren't going? " I look at him slightly shocked. " You guys would want me to come with you? " I asked. He nods. " Of course, not like I'd leave you here alone anyway. " I smile and kiss his cheek. " Thanks Babe. " He smiles. " You missed. " I chuckle and peck his lips. He smiles and pulls away from me. 

" We leave in about an hour, so you should use that time to get ready. " I nod and take some clothes and a towel to the shower. After I take a shower, I change into this. [polyvore] Don't ask about the whole one direction stuff I had on. Remember how I said Mina didn't know how to spend money wisely? Most of the One Direction stuff I had was cause of her.

Except the bracelets, I'm guilty for those. And Niall had bought me the necklace and bracelet, which I absolutely love. Plus, I extremely love the nail polish. I mean come on. Glow in the dark, neon blue nail polish. How is that not awesome? Anyway, when I walked out of the bathroom, Niall's eyes locked onto me.

I blush slightly as he chuckles, noticing the One Direction stuff. " Don't bother asking me, ask Mina. She's the one who bought it for me. " He looks at me, faking a pout. " What, were you not a Directioner? " I shrugged. " I liked your music, but I wasn't as obsessive as Mina. I like guys for who they are, not by how they sing or look. "

He smiles and hugs me. " Thats good to hear then. " He pulls away and I smile. He takes my hand and I follow him as we walk out of the room. He was wearing his most natural look, a t-shirt, jeans, his high tops, and some head phones around his neck. I guess he was listening to music while he waited for me to get out of the shower.

I look over to see the boys look at me. More like my sweater. I roll my eyes and head over to the fridge to get something to snack on, Niall on my heels. " Nice sweater Lounai " Louis says, chuckling a bit. I smile slightly. " Thanks. " I grabbed a couple of grapes when I couldn't find anything else and went to the food closet. I open the door and grab some bread and a bottle of Nutella.

Harry's eyes widened when he saw it and looked at me begging. I chuckled and nodded, easily being able to tell that he wanted me to make him one. I felt Niall pout and he hugs me from behind.I chuckle. " There's no need to be jealous. Do you want one too? " I felt Niall's smile creep onto his face and he kisses my cheek. " I wasn't really jealous, but I'd still like one too. " 

I chuckle and continued making nutella for the three of us. After I finished, Paul came by and told us we had to get going to the theater. I handed Niall and Harry their nutella, and they started eating, along with me as we all got into the car. After I finished, we parked in the back of the theater we were supposed to be at.

The signing didn't start till another 2 hours later, but there were still alot of preparation to do to set up for all 3 events. That must have been expensive to buy if the fans actually bought tickets and wrist bands for all 3 events. I wanted to help set things up, but I had to talk to Simon and the boys were in their dressing rooms getting ready. I was pretty nervous, since, well it's Simon.

" So, Avril, I'm take that you like being with the boys? " Simon says, drinking some tea he got. I was nervously biting the inside of my lip. I didn't want to accidentally say something stupid that will cause me to go home. " Uhm, Yes sir. I really like being with them, they're really fun to hang out with. And they know how to keep me smiling. " I say, smiling slightly at the thought.

Simon nods. " Alright. And I'm guessing that you fancy Niall? Or he fancies you? " I blush slightly. Niall had only asked me to be his girlfriend 2 days ago, did it really spread around that quickly? I nodded. " That's quite a shocker really. Niall hasn't liked a girl in a long time. He always said he was waiting for that special person. " He says, drawing imaginary circles on his glass.

I blush slightly. That was really sweet. " Do you have any talent? Dancing, Singing, Anything? " He asks, looking at me. I took a deep breath, gaining any confidence I had and looked up at him. It was rude if you didn't look at the person while you, or they talked. " Yes sir. I actually sing and dance a bit. " He raised his eye brows in amusement.

" Oh? You dance and sing? Why haven't you auditioned in the X Factor like the boys then? " I shrugged slightly. " I never had the time. My mom would make me take care of my siblings. But sometimes, to get money, I'd sing in public places. " I say, a little embarrassed. 

