What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


19. Gone?

Liam's P.O.V -

Me and the boys were pinning this crazy girl to the ground while Mina called police. I think Niall said her name was Natasha? Anyway, she was quite the fighter. No matter how many people were pinning her down, she still struggled. It was pretty annoying seeing that she didn't give up even though she's already lost.

After a while, I guess she finally recognized who we were because when she stopped struggling she just stared at us. " Oh! The rest of One Direction! How lovely! " She says, starring at me. I roll my eyes. This girl really was crazy. " Liam! Liam! Come closer! " I twitched. " No! I don't want to come closer! Why the heck would I- " She cuts me off by lunging up and kissing me.

My eyes widen and I pulled away from her, backing away, gagging and wiping my mouth. " Oh thats disgusting! I have a f-king girlfriend! " By instinct of pulling away, she was able to get loose from the other boys and grabs a glass starbucks bottle. Me and the boys lunge in after her to hold her down again, but she dodged us and quickly strikes Avril straight in the back of her head with the glass bottle.

I winced and finally got Natasha pinned down again. " A-Avril!!! " Everyone shouts. I see her pass out, and everyone going into a panic. " Alright, Panicking won't do crap for her! Call a damn ambulance! " I yelled at everyone. Mina immediately takes out her cellphone again and calls quickly.

In just a few minutes, paparazzi, fans, and a huge crowd got around, along with Police and the Ambulance. Finally. The crowd was forced to leave by police and Avril was put on a stretcher. I bit my lip. This was my fault. 

Niall's P.O.V -

I watched weakly as they took Avril off into a stretcher and into the ambulance. " We can only take one of you into the Ambulance. " The doctor says. All the boys and Mina look at me. I looked over as I saw Natasha struggling to get out of the police officer's grip. Finally, she's being taken away. God, I knew something bad was going to happen. 

She threatened to hurt my family, but she didn't, instead, she hurt Avril. My love. The one I really loved, the only one I loved. I don't care if this sounds cheesy to any of you, but its true. I love her. I nodded and I got into the ambulance. I held Avril's hand tightly, praying she was going to be okay. 

It was a glass bottle. Liam told me. She was hit with a glass bottle. Those bottles at starbucks are really thick. If Natasha hit her hard enough to make that bottle shatter at contact, that was an extremely painful hit. I winced. God, I hate today. Please Avril, Please be okay.

An hour later -

We were now at the hospital, and Avril was in her bed, with all of that medical stuff attached to her. I didn't like the hospital much, but if it's for Avril, I'm surely going to stay. After a while, the doctor walks out and calls us over. " So how did this happen? " She asks.

I sighed and told her what had happened. " How did she get loose from you boys? " I noticed Liam get a guilty look. " She tried to get me to come closer to her, and I refused, so she lunged up and kissed me, causing me to pull away from her and back away. I guess she had enough strength to over power the rest of the boys... " I flinched. Liam let her go?

The boys noticed me flinch and realized I was so close to attacking Liam, so they held me back a little away from Liam. " Calm down mate, it was an accident. " Louis says. " Yeah, you can't take it out on Liam, you know you probably would have done the same. " Harry mentions. I sighed and calmed down. " Yeah, you're right.. " 

I looked back at the doctor. " So is she going to be okay? " The doctor nodded. " Yes, she'll be fine. Luckily, that crazy girl didn't strike any serious nerves. Unfortunately, We don't know when she will wake up, or if she has lost any memories of what had happened. " 

I nodded. Her being okay was good enough for me. But the unknown waking up part got me a bit. I hope she wakes up soon.

***** 2 Weeks Later *****

It's been 2 weeks. She hasn't waken up yet. It's got me worried sick. I keep asking the doctors, but they still say it's unknown when she will wake up. I sighed. I haven't went home or to the hotel at all. I want to be there when she wakes up. So I will be the first one she will see when she wakes.

The only way anyone got me to leave the room was for a moment for me to change clothes. I didn't even eat until someone brought me something. Yeah, that's right. I didn't eat. I don't care. What I care about it Avril, and her moment when she wakes up. I jump slightly when I saw her toss and turn slightly.

She hasn't even moved ever since she was put in the hospital. I stood, seeing if she was going to waken, cause it really looked like she was. Something started to beep slightly, and doctors started to walk in. " Please leave the room, we need to examine what is happening. " I growled slightly, wanting to see if she awakens, but I agree reluctantly. 

I walk out of the room and wait in the waiting room. I hope she really did wake up.

Avril's P.O.V -

I silently groaned. God, I have a massive head ache. A not a normal one too. My head actually hurts, in the back. I tossed and turned a little, hearing a beeping. What was that? I weakly opened my heavy eye lids and saw doctors looking at me. I felt my bed lift up slightly, so I can sit up. I rubbed my eyes.

" What happened? " I looked around and saw the doctors looking relieved. " Are you alright Ms. Lea? " I nodded.  "Yeah, I guess, just the back of my head hurts a bit.. " They nodded and handed me a pill. " Take this, it'll relieve the pain. " I nod and took the pill, along with water.

" so erm, what happened? " The doctors sighed. " Do you remember anything? " I thought about it. Nope. I don't remember anything that happened. " How did I get here into the hospital? " The doctors looked at each other. " Do you remember who you at least travel with, or who you are always with? " 

I nodded. " Yeah, I travel with my best friend Mina, along with the boys of One Direction. " They sighed in relief a little. " So, you don't remember what happened to get you into this hospital bed? " I shook my head. They nod. " Alright. Now, if you don't mind, we would like to scan your brain a bit to see if there was any damages. "

I nodded and the put some kind of helmet on my head. After a few minutes, they finished and looked at me. " Have you ever been in a relationship with any of these boys? " I narrowed my eye brows. " As in what? " They wrote a couple of things down and looked at me. " As in boyfriend and girlfriend. " 

I was confused. What? " Uh. No, I've never had any of the boys as my boyfriend. " They nod. "Yeah, this is what we were afraid of... " The doctor walks out, and I saw through the window, that unfortunately covered, a figure talking to the doctor. It looked a little like Niall. Was Niall here? After a while, Niall and the Doctor walked in.

" Avril, Niall here says he is your boyfriend. " I flinch slightly. " Boyfriend? We never went out. " I saw Niall's face get a sad and hurt look. I bit my lip. I didn't mean to make him feel bad. I just have no idea what is going on!

" It's just as I thought... " Me and Niall looked at the doctor. " What do you mean? " Niall asks.

" Some parts of her memory... Are Gone. "

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