What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


18. Friends with Benefits?

Avril's P.O.V -

I was too confused. I felt like I was falling for Niall again, but I don't want to hurt Zayn. I just got with him today! I don't know if I looked pretty obvious that I wanted Niall back, because when they finished singing, Zayn looked pretty upset. I really hope nothing was wrong. I don't know what to do!

Once the concert had officially ended and most of the girls have left, I walked up to Zayn to cheer him up. I bit my lip slightly and hugged him. " What's wrong Zayn? " I leaned in to peck his lips, but he moved away a little to prevent me from reaching him. My heart broke a little. What was wrong?

I bit my lip and pulled away from him. " Zayn.. Is something wrong? " I saw a deep sadness in his eyes. " I-I think we are going to have to break up... " He said, barely audible. I froze as my eyes widen slightly. He was breaking up with me? What? Why? " Wh-What? We just got together today. What makes you change your  mind Zayn? Did I do something wrong? "

If it was anything that I would be worried about in a relationship, it was upsetting the person, or doing something wrong. He shook his head. " Trust me Avril. I really love you. But, I practically took you from my own best mate, and I feel that you still love him. So I think it's best if you just hear him out. "

He looked down. I stopped breathing for a moment. Did he really notice how I was looking at Niall? Yeah, I wanted him back, but I don't want to hurt Zayn. I love him too. " But Zayn... I really don't want to leave you and hurt you... It might corrupt everything we have between us. "

He shakes his head again and looks at me, smiling oh so weakly. " It's fine Avril. I'm sure there will be another girl. Like you said before, remember? " I sighed and hugged him tightly. He hugs me back just as tightly. Just by that, I knew it was hard for him to do this. I smiled inwardly. He has such a good heart.

" Are you sure about this Zayn? " He sighs and pulls away, smiling more now. I hope he doesn't become too sad later. " Yeah, don't worry about it. I'm sure the right girl will come by soon. " I smile weakly and nod. " I'm sure she will too. " He nods and I kiss his cheek. Well that was the shortest relationship I've ever had.

He walks to his dressing room to get out of his performance clothes, and I see Niall walk out, and I can tell he tensed when he noticed me look at him. I sighed and folded my arms, motioning him to come over a bit. He reluctantly walks over. " Uhm, Is something wr- " I cut him off. " Let's hear it. " He was shocked a bit. " What? " I sighed and looked at him.

" Let's hear your explanation. " His face lightened slightly and his eyes shine a bit. Gosh, I missed him. He was about to speak, when we heard a door open. I looked over and saw Zayn walk out of his dressing room. He smiles slightly and I smile back. He walks out, taking a sudden call.

I look back at Niall, who was in a little thought. Probably of how to explain his story. I wait, and he looks up again, taking a deep breath. " Look, Avril, I'm very sorry of what you saw that night... Truth is, She said she wasn't going to leave until she got a kiss. She said she would have told paparazzi where we had lived too if she didn't get her way. "

I bit my lip. His eyes were still shining, it would have been dull to me if he were lying. " That didn't mean you had to kiss her. " He sighs. " She was very persuasive... All I wanted to do is go back to bed with you. I wasn't in the mood for drama, and I was practically half asleep. Please, you have to trust me.. "

I sighed and unfolded my arms. " I'm not saying I don't trust you, I'm just saying you could have called a body guard or something. " He twitches slightly, as if he remembered something. " Oh, right, I couldn't have done that. She said she knocked out the guards somehow... Plus, short after you... erm left me alone, I got a text from the same girl, saying she'd bring harm to you and the rest of the family if she doesn't get another kiss in 2 days... "

I rubbed my temples, annoyed. " So she wants another kiss from you? " He bit his lip and nodded. " I'm very sorry Avril... I didn't want to hurt you, and I promise I won't do it again. I'll think of a way to prevent from kissing her again... It wasn't even as nice as when I kissed you... "

I blush slightly, and notice he was blushing. I bit my lip, thinking about what to do. Should I give him another chance? What if he gets convinced again and kisses that girl again? It can happen. She has an advantage some how. I sigh. " Niall, I'd love to get back with you, but until you can really prove you won't be convinced by that girl and kiss her again, I'll let us be the closest as friends with benefits. Alright? So I forgive you, but I won't be your girlfriend until that kissing girl stuff passes by. Kay? "

His face still lightens up and he hugs me closely. I chuckle and hug back. " I can deal with that. As long as I get to hear your beautiful voice again, I'm fine with it. But what do you mean friends with benefits? " I roll my eyes playfully and kiss him for a quick second, pulling away after, seeing his shocked reaction.