I looked at Simon and he was looking at his glass in thought. I bit my lip more nervously. Did I say something wrong? Was that something that I shouldn't have said? Oh boy, I don't feel too good right now. " Hm... That sounds a little familiar. " He says. He looks up, and calls over one of his assistants. He whispers in her ear, and the lady nods. 

She takes out a tablet and starts to look up something. After she found what she was looking for, I'm guessing, she hands the tablet to Simon and he looks at it. He raises it up and faces it towards me. My eyes widened as I watched a video of me singing and dancing. That was actually just about 2 weeks ago.

Oh my gosh. Someone was recording me? I bit my lip shyly and he smirks. " I knew you looked familiar. You are the same Avril that is in this video, yes? " I nod shyly and He places the tablet down. " I assume you aren't signed to anyone? " My eyes widen. Is he thinking what I think he's thinking? He nods, as if he read my mind. " Yes Avril. I am asking you, if you would like to sign under my name and work with One Direction. " 

Omg, Omg, Omg. He really is asking me! I took a deep breath. Did I want to work with them? Of course! But what was going to happen to my family? " I-I would love to, but what about my family? " He looks at me sternly. " What do you mean your family? Your mum can watch your siblings right? " I sighed and played with my hands a bit.

"Not exactly. She sort of likes to abuse me, and I was actually barely able to even come with the boys yesterday. They had to set a deal with her in order to let me come. " I looked at Simon and saw a quite shocked face on him. " Abused you? And you call her your mum? " He asks. I sighed and nodded. 

" Do you really trust someone like that to watch your siblings for a year? Your abusive mum? What do you think would happen when you return to that same house, unsigned, and now back to a normal girl? Do you really believe that your Mum wouldn't have done anything to harm your siblings? " He asks, looking at me seriously.

My breath hitched. He's right. Can I really trust my mom? She's promised millions of promises, all that she's broken. I bit my lip again. "  How about this Avril.. " He says, pausing. I look up at him. " If you sign with me, I will get that abusive mum of yours away from your siblings, and I will move your siblings to England, where they can stay with one of the boys parents? " My eyes widened extremely.

Wh-What?! He would do that? Just so I would sign under his name? I smile inwardly. That was really one of the nicest things someone can do for me. Even if I say I love my mother, I honestly hate her. She beat me every night, and doesn't take any mercy. I thought about it for a long time.

Would Lianna and Jake be okay with this? Would the boys be okay with it? Which of the boy's parents would I choose? Maybe Harry's? I heard his parents loved kids. I looked up to Simon, and he had a hopeful look in his eyes. " Can... Can I call my family first? To ask my brother and sister about it? If they would agree to it? "

He smiles slightly and nods. He points at the hallway, guessing that it would need to be private. I get up and go to the hallway, taking out my cellphone. I take a deep breath again and dialed their number. After a couple of rings, the phone was answered. " Hello? " I heard my mom answer. 

" Hey mom! I miss you guys! " I half lied. I missed only Lianna and Jake, not her. In the background, I heard crying. My breath stopped again. " Who is crying? " I heard her chuckle. " Relax hun. It's just Lianna, she dropped a plate on her foot and now she's crying about it. Reminds me of you when you were younger. Although, you never learned how to stop crying. " 

I growled quietly. I really wanted to yell her out right now, but I knew it wasn't the time right now. " Oh.. Okay. Can I talk to Lianna or Jake? " I ask. She sighs and calls Lianna. I hear a couple of foot steps, and shuffling. " H-Hello? " I heard, and some sniffling too. " Lianna? Are you okay sweetie? " I ask, worried.

" Avril!! Omg I miss you so much! Yes, I'm okay! But that really hurt.. " She says, her mood immediately enlightening. I chuckle slightly. " Good. Now, I want to ask you and Jake something. What is mu-mother doing right now? " I ask. Gosh, the boys accents were kicking into me. 

