What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


20. Regaining

Avril's P.O.V -

" Gone? What do you mean gone? " I ask, extremely confused. Niall was my boyfriend? What? When was he my boyfriend? Not that I mind, really. The doctor sighs. " It's as it is. Parts of your memory are gone. You don't know how you've gotten into the hospital, you don't even know that you have a boyfriend. "

I bit my lip. " Well do you know anyway of getting it back? " Niall asks. The doctor thinks for a bit. " Well theres always retracing steps. Now I don't mean have that girl hit her on the head again, but I mean telling her what happened, and the necessary stuff happen again. Like, the moment you've asked her to be your girlfriend and such. "

I noticed Niall blush, and for some reason, I was blushing too. I am starting to really hate myself. I don't remember about Niall being my own boyfriend. How can you not hate yourself for that? Niall sighs and nods. " Alright. I guess that'll have to do. When is she allowed to leave? "

"Well you can sign the release papers right now, while me and some other doctors make sure she's stable and give her some medication for her pain. " Niall nods. He looks at me, and I feel even more remorse, to see that I still don't remember ever having him as a boyfriend.

I sigh and hug him. " I'm sorry Niall. That I don't remember you are my boyfriend. Just remember, just cause I don't remember, doesn't mean we're broken up. " Niall hugs back tightly, but gently. I can feel a small smile on his face. " I'll explain what happened after you're out of the hospital, and you're at my flat, okay? "

I nod and he pulls away. He quickly kisses my cheek and heads out. I blush faintly and smile. I do remember I had fallen in love with him of course, but now I just desperately wish I'd remember that he is my boyfriend, because right now, my mind refuses to connect those ideas.

1 hour later -
I walked out of my hospital room, changed into this. [polyvore] . Mina bought me the clothes, and I thought everything else was sweet. The boys had came in earlier and left gifts for me. Liam left the turtle plushy, Louis left the carrot necklace and new pair of red suspenders, Harry left the kitten ears and tail, Zayn left the octopus plushy, and Niall left the giraffe plushy.

It was all too cute. I hugged all the plushies as I fixed the kitten ears. Yes, I was wearing them. I liked them. I walked into the waiting room to see Niall at the counter finishing up the paper work. I bit my lip and smiled slightly. If he was my boyfriend, I might as well act like a girlfriend, even if I don't remember it.

I walked up to him and hugged him from behind. Niall flinches slightly and looks at me. He smiles. " Hey ba- erm Lounai. " I smile slightly. " Even if I don't remember, do what you want. I don't mind if you still treat me like a girlfriend. I like it. " He smiles and nods, finishing up the paper work.

He gives the papers to the lady and wraps his arm around me. " You feeling okay? " I nod. " Theres still a small pain in the back of my head, but I will be okay. " I see him wince slightly and nod. Wow, what ever caused me to get here in the hospital should have been really bad if it caused him to wince so often.

" Alright, lets head back to my flat. " I nod and follow him as he leads me to the others in the car. They all smiled when they saw me. " Lounai, you're okay!! " Louis shouts, hugging me tightly. I giggle and hug back. " Yes, I'm okay Lou. " The other boys hugged me also. " So I heard you lost some of your memory. " Harry asks, a little nervously.

I chuckled, realizing it was cause he thought it wasn't the time to ask. " It's fine Harry. Yeah, I lost some of my memory. And now it's your guy's responsibility to help me gain my memory back. " I laughed as the 4 boys stood and saluted me, as if it were a mission. " Of course, we will try our best! " Liam says. I smile and look around.

" so where's Mina. Harry? " I say, looking at Harry. I did remember that Mina was with Harry. Strange since I couldn't even remember my own relationship with Niall. "She's out getting food for everyone. She said that since ou've lost some of your memory, we should all chill at Niall's flat and try to gain it all back there. "

I nod. " alright, let's all get going then. "


We were now all at Niall's, and apparently, My flat too. We were eatting Nandos, Niall more happy about it then the rest of us. It was kinda funny too. We were watching movies, some of them Harry Potter, one the Hunger games, and two of them were Finding Nemo and Toy story. I loved it. It was so fun just to hang out with the boys.

Throughout the whole time we'd watch the movies, Niall would occasionally sneak kisses onto my cheek. Not my lips. I guess he thought he shouldn't take it too far since I still don't remember. After we had finished Toy story, the boys looked at me. " So have you gained any memories back yet? "

I nod a bit. " Yeah, but not much. So, this girl, Natasha, was trying to take Niall away from me, and she suddenly tries to kiss Niall, we all jumped in, you guys pinned her down, she got loose and hit me with a glass starbucks bottle. That's all I remember. I don't remember ever being Zayn's girlfriend, being Niall's girlfriend, or any fights I've ever had with Niall. "

They sighed but nodded. " Well it's a progress. " Suddenly, Mina's face lightens up. " Oh I know! " Everyone looked at her like if she were crazy. She rolls her eyes. " How about, since Zayn and Niall have both been your boyfriends, they both should kiss you, and see if that should jog your memory? "

When Mina finished talking, I can feel Niall tense a little. I guess he wasn't too comfortable withh Zayn kissing me. " If you aren't comfortable with it Niall, we don't have to do it. " I could tell that Zayn was a little tense too. " If it'll get your memory back, then it's worth a shot.. " Niall says, Zayn nodding in agreement.