I chuckled. " Friends with benefits. I'm friends with you, but I'll kiss, hug and cuddle with you from time to time, but only as a friend. and no more than that. For now. " He smiles widely and hugs me again. I chuckled. Gosh did I really miss this boy.

***** 2 Days Later *****

Niall was pacing around like a nut-ball. I sighed and placed my hand on his shoulder. " Relax Niall. We've got this planned already. Me and some of the boys with be around when you talk to her. If she tries anything you don't want to happen, we've got it covered. So re. lax. "

Niall takes a deep breath and calms down, nodding. " Alright. I just hope she doesn't find a loophole and still finds a way to hurt you guys. You guys are like a family to me. " I roll my eyes and kiss him. He kisses back and pulls me closer. I chuckle and pull away, still not letting him have the full package of me until this day was over.

He pouts but nods, knowing what it was going to take. He jumps slightly went his phone rings. I laughed slightly. The ringtone was a bit unique.

He smiles and looks at his text. He takes a deep breath. " It's her. Apparently her name is Natasha ( Sorry if it's your name ) and she wants me to meet her at that one star bucks across the street. " I nod and gather all the boys and 2 body guards incase she, or fans catch us and get out of hand.

We all head to star bucks, wearing disguises and walking around as if we were to be customers. This was my disguise.[polyvore]  . I pretend to wait in line as I listen to Niall and ' Natasha's ' conversation. " Why hello Niall ~ " She says, being a little cheeky, and not in a good way like Harry.

I hold in my laughing as Niall secretly gags. " Look, ' Natasha ' I know I told you I might have agreed to kiss you, but I'm not going to do it anymore. You can't hurt my family. "  I glance over to her and see her growling now. " Look hun, you promised to kiss me, and I will be getting that kiss. "

I growled silently. She can't talk to him that way. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I look at the person and notice it was Mina. Wait, was she always with us? Harry must have invited her. Wow, my mind has been out of it. I had totally forgotten Mina lately, haven't I?

Anyway, she gave me a look, telling me to calm down. I sighed and nodded. I looked back at them again. " I never promised you anything.  If you don't acknowledge this, I'm afraid I'll have to ban you from any performances or appearances that One Direction will be having in future tenses. " Niall hissed at her.

Wow. He really was trying hard to keep her away. I smiled slightly. " You forget that I still have an advantage! I can still tell paparazzi where you guys live! and furthermore, I can even send them this little picture of me kissing you to them! You want drama? Well here's your drama, right here! I am going to get my kiss! "

She held up her cell phone, which had a picture of her and Niall kissing. I cringed slightly at the thought, until he huffed. " I'm not an idiot. That's obviously a photo shopped picture of me and Avril kissing from before! It's not even the same skin tone! " I held in a chuckle again. Well, I should have noticed that.

She yelled in aggrivation and tackled him, trying to smash her lips onto his. That's when I snapped. She isn't going to lay anymore fingers on him! I tackled her to the ground and slapped her. " You better not touch him any further you f-king s-t! " ( Sorry, still keeping up to my vow of cuss free me for Harry cx ) She growled and reached out to pull my hair, but Liam and the others pinned her down, and Mina called the police.

I sighed and got off her as the boys continued to pin her down. I crawl over to Niall, who was rubbing his head a little. " You okay Niall? " He sighs and nods. " Yeah, just hit my head on the ground a bit when she tackled me " I frown and kiss his forehead. " Better? " He smiles and nods. I smile and I was about to get up, until I felt a strong, strong striking pain at the back of my head.

Before I can even reaction, I passed out from the pain and where the pain had struck.

God, what was that?

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