" She just left saying she was going to work for about 7 hours. And then she left the house. " She says. I groaned. What a stupid mother, seriously leaving her own kids alone in the house. " Good. Can you please put the phone on speaker and call Jake over? I need to talk to both of you. " I said seriously.

" Are we in trouble?" She asks. I chuckle. " No, no. You two aren't in trouble. I just need to get you guys to decide on something really important. " I wait for her answer, instead, I hear her call for Jake and I heard a door open and close. I heard foot steps again, and heard a beep, letting me know I was now on speaker.

" Hey little bro. You doin okay? " I ask. " Yeah, I'm fine. I miss you sis. " He says, causing me to smile. " That's good. I miss you too. Have you been able to make food for you and your sister? " He sighs. " Yeah, but it's not good as your cooking. " I chuckle. " At least you guys still can eat. Now, I need to ask you two something. " I heard shuffling again. " Okay, What is it? " I heard them say in unison. 

" What would you guys think..of living in England with Harry's rich parents? " I ask, slightly nervous of their answer. It was silent for a while. " Live in England? " I heard Lianna ask. I nod. " Yes. In England. You remember Harry? The one with curly hair? His parents love kids, unlike mother. And they would take good care of you guys. I will be able to visit you guys more often then in San Diego. " 

I explained. I heard another silence, and maybe some muffled talking. I guess they were having those little meetings they used to have when I asked they something. I smiled. I missed that alot. The muffled talking stopped and I heard their voices nice and clear again. 

" Yeah! We wanna live in England! " It felt like an anvil was lifted off my shoulders. My mood was lightened. " Really? " I ask. " Yeah! Living in England with rich people sounds awesome! " Jake exclaimed. I chuckle. " Alright then. I'll be sure to make that happen. I'll hang up right now, but I will call back in about 10-15 minutes, okay? Make sure you have the phone with you guys! Love you! "

I say, hanging up. I smiled slightly and walked back into the room. Simon looked up at me with an expectant look. I smile and nod. " I'll do it, as long as my mother stays as far away from my siblings as possible. And I choose Harry's parents, if it's fine with them. " Simon smiles. " That will be fine. His parents are always expecting a nice surprise. Now, please sit so we can get to signing. "

I nod and sit down. He hands me some papers and I start signing. When we finish, he puts the papers away and looks at me. " Now, Avril, one more last thing before you leave to your new dressing room. " Wow, I have a dressing room already? " Do you know any One Direction songs? "

I thought about it. Why did he want to know that? I wasn't going to ask though. " Uhm, Yes, I know Moments, What makes you beautiful, More than this, and One thing. I know more, but those songs, Im more confident about. " He nods. " Good. Alright, you can leave. And One last thing. Call me Uncle Simon like the boys do. " He says, smiling kindly. I smile slightly, until I remembered something.

" Uncle Simon, what about Mina? " He gives me a confused look until he remembered that there was another girl that had came with us. " Oh right, she was in one of your videos too, that I've seen. She can sign under my name too, if it's fine with her. Just tell her that I want to talk to her too, Yes? " I smile again and nod, thanking him as I leave.

I find Mina and tell her that Simon wanted to talk to her. She goes into the room, nervous. I smile, remembering I was like that just a few minutes ago. Well, he was really nicer than I thought, and it went better than I assumed it to be. I was lead to my dressing room, and honestly, it was amazing. Or for Directioners, Amazayn.

It was an averaged sized room, and it was a bit empty since I didn't have any performing clothes in here yet. I was about to leave my room, until the door was opened by a familiar face. I smile as he hugs me tightly. " Babe, is it true? " I pretend to not know what he was talking about, smiling secretly.

" What are you talking about? " He pulls away and rolls his eyes. " Are you and Mina actually going to be working with us now? " I chuckle as I notice how happy and excited he looked. I haven't seen him like that ever since I had told him I was going to be his girlfriend. It was so cute.

" Well, I know I'll be, but I don't know about Mina ye- " 

I started, until I heard an extremely loud scream.

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