What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


6. Is there such thing as a crappy morning, but an awesome day?

Avril's P.O.V

He kissed me.

Niall just fucking kissed me.

I watched as he walked away, heading home with his hood up so he isn't recognized. When he was out of view, my head spun. What just happened? Did it even really happen? Was I just day dreaming right now? No I couldn't be daydreaming.. My head is spinning, I feel dizzy, and my lips are tingling.

Okay, Yeah, I wasn't day dreaming. Omg, He freaking kissed me. I took a deep breath to calm down for the moment so I can climb the tree without falling.

I walk up to the tree and jumped, grabbing a branch. I climbed up, but my thoughts of Niall crawled back into my head. I slipped, but quickly caught a branch. I sighed in relief. Come on Avril. You can think about him in your room. Can't get distracted now or I'll get hurt. I took another deep breath and continued climbing, pushing away any thoughts about Niall.

When I got into my room, I saw a lump underneath my blankets. At first I thought it was a pillow, but then I saw it breathing. Wait.. A pillow doesn't breath. I bit my lip nervously and walked up to it. I froze for a second, and quickly changed into my pj's, just so I can at least make them think I was still in the house before. I lifted the blanket slightly and noticed it was Lianna. I sighed in relief.

I nudged her lightly. " Lianna, What are you doing in my room? " I said, curious, and slightly worried she might have figured out I snuck out. She groans lightly and wakes up. " I had a nightmare and I came to sleep with you but you weren't here.. Where were you? " She asked, yawning and rubbing her eyes. " I was just outside for a bit, looking at the stars. It's fine. you can go back to sleep now" I assured.

She nods and turns back around, quickly falling asleep. I smiled and sighed in relief. Suddenly, my phone went off, causing me to jump and turn the volume down quickly. I practically had a mini heart attack. I sighed and looked at my cell. It was a text, from Niall.

From: Nialler <3

To: Avril

Hey Avril, You still awake?

I smiled slightly. I also blushed, seeing that he had put a heart next to his name. I opened up the text and started to reply.

To: Nialler <3

From: Avril

Yeah, I'm up. You gave me a mini heart attack though :P

I smile again and lie on my bed, holding my cell to my chest, waiting for his reply. I thought about the kiss I had earlier. It was actually my first, since I never actually been allowed outside unless for shopping and stuff. Don't get me wrong. I've had a boyfriend. But only one. And he dumped me. That was like a month ago. I'm not really sad about it that much anymore.

I thought he loved me, but he cheated on me with the slut of the school. I hated it. He is such a regret. Anyway, after a minute or two, I felt my cell vibrate again. I lift it up and read the text.

From: Nialler <3

To: Avril

haha Sorry love. I just got back to the hotel. And btw... uhm sorry, about the kiss...I guess I lost myself a little...

I reread the text a couple times. What was he sorry for? I, honestly, loved the kiss. It was sweet, and gentle. I smile anyway, seeing how much he cared.

To: Nialler <3

From: Avril

It's fine actually. Honestly, I didn't mind it. How are the boys? They asleep?

I reread the text before sending it. I wonder if he likes me or not. I mean, he did kiss me. I feel so confused right now. I mean, we met just this morning... well technically yesterday, but still! We just met! How can he like me? I felt my cell phone vibrate again.

From: Nialler <3

To: Avril

Really? You didn't mind? And yeah, the boys are asleep. But Paul just caught me, and is forcing me to sleep. He said he'd take my cell if I didn't. Good night love :) and btw, I saw the video you posted on twitter. Nice one :)

I giggled silently as I read the text. I wonder why he seemed to sound surprised. I really did love him didn't I? Anything he says can make me smile. I reply.

To: Nialler <3

From: Avril

Alright Nialler. Good night. See you later. And Don't worry, I haven't forgotten to text you later if you can come convince my mother. Anyway, Good night again :)

I smile lightly and put my cell onto the nightstand. I close my eyes, very curious about what might happen tomorrow.


I woke up the next morning around 6 am to take a shower. As I was having everything being washed away, my stomach gained knots at the thought of Niall and the others coming to help me convince my mom to let me go on tour with them. I finished taking a shower and got dressed in shorts and a loose tank top. It was going to be very hot today and I didn't need want to become sweaty.

I walked out and started to make breakfast for everyone. Once I finished, I felt my cell virbrate again.

From: Nialler <3

To: Avril

Morning Love :)

I read the text and smile, replying a good morning back. I bit my lip slightly, still very nervous. It was now 9:30 am and my mom walked out of her room, freshly showered and clean; Wide awake too. I was confused. It was rare for her to ever do that. She normally did that whenever she was happy and it normally lasted the whole day.

" Uhm.. Mom? Are you okay? " I asked, a bit confused.

" Yep! I'm just fine! " She said, excitedly. She normally never mentioned why she would become so happy. All I know is that by the next day, she becomes really aggressive. It's not easy to bring down her mood either. When she's happy, she is happy. I smile slightly, going with it. " Alright then! Here's breakfast! " I said happily, handing her a plate of pancakes and eggs. She takes it and goes to the living room.

She turns on the tv to the news, but not like those normal news, it was like one of those gossip news. I didn't like those ones, only cause I hate gossiping and gossipers. I was about to eat, until something was said, that caused me to freeze.

