What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


22. Rumors, Facts, and Torture

Avril's P.O.V 2 Weeks Later -

It's been two weeks ever since I've left, and Mina has told me that Niall has been quiet ever since I've left. I've been feeling more remorse now, as to seeing that I haven't encountered my mum yet. Naturally, I thought I'd meet up with her already. Maybe the police have caught her? No, they would have told me. 

I was really nervous actually.. Niall was eating less and less. I was incredibly worried. I wanted to call him so badly, tell him I was fine, and that I loved him. Luckily none of the guys have noticed Mina has been texting me so far. She changed my contact name to make it seem as if she were texting a cousin. 

I really owed Mina for keeping it a secret. I jumped as Lianna jumped onto my lap, interrupting me from my thoughts. " Avril, are you with Niall? " I smile weakly and nod. " Yes, I am. " She smiles. " Do you love him? " I nodded. " Does he love you? " I paused. He might not anymore after what's happening now. I thought. " Of course. Why are you asking so many questions? "

She pouts slightly. " There's rumors on the news saying that you two broke up, and that he's secretly dating Demi Lovato. " I furrowed my eye brows. " Is there now? " There's rumors? Why doesn't he tell them the truth? Does... He really not love me anymore? " Yeah, and every time they ask Niall about it, he stays quiet. Actually, He's quiet during the whole interview. "

She pauses, thinking. " The boys say that he's only talking when they're all alone, or when he has to sing. " I bit my lip. Okay, good, it doesn't seem like he's actually going out with her behind my back, but he's still being very quiet.. Now I'm even more worried. " They also talked about how Liam and his girlfriend broke up. " 

My eyes widened as big as plates. " Wh-What?!?! " She nods. " Yeah, See. " She turns on the t.v. to the news, and it instantly shows up a picture of Liam and Danielle. " Are these rumors or the truth? Lately, Danielle has been receiving many hate mail on twitter, and she says that it is really getting to her. With that, it is rumored that they have broken up. Are these rumors true? Both Liam and Danielle refuse to speak about it, but their silence is louder than any words themselves right? Stay tuned for the weather next. "

My mouth dropped straight open. Danielle and Liam broke up?! what?! How can they break up?! After two years?! She was able to with stand the hate mail before, and now it gets to her? Really? I sighed. Well, it was their choice. If it keeps them happy, then so be it. But I better not hear that next week that Louis and Eleanor broke up. If I hear that, boy am I going to get a bat and shove it up their-

" Avril are you okay? " Lianna asks me, luckily breaking me from my thoughts. It was going really far. I sighed and nodded. " Yeah, I'm fine. I just can't believe they broke up. They were so cute together. I wonder how they're taking it.. " I took the remote, and I was about to turn it off until I saw a picture of Niall and Demi together. I stopped and froze.

" Now after weather, lets get on to other things. Another rumored break up! Niall and his lovely girlfriend Avril! More rumors are saying that Niall and Avril have broken up, and that Niall is now secretly dating Demi Lovato! It makes total sense since Niall has had Demi as his Celebrity crush for a while now! But What happened to Avril? Has anyone seen her? No one knows. "

I sighed and turned off the t.v. " Avril, are you mad? " Lianna asks. I shook my head. I was a bit jealous, and sad that I couldn't be with him. Maybe I should text one of the boys. I mean, I haven't encountered mum at all yet, so maybe it would be safe if I can leave now, and take Lianna and Jake with me, quickly to drop them off with Harry's mum. I took out my cellphone.

I looked over to Lianna, who was drawing, and Jake who was on his 3DS. I smile slightly. " Guys, a little change in plan. Pack all your stuff. You're going to England early. " Their eyes shot up, along with their whole bodies. " Really?! Awesome!! " Jake says. He kisses my cheek and runs off to his room. I laughed slightly. Wow, He must really want to go to England if he actually kissed my cheek.

Lianna, on the other hand, looked a little worried. " Is something Anna? " Anna was a small nickname I gave her. " Not really, I'm just worried about England. Will it be safe there? I mean, I've seen how crazy mummy is now. " I sighed and hugged her. " It is so much more safer there then here. Mum won't know where you are living, and she won't find you. and Harry's parents are really kind. "

Lianna smiles and nods then skips to her room to pack. I take out my cell again, and just as I was about to text Niall, I receive a text instead.

From: Bestiee
To: Avril

Avril!!! You have to get back here! Your Mom is Here!!!

My eyes widened at the text. Oh god. " Lianna, Jake! Hurry up quick! Mum... found the guys.."  I said, mumbling the last part. They quickly came over with their suitcases. My eyes widened at their speed. " We packed early cause we were that excited! " I looked around and noticed that all their stuff actually were packed. Wow, how did I not notice that? 

I ignored my thoughts and nodded, quickly calling a taxi once we got outside. As we were drove to the airport, I bought 2 1st class tickets to England online. I called the body guards that were with me and told them to go with Lianna and Jake to England to make sure they don't get hurt or into trouble. I told the guards also everything they needed. I also bought myself a 1st class ticket to Italy. 

That's where the guys should be right now. I was mentally panicking inside. How did my mum figure out where they were? And why did she aim after them? I thought about it for a minute. Oh god, Niall. I sighed, calming myself down. " Lianna, Jake, You are going to England with a couple of my body guards, okay? " 

They looked at me a little shocked. " You aren't coming with us? " I shook my head. " I got a really important call from Mina. It's incredibly important, and you can't come because it's dangerous. " They saw how serious I became, and nodded. We parked outside the airport and rushed inside.