" Okay then, you're doing it! It has to be the exact same kiss you've had before, if it isn't the same, then it probably won't do anything! " Mina says, smirking. I notice Zayn and Niall bit their lips. " What's wrong mates? It's not like you two snogged with Avril! Did you? " Louis asks.

They blush and everyone laughs but me, Zayn and Niall. " Well come on, let's see it! " I folded my arms. " Well you've made it awkward enough! I'm not kissing those two infront of you guys! " They pout. " Fine. Take turns snogging in that room. " Louis says, pointing at one of the bed rooms.

I blushed and sighed, taking Zayn's hand first. I walked into the bed room and locked the door, just in case they tried to watch. I sighed, along with Zayn. " You know, you don't have to do this if you don't want to. " I say, looking down at the floor shyly. I don't know why I felt so shy.

It's not like it was my first kiss. He shook his head. " No, it's for you, and regaining your memory. I'd do anything. " He smiles at me slightly. I smile back slightly and nod. " Alright, w-well might as well get this over with. " He says. I nod, and he starts to lean in.

I notice him close his eyes slightly, so I did too. Once our lips touched, I felt him tense again, and to be honest, I did too a bit. After a bit, we calmed, and he wrapped his arms around my waist. I wrapped my arms around his neck. To be honest, he wasn't bad of a kisser.

He presses me against the wall and deepens the kiss, soon becoming to snogging. I was half concious, because I started to remember. Everything was coming back. Unfortunately, it was only the parts with me and Zayn. After the kiss ended, he pulled away, blushing faintly. I was blushing too. He looks at me slightly.

" A-Anything? " I bit my lip and nodded. " Yeah.. I remember. " He sighs in relief and smiled slightly. " At least it wasn't for nothing now. " I nodded and smiled. I loved how it can't be awkward much between me and Zayn.

Niall's P.O.V -

I was pacing a bit. I hope nothing else was going on between them. After a few minutes, I saw them walking out. I looked at them to see any reaction, blushing, lovey dovey eyes, anything. Nothing, she looked like nothing happened. " Did you guys even kiss? " Liam asks, noticing the same as me.

They nod, and I tense again. " Yeah, I remember what happened between me and Zayn. But don't worry, there's nothing between us. " I sighed in relief.  She smiles and takes my hand. " Come on babe " I chuckled, since I was usually the one to call her that. I follow her into the room and lock the door.

She smiles and looks at me. I smile slightly. She acts as if she never even lost her memory. I love her so much. " Well, You gonna kiss me? " I chuckled and pressed my lips to hers. Just when I did, I was able to feel heat from her face within seconds. She was blushing. I smile into the kiss and wrap my arms around her waist.

She wraps her arms around my neck, and within no time wasted, the kiss quickly turned into a snog session. After a couple of minutes, I pulled away, about to ask her if she remembers, only to have her pull me back into the kiss. " I'm sorry I ever forgot about you.. " I smiled. She remembers again. 

After a couple of more minutes of snogging, we finally pull away for air. " I'm so sorry Niall. " I smiled and hugged her. " Don't worry. It's not your fault. " She nods. " But yknow, you keep saying I'm your girlfriend, but I said we were friends with benefits before the attack thing. " 

I bit my lip. Oh yeah, she did say that. " But... " She laughs slightly and kisses my cheek. " Relax little leprechaun. I'll be your girlfriend again. " I smile and hug her again. " God I love you so much. " She hugs back. " I love you too Niall. " Finally I got my girl back. And I won't be losing her any time soon. I'm sure of that.

***** 2 Weeks Later ***** 

Avril's P.O.V -

I was packing my stuff. No one was in the flat because everyone had went out to get something to eat and bring back. I was packing. Packing, yes. Why? You'll see. I stuffed all of my clothes into my suitcase, along with the plushies I had from before. I hugged the giraffe and the " I love Niall Horan " teddy bear I got just recently.

I was leaving them. They won't see me. They won't be needing me for the next couple of weeks. They'll be busy. And so will I, back at my own home. I need to get home. It was important. I couldn't miss out on this. I rushed. The boys might get home any minute, and I can't risk getting caught.

I fixed my shirt a little, and grabbed the stuff I had with me. I went down to the elevator and pressed the lobby button. I need to get home quickly. I just needed to get home. I walked out of the elevator and grabbed my stuff. I called for a taxi, and was quickly lead to the airport.

I'll be home soon in a couple of hours. 

I'm sorry boys. Very sorry.

I had to leave. But I left a note for Niall. 

It didn't explain too much.

Only enough to say I left for something.

Something important. 

So I had to leave immediately.

Good Bye.

For Now Boys.

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