What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


5. So sweet...and gentle

Niall's P.O.V -

 " I'll tell you if I can go. " Avril and Mina said in unison again. " Okay, that was sorta cool earlier, but now that's just creepy. " Zayn said, freaked out about how many times they were in unison. We laughed. After hugs and good byes, Avril and Mina left. Me and Harry sighed and Zayn looked at me, smirking. " What? " I said, confused.

" So, are you going to be claiming Avril, or am I ? " He asked. I grimaced slightly. Zayn likes Avril? I didn't want to admit that I did. " Uhm.. Well I don't know.." I said, unsure. " Oh, then you wouldn't mind if I asked her out?" Zayn smirked, as I glared at him. " Kidding, kidding. Just make sure you don't do anything wrong to her mate. " Zayn said, smiling. I sighed in relief and nodded.

We looked at the parking lot, to see Paul arrive. He looked at us quickly and sighed in relief. " Good, you didn't get tans... " He said, relieved. Liam smirked. " But Niall and Harry did get something! " He said, ecstatically. Where was he going with this? And why did he seem excited or something? Paul looked at me and Harry curiously.

" What's that?" Paul asked. Zayn pouts slightly. " Future Girlfriends.. " He said pouting, since he didn't have a girlfriend himself. Paul chuckles. " Oh really? What kind of girls would fall for you two? " Paul said, chuckling. " Hey! " Me and Harry said in unison. Oh god, now we're even sounding like Avril and Mina.

" I'm just kidding. Let go boys, we have to get you guys rested. You may have this week off, but you still need rest. " Paul said, opening the car door. Me and Harry sighed. Harry and everyone else got into the car. I didn't. " Hey mate, you coming? " Liam asked. I nodded. " Yeah, I'll meet you guys there. I just want to see something. " I said, looking in the direction Avril has drove off in.

"  What? To see if they have Nandos here? " Louis said, chuckling. I chuckle lightly and shake my head. " No, not Nandos. I'll just meet you guys at the hotel. " I said, reassuringly. They nodded and drove off. I look around and start walking off in the direction that Avril has drove off in.

Somehow I was able to catch where Avril was driving. Luckily she wasn't very far from the beach. I walked up to her house, and saw her curtains and windows open. I saw her yelling at her mom. " B-But Mom! Please?! Can't I get something good in my life?! You know! For taking care of everyone all the time!?" I heard her yell. She looked like she was about to cry. Was she asking for permission to go with us on the tour?

I saw her mom glare at her. " You got a day off today! You were lucky that Jake and Lianna didn't misbehave today, or I would have called you back! I am not going to let you go on tour alone with 5 boys! " She snapped. I hid behind a bush so no one would see me. " Mom that was the first day off I've gotten in 3 years! I would need more then that! Pleaasssee! I'll do anything to let me go to that tour! " Avril yelled. First day off in 3 years?! Are you serious?!

" Don't you yell at me like that! I am your mother! I said no!Sorry! But that won't be happening! And that is final! " she screamed back at Avril. I growled slightly. How can someone do that to their own daughter?! I see Avril go to her bedroom. I followed quietly, and saw a light turn on. Hopefully that was her room. I heard her scream, but I think it was muffled. I guess she was screaming into her pillow.

I looked around to find small pebbles. I got some, and lightly started throwing them at her window. The curtains open, and she opens her window. She gasps. I smile slightly and wave at her.

Avril's P.O.V -


" Wh-What are you doing here?! " I whisper-shouted. Why is he here?! Omg, how did he even know where I lived?!

He stops waving and looks at me. " I got worried about you.. And I think I came at a good time, seeing what has happened over there.. " He said, pointing at the living room. I blushed in embarrassment slightly. " Y-You saw that? " I muttered. He nods. " Like we've said. We'll do anything to convince her. " He said, taking out his cell. Wait, was he going to call the boys? " Wait, are you going to call the boys? " I said.

" Yeah, I'm going to tell them to come over and help out to convince your mom. " He said, looking through his contacts. " D-Don't do that right now! It's already over midnight! My mom just went to sleep, and if you wake her up now, she will kick your guy's asses out and ban me from leaving! Do it tomorr- Well later! maybe around 10 am. I'll text you when you can, okay Niall ? " I pleaded. Niall sighs and nods. He puts his cell away and looks at me again. " Erm.. You want to hang out for a bit? An hour or two? " He asks. I smile slightly. He's so sweet. " I would, but I wouldn't want you or me to get in trouble. " I said.

He looks at me with begging eyes. Honestly, it looked extremely adorable, especially since the moon light is shining off his eyes. I blush slightly. " F-Fine... B-But an hour only! " I said, blushing. I step out my window and climb down the tree. I jump down and land next to him. " But if I get caught, I most likely won't be able to go with you guys.. " I said, slightly worried. With that said, I was suddenly pulled into a hug. I blushed deeply.

He was really warm, and gentle. " Don't worry about it so much Avril " He whispered softly into my ear. I melted in his arms. He was sooo sweet, that it made me weak to my knees. Niall smiles and lets go of me. He notices I was blushing and chuckles. " Let's go on for a walk yeah? " He asks. I nod. He starts walking, and I start to follow him.

I bit my lip awkwardly. I've only met this guy this morning, and I already feel like we've known each other for months. And I've already fallen for him. I guess while I was thinking about all of this, I hadn't noticed Niall was looking at me. I was still walking with him, and I finally snapped out of my thoughts when Niall spoke up.

" Something on your mind? " He asked. I shook my head. " I just hope you don't get in trouble, or I don't get in trouble.. " I said, worried. Niall sighs and stops me from walking. I lean against a tree and he looks me in the eyes. I looked back into his eyes. Oh god. His blue eyes. I just love blue eyes. " You have to stop worrying.." He whispered against my cheek. Was he that close?

I held my breath as he leaned in slowly. I was too caught up into his eyes to notice.

He was going to kiss me.

Once he was a few milliliters away, I heard a twig snap, causing both of us to immediately pull away, blushing real deeply. H-He was going to kiss me... Who...or what.. caused a twig to snap? I then see a flash in the distant. oh shit. I think.. that was the paparazzi. I bit my lip, realizing he didn't have any disguise on what so ever. I grabbed his hand quickly and started running. I ran back to my house with him and hid behind a tree, watching the paparazzi pass by.

I sighed in relief. " that was close. " I panted, Niall also panting. I look at him and blush slightly. " Come on Niall, I think you need to go home now, before anyone else finds out you're here.. But just to say... I think we were caught. " I said, worried again. Niall sighs and nods. " Even if we we're caught just now... I'm still going to help you with your mom. " He said, determined. I smile slightly. " Thank yo- " I said, being cut off.. By someone's lips. Niall's lips. I blushed deeply. Niall pulls away, blushing also.

" I-I'll see you tomorrow... "

And with that said. He left.

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