What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


4. Sorry! That won't be happening!

Niall's P.O.V -

I turned around reluctantly and looked at Harry, who had that other girl in his arms. I chuckle. I knew that was going to happen somehow. I glance at Avril and see her smiling. " You see now, If I hadn't pushed you, you wouldn't be in curly's arms " She said, with a smug smirk. I look over to the girl and see her stick her tongue out at her.

I chuckle again. Harry looks at us. " What were you guys doing in here? " He asked, curious and probably amused too. I rolled my eyes. " Don't get the wrong idea mate. She helped me out of that crowd. Something you guys could never do. " I said, as Harry pouted. " You can't blame us, they're too fast and strong. " He complained. I smiled. " Not as strong as Avril . Nor fast either . " I bragged slightly.

" As if, a girl can't be that strong. " Harry said, denying what I have said.

I looked at the two girls and I noticed a look in their eye. I think they had similar thoughts.

What were they planning to do?

Avril's P.O.V -

" As if, a girl can't be that strong. " Harry said, not believing it.

I looked over to Mina, who had the same thought as me. I smirked and looked at Harry, smiling sweetly. " Girls can't be strong huh? " I said, trying to sound innocent. " Yeah, that's ..uhm right.. " Harry said, a little confused. I see Mina pull away from his arms. Niall looked just as confused as Harry did. " Well let me prove that wrong for you. Don't you guys have to get back to the other boys? " I said, smirking. " Uhm.. Yeah, I guess.. " Harry said, still very oblivious of what might happen next. " Alright, I'll help you both back. " I said. And with that, before either of them can answer, I rush over to them, throwing both of them over each of my shoulders.

I chuckle as Harry gasped in shock. " Wh-What the bloody hell?! How can you carry both of us?!" He said, really shocked. " I told you Harry. She's strong. But you don't want to listen." Niall said, a hint of annoyance in his voice. I chuckle and continue walking. I look out and see that all the girls have left the beach, and now there were only big men in black suits around. I was slightly confused of why there were, but I kept walking anyway; Mina following behind. I slightly heard gagging, so I turned my head slightly and saw that Harry was flirting with Mina again, and Niall was gagging about it.

I giggle and continue walking. I reached up to the other boys, and their mouths just dropped open. " Wh-What the...." One boy said, I think Mina said he was Liam? I got tired of everyone being so shocked, knowing I'm now just practically showing off. I put them down back onto their feet and the 3 other boys just kept starring at me. I bit my lip. I still wasn't comfortable being starred at. I hid behind Niall slightly and he smiles. " Come on guys, stop starring, she isnt used to it, nor does she feel comfortable with it. " He said, defending me.

" Not used to it? How? She's so ho-" another boy, I think is Zayn, was about to say, when he got smacked in the head by Harry. " Leave her alone Zayn." Harry said, rolling his eyes. I looked around. " Eh, So how come there is barely anyone on the beach anymore? " I said, curiously. Another guy, the last one, Which I recall was Louis, wraps his arm around my shoulder. I glanced at Niall and see some kind of look in his eye. What was that? Is that.. Jealousy?

" Due to the Nialler's claustrophobia and our desires to relax for once, we rented the beach and made it a private one for now. " Liam stated. I nodded and looked around. " Does that mean me and Mina have to leave too? " I asked. All the guys looked at each other, then they looked at Niall and Harry. " What? Why do you guys want us to decide? " Niall exclaimed, holding his hands out in defense. " Well it's obvious that you and Harry fancy these two girls. " Liam says, shrugging. I noticed Niall and Harry blush. What? They 'fancy' us?

I was slightly confused, but I pushed it away. " If it's a problem, I can leave..." I said. Niall shook his head. " N-No, it's fine. You can stay. " He says shyly, Harry telling the same to Mina. I notice the other 3 boys smirk. They have plans of some sort . I don't know what but they did. I shrugged and nodded. " So! In case you don't know. I'm Liam. This is Zayn and Louis. I assume you already know the other 2?" Liam said, pointing at both boys. I nodded again. Louis looks at me. " So you like surfing? " He asked, pointing at my surfboard. I nodded. " You don't talk much do you? " Zayn said. I shrugged. " I dunno. I talk when I have something to say. Right now I don't really have much to say. " I said a bit casually.