There, we saw 3 body guards, really tall and buff. I looked at them and smiled. They smiled back. " Ms. Lea, we are at your service. " I nod and look at Lianna and Jake. " Lianna, Jake, this is Larry, Henry, and Robert. They are going to be your body guards for the time being until the moment you walk inside Harry's parent's house. They will always be your guards until we know that Mum is out of our lives. Clear? " 

They nod vigorously. I nod and hand them cell phones. " They have mine, mina's and the boys numbers. Emergencies only. Alright? " They nod again and I hug them. " I love you guys so much. " They nod. " We love you too. " I stand and look around. " Alright, when you get to Harry's parents house, it's your guys responsibility to behave. Jake will be in charge if it becomes necessary. "

I paused momentarily to think of more rules, but Lianna and Jake push me. " Just go! We know how to behave and all that! Right now, you need to head back with your friends and boyfriend! " Jake says. I smile and kiss both their foreheads. " Be good, and I promise I'll make it up to you. shopping spree when I see you guys again, shopping, for anything. " They looked at me.

"Anything? " They say in unison. I nod and they smile and salute me as if they were in the army. I chuckle and start to rush to my plane. They wave, and I wave back. I only had 1 body guard with me, but he was the strongest, so I only needed one. I got onto the fastest jet I can get and started heading to Italy. I called Simon and let him know that my Mum has found the boys.

Please everyone. Please be okay.

Niall's P.O.V -

I sighed for the millionth time. Avril still hasn't called, text-ed, or anything. It was really getting to me. I can tell. My appetite has really dropped, and so was my pattern of speaking. I refused to talk to anyone out side of the flat, and I didn't plan on talking at all. Every time the boys and Mina would show up, I'd probably talk a little, but they usually busied themselves.

Liam would watch Toy Story, probably for the 100th time, Zayn would be in the bathroom trying to fix his hair, Harry would cuddle with Mina, Mina would be texting her cousin, and Louis would be talking to Kevin. It was really quiet, besides Mina's texting and the movie. No one really spoke much. There was nothing really to say.

I was still really worried. It's been 2 weeks since Avril left us. She hasn't said a word to any of us. Last week, we went to Simon and pleaded him to tell us where she went, or why she left, and he kept saying he vowed not to tell anyone. I lost all hope on getting Avril to come back early. 

These two weeks really weren't the best of my life either. Every time we had an interview, they interviewer tried to talk to me, but I'd remain quiet. And in Every Single Interview, they always bring up Avril. It always downed my mood more. Then some fans started spreading rumors saying that Me and Demi were together. It wasn't even true. We hadn't even gotten together.

Well there was that one time last week where they some how got Demi to visit and hang out with us. The only time I smiled was for one picture, but that was it. I talked to Demi for a bit, but then she left, and I went back to being the same. I didn't really think that Demi could have brought up my mood. 

She wasn't much to being my celebrity crush anymore either. I don't have a celebrity crush much. I have Avril. Well had. Now I don't know where she is. I just wish she'd at least text me, so I can tell her I loved her, but she refuses to answer. It's hard to text " I love you. " and not get a reply back saying I love you back.

It was a real pain to be feeling so lonely. And to add to that, Liam broke up with Danielle. I think it was because how they could barely spend time together, and cause Danielle started taking the hate mail too seriously, and it was getting to her. I felt bad for them really. They actually were really cute together, and most fans thought that too. 

I really think this isn't the best 2 weeks for any of us. Ever since Avril left, everything's just went down hill, and it doesn't seem like it'll get better anytime soon. My train of thought suddenly was cut off, when we all saw the glass window shatter, and a grenade was thrown into the room. Every panicked and got up to run out, but they grenade went off and smoke went everywhere.

I suddenly started to feel very drowsy. How can I feel drowsy at a time like this? I look around quickly before my vision was blurred. Everyone else was drowsy too, and it looked like Mina was still texting someone. I saw someone burst through the door. They had a mask on, and they looked a little familiar. I then realized what the smoke was as I fell to the ground, passing out.

Sleeping gas.

2 hours later -

I woke up, and slowly tried to get up, when I realized I was chained to a chair. I winced. My neck and back hurts really badly. I look around and saw the others barely waking up too, themselves chained to chairs also. We were in a dark chamber, probably more like an abandoned haunted house or something.

It looked really creepy in here. I saw Zayn panic a little. Oh yeah, he was afraid of the dark. " We gotta get out of here. " Zayn says, still panicking. " Aww, you guy's can't leave now. The party is just getting started. A small light was turned on above us, and we all looked around scared. Then we saw a figure come out of the shadows. Avril's mum. 

" Avril's mum?! " Liam shouted, a bit shocked. She chuckles, almost in a pedophile way, and plays with Harry's hair. I saw Mina looking very furious at her. " Yes, it's me, Avril's mother. " I growled a bit. " Why are you doing this?! " I spoke, after not speaking for a while now. 

" Because little ol' Avril thought she can live a good life with out me in it. " She chuckles mysteriously and continues. " Silly stupid girl. " Zayn groans. " You are one freaky lady! " She glares at Zayn and he shuts up. " You know pretty boy, I wouldn't be talking to the elderly like that. Or I might just have a little fun with these scissors here. "

She holds up a pair of scissors, and Zayn instantly gets the idea, shutting up. She smirks and looks to us. " Now, which one of you was the boy that was going out with my daughter again? " We all remained silent, until she looked at me. " I think it was you. You may have brown hair, but I still remember that little annoying face of yours. " 

I bit my lip. Yeah, the blonde in my hair faded away fully a few days ago, now I'm a brunette again. It really hurts to get it bleached. I looked at her and she smirks. " Well, I believe I might have some fun torturing you guys. Don't you guys think so? " We all remained quiet. There's no way in telling what she planned on doing to us.

I told you everything just liked going down hill on us.

What are we going to do now?

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