What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


10. Missing Part 2

Harry's P.O.V -

I saw Niall and Lounai running in a rushed way towards one of those rides near the Lazy River. I got curious to see if they have found Mina, so I followed, seeing the lads follow too. When they stopped running, I noticed Lounai look down the cliff. My eyes widen, and my heart dropped. 

" Please don't tell me she's down there.. " I muttered.

" M-Mina!! " Lounai shouted. My head immediately went dizzy. She was down there. Was she hurt? I heard Lounai scream again. " D-Don't worry! I-I'm fine! Just please help me out of here! " Mina shouted, scared. I sighed slightly in relief, hearing that she isn't hurt. I look around frantically. Soon, I realized a different pathway that was closed off. 

I narrowed my eye brows and ran towards it. I ran through and looked around, running down the path. It led me straight to the cliff, but there was a broken off part, when it just led down straight to who knows where. You couldn't even see the bottom, and that's exactly where Mina can fall if no one helps her. On the other side, there was another safe edge; where it lead to the others.

I bit my lip. Was this gap narrow enough for me to jump? I noticed the edge Mina was holding break apart.

I guess we'll find out now. 

Avril's P.O.V -

I was talking to Mina calmly, trying my best to keep her calm. It was sort of working, but it wasn't working for me. We were waiting for the firemen to come, but it was taking forever! Not really, it's been like 10 minutes, but it felt like forever! At the moment I had snapped out of my thoughts, the edge Mina was holding onto broke off.

My eyes widen and I scream, I try to lung forward to get her, but Niall and the boys held me back from hurting myself. " N-No Mina !!! " I shouted, tears at the brim of my eyes. I heard Mina scream, but soon was cut off. My breath hitched, and my body tensed. What happened?

The boys let me go softly, and I look down the cliff. She wasn't there. My heart broke into pieces. Tears streamed down my face and Niall pulled me into a hug. The other boys looked down sadly, as Liam called the firemen to tell them they didn't have to come anymore.

I held onto Niall tightly as I cried into his chest. " Sh-She's gone.. " I hiccup. Soon I felt the tensity around me lift up. It felt like the mood around us was lifted. Into a happier one. " Cheer up love. " Niall says softly. " How can I cheer up? Mina is go- " I said, getting cut off.

" I'm not gone. "

Harry's P.O.V -

The moment the edge Mina was holding onto broke, I waited for that one chance moment, and lunged after her, hopefully with enough power to get over to the other side. I guess the lads and Lounai didn't notice that I was gone. I successfully caught her and landed on the other side, landing on my back painfully.

I groaned slightly, ignoring the pain and looked at Mina. She had a shocked and scared face on her. I was a little bruised up and very dirty from the landing. She took a deep, stuttered, breath as tears reached her eyes. She hugged me real tightly and cried into my chest.

" H-Harry ... Thank you so much.. You saved my life... " she cries.

I held her firmly and safely. " It's alright love. " I said, stroking her back. She continues crying for a few minutes and finally calmed, but still hiccuping. I sat up and placed her on my lap, wiping her tears off. " You okay love? " I asked. She nods. " Yeah, thanks to you. " She smiles weakly. 

I nod. " Now, can you tell me how you ended up in that situation? " I ask, worried. She nods. " When you had fallen asleep in the lazy river, I noticed, and I didn't want to bother you, since you were always busy, and you needed the rest. So I left, wanting to go on one of the other slides. " she says pausing, thinking of what had happened.

" After I went to the slides, someone had accidentally knocked into me, being in a real rush. I had slipped, since all around was covered in water, and the grass was wet too. At first, I was just on the ledge, enough for me just to climb back up. But then this person.. I don't know who they were. They had a black hoodie on and it was covering their face, all but their mouth. " She bit her lip, shaking slightly.

" She had like a mysterious evil aura. She smirked and stomped on my hand. I had one hand on, while it felt like my other hand was broken. She took out a small knife, and cut my wrist slightly. I had accidentally let go out of reflex, but I caught myself before I fell all the way. The person, I think it was a lady. She laughed, and ran away. Then you guys came.. " She said, officially shaking.

