What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


8. It's only a 10 foot bus with everything you would need in life. No big deal.

Avril's P.O.V

I heard Paul groan. I narrowed my eye brows at him and he sighs. " People these days don't know how to close a fucking sewer pot hole. " He says, driving the car out of the hole, and around it. I looked at Niall and the boys to seem them looking a little scared. I laughed slightly.

" What? Did you guys really think I would have gotten us to an accident? " Paul asked, noticing what I had been laughing about. They shook their head and chuckle slightly, laughing at their own reactions. I couldn't stop laughing because of Louis's face, and he couldn't because of my laughing. All the guys looked at me. 

" Jeez, it's like you're a combination of Louis and Niall " Zayn points out. The other boys agreed. " OMG, Then we shall call you Lounai! " ( Lou + Ni together, just with an A to emphasis the I part cx ) Louis shouted excitedly. I giggle. " Lounai? I guess I'm fine with it. How about you Niall? " I said, looking over to him. He chuckles slightly and nods. Louis shouts out some gibberish word and hugs me. I chuckle and hug back.

At least Lounai wasn't such a bad name.

As Paul continued driving, I got bored so I just started looking through my twitter. I rolled my eyes at the negative comments and continued to scroll on. I stopped at one of Niall's posts.

In the car with the boys, Mina and Avril. Zayn pointed out Avril was like a combo of Me and Louis. Then Louis came up with calling Avril the name " Lounai. " Think it's good? I like it :)

I smile seeing how many people have commented saying it was cute, sweet or something like that, and retweet it. Niall was so cute in many ways. After a while, we finally had arrived to where they had parked their bus. I got out of the car and saw their bus; my mouth dropping wide open. The bus was like 10 feet long! And so huge! Harry chuckles. " close your mouth before you catch flies love. " He says, chuckling. I roll my eyes and close my mouth. 

" This bus is so fucking huge! " I stated. All the boys shrugged. " It's just a 10 footer with everything we would all need for the trip. " Liam says looking at the bus. My eyes widen. " You mean all of your stuff is in there?! And mine would fit too?! " I shouted shocked. They nodded. " Jeez, you guys have more money then I'd ever get in a life time.. " I mumbled.

Harry smirks. " I don't think that'll be true Lounai. Right Niall? " He says, nudging and winking at Niall, whom just blushes and looks away. I was confused, but just ignored it. I was too excited. " So you guys seriously want me and Mina to live with you guys? " I asked, a little hesitant. 

They all nodded. " Yeah! You and Mina are so awesome! I don't wanna risk not being able to see you guys! " Louis shouts out. Niall takes my hand, and Harry takes Mina's. They lead us inside, and both of our mouths drop again. It was so much bigger then even how it looked outside. 

This place looked so awesome. Niall chuckles and closes my mouth with his fingers. He leads me to a clean made separate bed. It was really big, bigger then me. " This is where you can sleep. " He says, smiling. I smile and nod. I look around and see all of the boys beds been labeled with their names. I noticed my bed was next to an empty one, I'm guessing will be Mina's, and Niall's bed.

I chuckle and Harry nudged Niall again. " Why'd you make her have the one next to your bed huuuuh Niall? " Harry says with a certain, " oooh you so like her " tone. Niall blushes and looks away. " Oh well I thought you would have preferred Mina to have the bed closest to yours. " He says, now smirking. Harry blushes and becomes quiet. Mina giggles and puts her stuff on the empty bed. 

" I don't mind really. " She says, fluffing out the pillow. Harry smiles and kisses her cheek, causing her to blush. I chuckle slightly. They would be so cute together. I smile and put away my stuff, Mina soon doing the same after she finished flirting with Curly. After we had finished, we walked out, soon realizing it was blazing outside. As in, it was fucking hot!

The boys groaned. " It was such a chilling morning and now it becomes so fucking hot?! " Louis whines. I chuckled. " It often does that during the summers here. " I said. The boys groaned. I chuckle again. " You guys want to go to Knott's berryfarm then? They have a couple huge water rides. And they've recently built a total waterpark area, where there's wave pools and such. " I said, thinking about the last time I've went.

As I was thinking, I didn't realize the boys' faces light up and them dash inside to get ready. When I realized, I laughed and went to go get ready also. I went into the bathroom to put my bikini on underneath my clothes. Since it was blazing hot though, I decided to leave a shirt off, so I was left with just my bikini top and shorts on.

When I walked out, the boy's eyes adjusted so they landed straight on me, except Harry's, whose was glued to Mina's body. I blush and look away. " You guys like to stare at me alot don't you? " I said, a little embarrassed. I glance over to Niall and see him a little jealous. I giggle and kiss his cheek.

" You okay Nialler? " I ask cutely. He smiles and nods. I smile and stand straight. " So shall we get going then? " I ask.


Niall's P.O.V -

We had made it to Knott's just an hour ago, and everyone had split up to do what they wanted. All I know is that all of them have been in the water, or on water rides at least once. Zayn, Liam and Louis were waiting to go on that one ride, where you went straight up, then straight down, landing like a right angle.

I thought it was a bit scary cause you really feel like you're going to fly out of the seat. ( speaking from experience ) Harry and Mina were chilling in the lazy river, sharing a tube. I chuckled. I guess he was able to convince her to sit in his lap on the tube. I was with Lounai, eating.

Me and her were just having some simple chats, it was pretty cool. It was getting a bit boring though because I couldn't tell if she even liked me or not. I sighed. Me and her had finished eating, and she stood to go to the bathroom. When she walked a few feet away, when someone had accidentally pushed her into the pool.

My eyes widen and I ran over to her. She couldn't swim well because her stomach began to hurt after just eating. I pulled her out of the pool as quickly as she can, but she had already passed out from too much water. I bit my lip and started to give her mouth to mouth.

I was getting worried because she didn't wake up after a few minutes, but just when I was going to pull away, she woke up. I pulled away and hugged her as she coughed. " Are you okay Avril?! " I said, really worried. She coughs more, but nods. I sighed in relief and pulled away as she finally calms from coughing.

She pants, finally being able to breath air. She hugs me again. " Thank you Niall.. You saved me. " She says. I hug back tightly. " Of course love. " I say, blushing slightly at our close contact. I was about to pull her closer, but Harry did that for me. I groaned. " What do you want Ha- " I said, getting cut off.

" I can't find Mina!! "  

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