What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


21. Leaving.

Niall's P.O.V -

I was at Nandos with the lads getting food to take home. It was sort of crowded so it might have to take a while. I was really hungry, and all I wanted to do is get the food and go home to Avril and feed her. Yes feed her. I love doing that. It's really cute when she giggles after I feed her.

It was taking such a long time. I groaned. Liam rolled his eyes. " You're being too impatient. " I sighed. " We've been waiting in line for 2 hours already! Can't we go to a different Nandos?! " Zayn shook his head. " Nope, all the other Nandos are full too, and We're close to ordering. "

I continued complaining until we finally reached the counter. Liam was fed up with my complaining. " alright Niall, we know you just want to get the food so you can get back to your flat with Avril. Why don't you just head back to your flat, and we'll take the food to you guys when we get it? "

I chuckled at his irritation and nodded. I walked out of the building and called up a taxi. I got into the taxi and the driver lead me to my flat. It was a bit annoying actually. I told Avril I was leaving to get food for me and her and now I'm coming back to the flat with nothing. Well that just sounds plain retarded to me. 

I unlocked the door and opened it, half excepting Avril to call out my name. I looked around as I walked inside and closed the door. " Avril? Where are you? " I looked around the place and didn't find her anywhere. And.. Her stuff was all gone. The place was neat though, so no one could have kidnapped her. 

I panicked slightly and continued looking around. Soon, I found a note laid gently on my pillow. I picked it up and just as I was about to read it, I heard the front door open. I went into the living room to see that they boys were back. They were smiling, but their smiles faltered slightly when they didn't see Avril.

" Hey mate, Where's Avril? And What's that? A Note? " Louis asks. I look down at the note and read it. My breath hitched.

" She... Left. "

Avril's P.O.V -

I was barely getting onto the air plane to get back home. I sighed as the thoughts of what Niall might be doing right now thrashed around in my head. Was this the right decision? I wasn't sure myself. I sat down. With the pay checks that Simon would give me, I was able to buy my own private flight to San Diego. 

Simon allowed me to leave. I was only allowed to be gone for the time that I wasn't need though. Which is about a month or two. He was the only one that knew why I had left, and I asked him to promise me not to tell any of the boys. Not even give any hints. Nothing at all. The note that I left for Niall was enough. At least I hope so. I sighed, thinking about what I had written on the letter.

Flashback -
  I was pacing around in the room. Thinking of how I was supposed to plan this whole leaving thing. They boys had just left to buy food. And I sort of posted on twitter saying that they boys were heading to Nandos, which would create alot more time for me to pack and figure things out. After just enough time for most people to see it on twitter, I had deleted the post so Niall and them didn't see it.

I was really worried. I didn't think it was much of a good idea. But just 3 days ago, I received a call from the prison that my mum was being held in. It was terrible. They said that she's escaped. How? She seduced the men around. What idiots. They fell for that? They hired some awful people in there. 

I couldn't stop being so worried about it since then. Niall never noticed there was something wrong, but when he noticed a glimpse of it, I would say I was thinking of Jake and Lianna. He would always tell me they were fine. I didn't think so. I knew she was heading straight back home, to abuse them.

They weren't sent off to England yet to be with Harry's parents; Which sort of makes me think why they haven't. I'm going to have to talk to Simon about that later. I paced around. Soon I received a text. I took out my cell phone and read it.

From: Babe
To: Avril

Hey Babe, Nandos is pretty packed, so it might take us a while to get back alright? Love you xx.

I sighed in relief. Well that part of my plan is working. I text-ed back saying that it was fine and closed my cellphone. Now the last part is leaving. It was going to be very hard, since I'm leaving most of my loved ones, for another part of my loved ones. Well, It's not like I'm leaving forever. Just for a month or two to settle things with my mum.

I wasn't going to be alone. I told Simon also why I had to leave, and he agreed. He didn't want me hurt, so he said a couple of body guards would be coming with me, to make sure me and my siblings were safe from my mum. He knew just how dangerous she was, cause the Police officers even called him when she escaped. 

After about 30 minutes of pacing, I finally made my decision. I grabbed 2 suitcases and started packing all of my belongings. I took out a small piece of paper and nibbled on my pencil, quickly thinking of what I should write for Niall and the boys, just so that they knew I was going to be fine.


I left. I won't be telling you where, or why. I need to solve it on my own. Simon knows, but he won't be telling you. Don't worry about performances. Simon says I won't need to be in them for a while. Mina will be. Also, don't worry about me. I'm safe. I just need to... Fix something that happened about 3 days ago. You'll see me in a month or 2. I'll explain what happened then. I'm sorry I can't tell you. It's really urgent, and it's not any of you or the boys business. Alright? 

I'll miss you a lot.

I Love you. xx

Avril Aka You're Babe Forever xx

  I sighed as I reread the note. That should be good enough I hope. I laid it down on his pillow gently. I took a deep breath and stood up with my suitcases. I walked out of the flat and locked the door. I went down to the parking lot, and looked back one more time. " I'm going to miss you guys. Alot. " And that's when I called a taxi, and left to the airport.

  End of Flashback -

  I sighed. I still don't really know if it was a good decision, but Simon thought it was. He said I needed to fix my mum and that I needed to set her straight. He even said that if I couldn't even do that, we'll just send her to jail again, with an even higher and smarter security. I chuckled at the last part.

I didn't think he'd say anything like that. But Simon is Simon. He was more like a father to me than what he wants us to call him Uncle Simon. Cause like I said before, My father is dead. Why? Let's just say my mum is a widow. I looked out the window as the plane was lifted into the air. I smiled weakly. I remembered the first time I went on an airplane. Honestly, the first time I went onto an airplane, was when I left with the boys.

It was amazing. I was scared a bit, but now I've gotten over it. Zayn was afraid of heights, so I'm pretty surprised that he was able to go through this every time they moved to different countries or cities for a new concert and stuff. I sighed and took out my ipod. It was going to be a very long flight, and I needed to busy myself with something.

The flight attendant came hourly just to check if I was fine. I often got food, but it was only a little. I wasn't really in the mood to eat. My mind was glued to one though. Niall. I wonder if he got the note yet, more or less even got home yet. I wonder if he was looking for me. I wonder- My train of thought was cut off by vibration. I took out my cellphone to see that Zayn and the others have text-ed me. All except Niall.

From: Dj Malik
To: Avril

Avril, please, answer our calls, our texts, anything. Niall is freaking out over here. Please lil' Lou? For me?

From: Hazza
To: Avril

Avril, come on. Why'd you leave us with nothing but that little note? That doesn't exactly help keep Niall calm yknow.

From: Leeyum
To: Avril

Niall is totally spazzing out to death. His face is actually a bit red. Why'd you leave?

From: Boo Bear
To: Avril

Looouunnaaaaiiii! You have to come back! I need my mini me with me!

From: Bestiee
To: Avril

Avril I'm going to kill you!! Please don't tell me you left to you know where because of you know who's! 

I sighed. Mina knew me way too well. I guess I can tell her, since I have to due to our bond. I opened up my cell and clicked new message.

To: Bestiee
From: Avril

I'm Sorry Mina. I'll tell you what's going on, if you promise not to tell the boys. Alright? 

I instantly got a reply a minute later with her saying okay.

Alright, here goes nothing.

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