I was still at the beach and it was about 9 pm. I came to the beach around 10 am. Amazing huh? 11 straight hours, at the beach, with the boys and Mina. It was awesome though! They really knew how to have a good time! When it reached 1 pm, It started to get extremely hot, but then Louis had brought out water guns and started squirting everyone. That lasted for about an 2 hours. We went surfing for about 3 hours, the boys ultimately failing, and me videotaping them with my cell on shore. I kept laughing and I even posted it on twitter saying:


The boys seriously can't surf for anything! Looks like I'll have to teach them some time! #FailedSurfing

I had followed them on twitter too. And they followed me. I noticed all of a sudden that I also got tons of followers, and that the tweet got tons of RT's ( retweets ) I smiled slightly. I guess these boys were so much better then I thought they were. Anyway, after surfing, We had a huge picnic, in which me and Niall ate the most. The boys were so shocked to find someone who can eat just as much as Niall. After a while we went back to surfing for another 3 hours. Now we have all changed back and we're just having a bonfire with smores. Me and Niall have eaten about 8 smores while everyone was barely on their 2nd.

Me and Mina have bonded extremely close to the boys in just these 11 hours. It was pretty amazing. Mina was sitting next to Harry, and I was sitting next to Niall, of course. I guess you can say I was falling for him. He was very cute and adorable after all. The time passed quickly, and soon it was 11 pm. I sighed. " I have to get home soon.." I said, slightly sad. Mina nodded. " Me too... " Mina said, also depressed. The boys looked at each other frantically.

I was confused. " What's wrong? " I asked. They all looked at Niall to explain. Niall rolls his eyes and sighs. " Honestly, We don't want you two to leave.... You girls are like the most down to earth girl's we've met! You don't fangirl over us, or anything! And we were sort of thinking... " Niall trailed off slightly, until Harry spoke up. " If you girl's wanted to come on tour with us? " Harry said, a little shyly. Me and Mina tensed. We looked at each other.

Us two? With One Direction? On their tour? That's insane! I mean, I'd totally come, but would my mom let me? " I-I don't know..." I mumbled. Niall looked at me with begging eyes. Harry did the same to Mina. Soon, All the boy's started starring at us with begging eyes. I felt way to uncomfortable. I sighed. " Fine, I'll go. " Me and Mina said in Unison. The boys cheered and we had a group hug. I squeaked. " Can't...Breath... Too... Tight of... a hug..." I said, barely able to speak. The boys let go of us, all with goofy grins. Mina smiled, but I didn't much. Niall looked at me. " What's wrong? " He asked, worried. I looked at them. " I would go if I could... But it's all on my mother.. I don't think she would say yes... I was barely even allowed to come here to the beach.. " I said, sadly.

The boys looked at us, determined. " We'll help you then! We'll do anything to convince her! " Zayn said, seeming more convinced then the others. All the boys nodded. I cracked a weak smile. " Alright.. But I have to get home now.. " I said, digging through my pocket for my cellphone. I couldn't find it. I looked around. Niall chuckles. I look up at him and see he was going through my cellphone; Harry was doing the same, but with Mina's phone.

" Hey, give that back! " We said in unison again. Niall and Harry give us our phones, and we immediately looked through them. It was no difference, until Liam got what they did and spoke up. " Look through your contacts. " Me and Mina obeyed and we saw that they had put their numbers into them.

We smiled slightly and looked at them. " I'll tell you if I can go. " Me and Mina said in unison again . " Okay, that was sorta cool earlier, but now that's just creepy. " Zayn said, freaked out about how many times we were in unison. We laughed.


" B-But Mom! Please?! Can't I get something good in my life?! You know! For taking care of everyone all the time!?" I cried out, nearly having tears stream down my face.

I didn't like crying in front of people, especially family. She glared at me. " You got a day off today! You were lucky that Jake and Lianna didn't misbehave today, or I would have called you back! I am not going to let you go on tour alone with 5 boys! " She snapped. " Mom that was the first day off I've gotten in 3 years! I would need more then that! Pleaasssee! I'll do anything to let me go to that tour! " I yelled. " Don't you yell at me like that! I am your mother! I said no!Sorry! But that won't be happening! And that is final! " she screamed back. I growled and stomped to my room. I slammed the door and locked it shut. I fell onto my bed.

I grabbed a pillow and screamed into it as loud as I can. God, sometimes I can just hate her. She knows just exactly every way to piss me off. I sighed and sat up. I looked at my cell. I guess I'd have to tell them I can't go. I went to Niall's contact and created a new text. I was about to start texting, but then, I heard something tapping my window. I narrowed my eye brows and looked outside. There. I saw him. My mouth dropped.

" Wh-What are you doing here?! "


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