She was on the verge of crying again. I hug her again and calm her down. " Shh... It's okay.. You're safe now love. Is your hand okay? " I ask, taking her wrist and wrapping up her cut that the lady did. I was mentally growling inside. I want to protect Mina all that I can. Next time, I'm not going to let my guard down so easily. 

She nods. " Yeah, it just became numb for a while because she was close to hitting a nerve that paralyzed my hand. But she didn't. Thank goodness. " She said, sighing in relief. I smile softly, and she smiles back. I loved that smile. I leaned in a kissed her. She froze slightly, but kissed back after a while. 

It wasn't the first time I've kissed her. I've kissed her about 2 or 3 times already. I separated from the kiss. " Mina, I can't handle losing you, even if we aren't together. But I want to change that right now. Will you be my lovely girlfriend? " I asked, fumbling with my words, and playing with my hands.

She looks shocked, but then smiles and hugs me. " Of course Hazza. You already know I've always loved you. " She says happily. I smile and hug back. " I love you.. " I say shyly. She smiles and pecks my lips. " I love you too. Now, shouldn't we head back to the others? I'm sure Lounai is crying her eyes out. " she says smiling.

I chuckle and nod. I stand, carrying her bridal style. " I can walk you know. " She giggles. I chuckle and nod. " I know, I just wanna carry you. " I say. She nods and holds onto me. I walk up the pathway and find Liam on the phone, Louis and Zayn standing there awkwardly, and Niall holding Lounai as she cries. Well, Mina was right.

After the boys saw me carrying Mina, they smiled. I felt the tension in the air lift up drastically. " Cheer up love. " I hear Niall say to Lounai. " How can I cheer up? Mina is go- " I hear Lounai say, but Mina cut her off. " I'm not gone. " She says happily. I heard Lounai gasp and look up at us. Both of us were covered in dirt, except for me, I was bruised up too a bit. 

" MINA!! " Lounai shouts. I put Mina down and Lounai hugs her. " Omg you're okay!! " She says happily. She nods. " Yeah, Harry saved me. " She says, winking at me. " Ooh... No wonder why he wasn't here.. " Niall says, barely realizing it. I nod and everyone calms down.

" Come on, lets go home before any other crap happens. " Lounai mumbles. Everyone nods in agreement. 


Avril's P.O.V -

We got home, aka, the hotel the boys were staying at. Mina was taking a shower in Niall's bathroom, as Harry was taking a shower in his own bathroom. I was in the living room with the rest of the guys. Before they went to go shower, they had already told us what had happened. 

I was biting my lip. Who could have that lady been? It couldn't be my mother, it can make sense, but what doesn't make sense is, how would she have gotten here? Yeah, we were in the area, but she can't drive much. And I have the car. Plus, she isn't stupid enough to actually leave Lianna and Jake home alone, even if she didn't really take care of them well. 

I was confused. But they were gone now, and everyone is fine. So I decided to just push that thought away. The rest of the boys leave to go buy some food, leaving me and Niall alone. I was sitting in his lap, laying my head into his neck. I liked the position. He was very comfortable.

Niall smiles and plays with my hair a bit. " So what do you want to do now? " I ask. He shrugs. " I dunno... Harry takes a while when he takes a shower. " He states. I nod. " Yeah, so does Mina. " I say. I look around. " Wanna watch a movie? " I ask. He nods. I smile and stand. " Imma make some popcorn. Choose the movie, yeah? " I ask, already heading to the kitchen. 

He nods and goes through the movies. I walk into the kitchen and take out a bag of popcorn. As I started to get the popcorn ready, I became curious about what kind of movie Niall was going to choose. " Niall, what kind of movie are you going to choose? " I shout out to him. 

