What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


11. Hello Wantagh, New York!

Avril's P.O.V -

I woke up the next morning to Niall mumbling. I opened my eyes and rubbed them a little. I turned around and felt Niall's arms tightly slightly around my waist. I giggle silently when I noticed his head was buried into my neck. He looked adorable asleep. I heard from the boys that Niall farted and talked in his sleep, but honestly, I didn't mind.

I looked at the time and saw it was 7. We leave to the air port around 1 pm, so we had alot of time. I smile and let him sleep. I snuggle closer and play with his hair very gently. I heard he liked it when girls did that. Don't call me a stalker just cause I know these things. The boys actually told me alot of things that Niall liked in a girl.

Like how he liked it when girls played with his hair, he liked girls with green eyes, which I sadly don't have, he liked girls who can eat as much as he can, and girls that aren't afraid to eat in front of him... There was alot of stuff to him, and most of them I found quite adorable. 

After mindlessly playing with Niall's hair for about an hour or two, I heard some fumbling and thumping around the house. I guess all the boys were awake now. I look down at Niall, whom is still asleep. I smile and kiss his lips gently. After a few seconds, I felt slight pressure on my lips.

I smile and pull away. His eyes fluttered open and he smiles slightly. " Well that was a nice good morning. " He says. I giggle and sit up. I then noticed he had his shirt back on. I looked at him confused, and he just shrugs. " I don't really feel comfortable about my own body, nor do I like talking about it, so please don't mention about it. " He says a little shyly. I smile and nod, acknowledging his want.

I got up to go change, but Niall pulls me back down and hugs me again. " Can we just lie here and cuddle for a bit longer? " He asks, pouting cutely. I giggle and nod, letting him get what he wants. He nuzzles his face into my neck again. I chuckle slightly, being able to feel his smile creep up against my neck.

I start playing with his hair again, and after a few minutes, Niall seemed so calm. I was told normally Niall would be a bit groggy, and rushing to get food in the mornings, but now, he's fully awake and calm. He was so adorable. I guess what the boys kept saying was true. He did like to cuddle with his girlfriends. 

After a couple more minutes, I kiss his cheek and pull away slightly. " Come on Niall, we have to get ready today. " I say, smiling. He pouts slightly. " Whhy? You don't like cuddling with me? " He whined slightly. I chuckle and peck his lips. " I looove cuddling with you, but today we have to get to the air port. And I have to say good bye to my family. " I say.

He smiles and nods. He sits up also, me doing the same. I grab some of my clothes and go to the bathroom, Niall behind me. I chuckle. " And what do you think you're doing Niall? " I ask. " Ehh... " He says, trying to look innocent. I can already tell what he wanted to do. Honestly, I didn't mind either. It's not like I'm fat or anything. I shrug. " Do what you want. " I say, walking into the bathroom. 

His eyes widen from shock, but follows me anyway. I change into this. [polyvore] ( Sorry if it looks weird, people say I have bad fashion senses.. .__. ) . Niall was watching me the whole time. " You have a belly piercing? " He simply asked, pointing to the little cupcake piercing. I nod. " Yeah, I got it about a month ago. " I say. 

He shrugs and changes also, me somewhat starring. Niall chuckles one he finished changing. " Hope you enjoyed that while it lasted. " He says, wrapping his arm around me and pulling me against his body. I smile and kiss his cheek. " You always miss. " He says, referring to his lips. 

I roll my eyes and kiss his lips. He smiles and I pull away. " Come on, It's already 11. " I said. He pouts, but walked out with me anyway, our hands entwined. When we walked into the kitchen, the boys were already eating. They looked at us shocked. I shrug. " Okay Two questions... What happened last night ? " Liam asks, pausing as he pointed to our hands.

" And Why weren't you the first here Niall? Almost all the food is gone. " Zayn says, finishing Liam's sentence. Niall shrugs. " I didn't want to make it look like I was a pig in front of Loun- " He starts, but then gets cut off. I groaned. " You guys ate all the food?! Seriously! You guys are no fair! " I shouted, walking over to the fridge. 

The boys looked at me slightly shocked. They knew I ate alot, but they didn't think I'd react, practically how Niall would. " Uhm... Theres... more in the ...fridge... " Louis says, still shocked. I open the fridge and smile. I take out arms full of food and set them near the stove. I take out what I need and start cooking.

They boys mouths dropped even more, except Niall's, who was smiling the biggest smile yet. Yep, It was true then. He really did want a girl with an apatite like his. I rolled my eyes. " If you guys keep your mouths open, I will seriously go outside, catch flies and throw them into all your guys' mouths, and make you eat them. " I said, a bit annoyed.

They closed their mouth quickly and continued eating, dropping the subject. I smiled slightly and went back to cooking. Niall walked over to me and hugged me from behind. " I knew there was more reasons to why I love you. " He says, obviously still smiling. I smile and continue cooking pancakes eggs and bacon.

I looked over to him. " How many pancakes eggs and bacon? " I ask. He shrugs. " How ever many you can cook " He says. I nod and continued cooking. He lets go of me and walks over to the table, secretly taking bacon from each of the boys plates. I chuckle silently as the boys started blaming each other and not Niall. I smile and look at them. 

" relax guys, I'm already cooking more. " I said. They nod and just continued talking instead.


It has been an hour since we've lifted off the ground in the airplane. I was in a private jet with everyone else, and honestly, it was awesome. I've already said good bye to family, and made my mom promise not to abuse them, or I will call her in for child abuse. It's cruel to do something like that to your own mother, but come on, no child deserves to be abused unless necessary.

In this case, abusing Lianna and Jake is not necessary. Anyway, I was currently sitting on Niall's lap for no reason. Well, I wouldn't say no reason. He wanted me on his lap, but it's not much of a reason. Anyway, me and Niall were eating ice cream, feeding each other.  It was a good thing we both liked chocolate ice cream.

The other boys were playing twister for some reason, and just by looking at their formation, they could easily fall apart at one wrong move. As I was paying attention to their game, Niall purposely put some ice cream on my nose. I look at him and he chuckles. I do the same, except on his cheek. 

I giggle slightly as he puts some on my lips. I do the same, but when Niall moves this time, it was to lick the ice cream off my nose. I smiled and licked the lick cream off his cheek. Instead of licking off the ice cream, he kisses me to remove the ice cream off my lips. I smile and kiss back.

After a while, we separate and we finish off our ice cream. I smile after he had put away the cups. Just as he sits down and pulls me onto his lap again, I heard a loud thud. I look over to the boys and see they have finally fallen, groaning. " Harry! I said right hand blue! Not green! " Liam whined. I laughed at them.

They chuckle and sit up, getting off each other. " So what do you guys want to do now? " Louis said, rubbing his head. I guess he had accidentally hit it. " Scary movie marathon night? " Zayn suggested. I shake my head vigorously. " Noooo, not scary movies. " I said.

They pouted. " Fine. How about the Hunger Games? " Harry asks. I shrug and nod. " Sure, I haven't seen it, or read it yet. " I say. Harry gasps, and the boys roll their eyes. " Harry loves the Hunger game series. " Louis says. I chuckle and nod. Harry gets up and goes to the t.v. I was surprised about how much stuff they actually had on this jet. It was like a mini house.


A few hours later, I had waken up on a bed. I sat up sleepily and rubbed my eyes. I looked around and noticed I was in a hotel room. Now how did I get up here? I looked around again, and I didn't see Niall anywhere in sight. I became worried slightly, until I saw the door open up.

Niall was standing there, smiling, with a tray full of food in his hands.

" Welcome to Wantagh, New York, babe. "

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