" Wooah. Now that's a total shocker! Now, next coming up, Niall Horan out with a girl?! Just last night, we had our late camera men go around the area. What we've heard a few days ago was that the famous Bristish band , One Direction, Was staying in California, San Diego. This picture here shows Niall Horan out with a complete stranger, a girl to be exact! Who is this girl?! " the guy on tv said.

I was frozen still. Quite literally. Without even looking, I was able to feel my mom's glare right at me. I glanced at the picture on tv, and it was a picture of me and Niall, at the moment we were about to kiss. I gulped nervously.

" Avril Kim Lea What the hell is this?! " My mom said angrily.

I bit my lip. " Uhm... " I said, unsure what to answer. I secretly opened up a text to Niall.

To: Nialler <3

From: Avril

Uhm Niall.. Just got caught by my mom, the picture and everything is on the news... Still thinking about coming over?

My mom continued to glare at me. " Did you sneak out last night?! While I was asleep?! Just to go with a stupid boy?! " She yelled. I felt anger rise within me. " Niall is not stupid! He's my friend! " I yelled back. " A friend?! What kind of friend is someone you are about to kiss?!" She huffs angrily. I bit my lip.

" H-He's still a friend." I stated. I was unsure what to say next. Just when my mom was about to say something, there was a knock at the door. She sighs and goes to answer it. It was Niall.

" N-Niall?! "

Niall's P.O.V -

I was in my room, when I had just finished telling Avril good morning. I was smiling happily. She didn't mind the kiss before. Does that mean she likes me back? I then start to hear harsh knocking on my door.

" OMG Niall open this door immediately!!! " Harry shouted loudly.

I rolled my eyes and didn't bother to get up. " What do you want Harry?! " I yelled, annoyed. " What the heck did you do last night?! " He shouted. My eyes widen. Oh shit. That flash... The paparazzi... A picture... I buried my face into my hands. I totally forgot about that. I sighed and hesitantly got up and opened the door.

Everyone tackled me to the ground, with excited and happy faces. I groaned. " why the hell did you guys do that?! " I said annoyed. " Oh come on mate! You can't tell us that you're not happy about your chance of having Avril like you! She's fucking gorgeous!" Harry exclaimed. I flicked his forehead. " Yeah, Yeah, I'm happy about it alright?! Now get off me! " I groaned. They did as told and I sat up.

" So can you explain that little picture that's spreading around bloody quick? " Zayn said, smirking. I shrugged. " Nothing much to explain." I said casually. " Oh sure, You about to kiss Avril is tooootally nothing much to explain. " Louis says sarcastically. I roll my eyes, about to say something, when my cell phone vibrates.

I take out my cell and look at the text, everyone look at me intently. I read the text. " I think we're going to have to go to Avril's house.. She said she can't go. " I said, slightly sad.

Harry looks up at me from his cell phone. " Well time for convincing then! Mina just said she can go as long as Avril goes! " He said determinedly. I nod and we all head to the car. In no time at all, we got to the house and we instantly saw Avril and her mom yelling at each other. " Not again.. " I muttered. We got out and quickly rushed to the door.

I knock, and the shouting quickly stopped. After a minute or two, the door was answered. By her mother. " N-Niall?! " I heard Avril say, shocked. " So! You're that Niall kid that tried kissing my daughter! " Her mom yelled at me. I scratched my head sheepishly. " Uhm yeah... but that's not why we're here. " I said. I looked back at the other boys and they nodded.

" Mrs. Lea, We really want your daughter to come with us to the tour. " Liam says calmly. " Oh not this thing again. I'm sorry, but I've already told Avril no. Now please leave. " She groans. I notice Avril bite her lip. " Please... We'll do anything to convince you to let your daughter come with us. " I pleaded. Her mom sighs and remains quiet for a second, looking in thought.

" Anything hm? Alright. I'll keep that in mind. I'll let her go, as long as that offer stays for a while. " She said. All of us smiled, and Avril hugged her. " Omg thank you so much mom! " She said, thrilled. Wow.. That was alot easier then we thought.


Me and the boys were in Avril's room, helping her pack for a year tour that we leave for in 3 days. I open the door to get some stuff Avril would need from the bathroom, when I see a small girl, probably around 5 years old, with teary eyes. I assumed she was her sister.

I tilt my head slightly and get onto my knees. " Aww.. What's wrong little girl? " I said, nicely. " A-Are you t-taking Avril away? " She croaked. I bit my lip.

" well.. she is coming with us.. So we aren't exactly taking her away.. I'm sorry. But we don't leave today. By the way. I'm Niall " I said, smiling; trying to cheer her up. She smiles weakly. " I-I'm Lianna. " She says, hiccuping slightly from crying earlier I guessed. " Lianna... That's a pretty name. " I said smiling. She smiles more. " Thank you. You better take care of Avril! She's very special to me!" I chuckle and carry her. "Of course Lianna. I'll take care of her. " I said reassuringly. 

She smiles and gets out of my arms. She runs off into the room with Avril and the boys. I come back with some of Avril's stuff, when something Lianna says, makes me freeze.

" Avril, can you sing to me one more time? "


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