" Ohh, How about a scary movie? " He asks. I bit my lip. It was just around 7 pm already, and it was dark. " Uhm... Scary? I'm not much of a fan of scary movies...  " I say, as the popcorn was finished. I put the popcorn into a bowl and walk over back to Niall. He looks at me. " Aww, come on, it's not even that scary. " He tells me. I sigh and nod. " Alright, but if it scares me, don't blame me if the movie ends, and you have me clinging onto you with popcorn in both of our hair. " I said pouting.

He laughs and puts the movie in. He sits down and I sit next to him. He pulls me into his lap. It was a little weird. Not me sitting in his lap, but for the fact that he wants me in his lap. I mean, we weren't even going out yet and he treats me like a girlfriend. I smile to myself.

I didn't mind though. I liked it. 

By not even half way through the movie, the boys had already came back home with pizza and were eating, while I was already clinging to Niall, hiding my face into his chest. He was chuckling. " Yeah, not that scary alright! " I say sarcastically as I clung on tighter when I heard the lady scream on t.v.

He started to stroke my back softly. I calmed down a little, and was less scared. But only a little. After the movie had ended, the other boys were sleeping, Mina and Harry had finally came out of the shower, but now they were probably snogging in Harry's room, and I was still clinging onto Niall. 

He chuckles softly. " The movies over now, you know that right? " He whispers softly, trying not to wake the other boys. I smile slightly and let go of him. " Sorry, but now I'm probably not going to be able to sleep. And it's our last day here.. " I say. He nods. " You can sleep in my room then. I can just take the couch. " He says, eying his room for me. I pout slightly. " Do you want me screaming in the middle of the night? " I ask. 

He chuckles. " Or I'll just sleep with you then. " He says blushing slightly. I roll my eyes and punch him playfully on the arm. " Just sleeping, you perv. " I say. He smiles and carries me to his room. It was around 10 pm now, and everyone was asleep, but not Harry and Mina, I think.

He walks into his room and closes the door with his foot. He walks over to his bed and lies me down. He goes into the bathroom and changes into his shorts and a tank top. Earlier, I had noticed that all the boys were shirtless when they slept. I looked at him as he walked out of the bathroom, with another pair of his shorts and a loose t-shirt. 

" Wanna borrow them to sleep in? " He asks. I shrug and nod. I took them and looked back at him. " What?" He asks confused. " You don't go shirtless often like the boys do, do you? " I ask. He shrugs. " Not really. I'm not sure why. I guess I'm used to actually having a shirt on. Why? Do you want to see me shirtless? " He asks smirking. I blush and walk into the bathroom, ignoring his question.

I guess that question lead the wrong way, cause honestly, I wanted to see him shirtless. He was the only one I haven't seen shirtless. I changed into his shorts and shirt and I look at myself in the mirror. I smile slightly. It was actually pretty cute on me. And it smelled like Niall too. I blush and hug myself. I liked wearing his clothes.

I walk out and froze in the spot. Niall was on his bed with his shirt off. He smirks. " Better? " He asks. I blush and look away shyly. Damn he had a sexy body. Niall laughs slightly and walks over to me. He carries me and lies me on the bed. I was still blushing, but smiling now.

He turns off the lights, and lies back onto the bed. He leans into kiss my cheek, but since it was dark, I hadn't noticed, and accidentally turned my head, causing him to kiss my lip instead. I felt the heat rise again, the same for Niall. We hadn't pulled away. Instead, Niall continued, and I unconsciously start to kiss back. When I realized, I blushed, but went with it instead.

Niall was hovering above me. He wraps his arms around my waist and my arms around his neck. It was a perfect kiss. My blush flares when I felt his tongue slither into my mouth. I blushed as the make out session continued. It was like heaven, even just by kissing Niall.

I pulled away soon, gasping for air. God hes a good kisser. I panted as Niall smiles. He hugs me real closely, pressing his sexy body against mine. " Will you be my girlfriend Avril? " He asks, causing me to blush more. We had only met like 3 or 4 days ago, and I've already fallen in love with him.

And he's fallen in love with me. I smile and hug him back. " Of course Niall. " I say. I felt his smile appear as he hugged me closer. Soon, the whole world became dark, and me and Niall fell into a lovely sleep.


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