What? It's only a crowd

I was just standing with him. Enjoying a chat with him. I felt a lot of vibration in the ground. I glanced as I saw him tense up . " what's wrong ? " He shook his head . " Nothing . " I rolled my eyes . " Something is wrong if you're tensing up . " He sighed . " The crowd . "


16. A bad day goes good

Niall's P.O.V -

I was very well lost in thought. Thinking of what you ask? Ways I can get Avril back. I need her back, and I want her back. So I will try everything to get her back. I sighed.

No one had talked to me ever since I told them what had happened. I didn't think they'd take it so seriously. I mean, it was my problem, not theirs. 

But I guess they really carried for Avril alot. I glance over to Avril and see her talking to Zayn, then turns around and talks to Louis.

Something about autotune. I don't know. I wasn't listening well. After a minute, I think I felt her looking at me. I wasn't sure, but I didn't bother to look.

I was in too deep of a thought. I continued thinking of ways to get her back, but then, a scream cut my train of thought off.

I jump slightly from the sudden scream and look over to Avril, who was sitting on Zayn's lap, her head buried into his chest. I felt something boil in my chest.

I didn't like it. Not one bit. But I know I can't do anything about it since, well, I'm not her boyfriend anymore. At least currently.

will get her back, no matter what it will take. After a while, I couldn't think straight. All I could focus on was being worried about Avril. She kept screaming every time Lightning or Thunder would explode outside.

I sigh. I wish I was the one being able to take care of her. I froze when a huge crash was sounded. That wasn't thunder or lightning. The plane.... 

Avril's P.O.V -

Omg, Omg, Omg, The plane was hit! I continued holding onto Zayn tightly, and Zayn holding me. I was crying, really hard. I was able to hear Zayn's breath against my ear through all of the panicking. His breath was shaky and a little stifled. He was trying hard to stay strong for me. 

I mentally smiled. He was so kind to me. Wait what? No time to be day dreaming right now! We're freaking falling from the sky! Why the hell.... Suddenly, my train of thought was stopped when I felt us hit something, causing a huge explosion on one side of the plane. I screamed louder again and hugged Zayn tighter.

Please, everything just stop now...

" Avril!! " 

I then gasped and woke up, shooting out of whatever I was laying on. I look around frantically. I saw Zayn looking at me as if I were crazy, and also looking very scared. I panted and wiped my forehead. I was sweating also. I looked around again, trying to calm my heart rate. " Wh-Where are we? " 

" We're in the hotel in Florida. Are you okay? You were screaming alot... " I sighed in relief. " Yeah.. just a really bad nightmare. " He nodded and hugs me in comfort. " Good, I thought there was something wrong " I felt my heart flutter slightly as I hugged back. Why was I feeling like this? Don't I like Niall? 

Then again, he broke my heart, and Zayn is being a real sweet heart. I ignored my feelings for now and looked at only my stuff and Zayn's stuff in the room. I was laying in the living room. " Where's everyone else? " He shrugs. " We all got separate hotel rooms for privacy. We knew you probably didn't want to room with Niall, so you're with me. You okay with that? "

I smile and nod slightly. " Of course I don't mind. You're alot sweeter anyway. " I kiss his cheek, and I saw him blush again. I chuckle and he smiles. " Erm, so what was your nightmare then? " I sighed and laid back, explaining to him what had happened, subtracting the part of how I was thinking about Zayn and stuff.

He chuckles slightly, causing me to pout since I didn't find it really funny at all. " I think the thunder and lightning got to your head lil' Lou. " I smile slightly. " lil' Lou? " He looks at me and smiles, nodding. " Yeah, you're still angry at Niall right? I didn't think you'd want to be compared to him right now, since Lounai is the nickname in which you, Lou and Niall are compared. Unless you're fine with Lounai? "

I smiled and hugged him. He knew how to keep me smiling, and he knew perfect times when to care. " Either is fine really. But, lil' Lou seems to be your own personal idea, so that can be your own nickname for me. " He smiles and nods. " Well, we've got the whole day to ourselves. What do you wanna do?  " He asks while laying back onto the couch.

I shrugged. " I dunno.. What do you wanna do? " He chuckles and shrugs. " I don't know. How about a movie marathon night? " I smile and nod. He smiles and goes into his room. He walks out with a slim tank top and loose shorts. I smile. I had to admit it, even if he was wearing a tank top, he had a nice body.

I had already made popcorn, so I decided to go to the room and change into pjs also. This is what I changed into. 
[polyvore] . I walked out and see Zayn already sitting down with the movie starting. I smile and sit down. He looked over to me and noticed all the things that were about him. The teddy bear, the necklace, his earrings. 

" What's with the stuff related to me? And are those my earrings? " I chuckle and shrug. " I liked the earrings, and I normally switch everyday. Remember yesterday? I was wearing that one shirt that sorta lead to Liam. " He nods and looks back at the t.v. When the movie had started, I was already frightened, hiding my face into his chest. Then, I realized it.

" Z-Zayn! You should already know I hate scary movies! " He chuckles. " Oh come on, you know none of it is true. " I pout and jump when I heard screaming from the t.v. " Y-Yeah, but I still become scared! Please, A different movie! " He chuckles again. " What do you have in mind then? "

He stands and turns the movie off. I sighed in relief and thought for a bit. " how about.... Transformers? " I ask, not really having anything in mind. He nods and puts the movie in. 


After the movie ended, it was only 2 pm. Wow. Today was going very slowly. He chuckles slightly at my reaction, noticing that today really was going slowly. " Well, what do you want to do now? "  I ask, looking through my phone to check for any notifications. " Hm.. Well I'm hungry, wanna go out for lunch? " I shrug and nod. " Sure. " 

We walk out and just started to walk around. Luckily, Zayn had remembered his disguise so no one would recognize him. I hugged his arm to add more affect. People knew that Zayn didn't have a girlfriend. I noticed him blushing again. I chuckle silently. I guess you can say I enjoy causing him to blush. 

After walking around, we just ended up at this pizza shop. After we ordered, we sat down to wait for our order. I sat next to him and smile slightly. " You know Zayn, you're so much more nicer than Niall is.. " I say, looking down shyly. " Am I? I'm just being myself really. " I smiled. " than that just means you're a natural sweetie. That's adorable. " I say, teasingly pinching his cheek.

He chuckles and pulls my hand away. " God, you're more adorable than I am. " 

2 hours later -

After we had finished eating, we headed back to the hotel, realizing how extremely hot it got, even though it was winter! What a global warming moment. I wasn't crazy to go outside to the swimming pool, so me and Zayn went to one of those private indoor pools. 

It wasn't private before, but Zayn rented it out. It was a really nice pool honestly. And it had clear glass walls to the outside, and it was a nice view of a couple flowered hills. It was pretty. I stripped to my bathing suite and felt the water. " Wow, that's cold... " I then felt something behind me, more like someone. 

I smirked, knowing the old trick, and moved out of the way, just to see Zayn fall into the pool only in his boxers. I laughed as he resurfaced. " Dude, that is like the oldest trick in the book! " He chuckles. " Can't blame me, I was only trying. " I chuckle and was about to get in myself, when Zayn pulled my hand and I fell into the pool. 

I resurfaced and squealed slightly. " It's so cold! Zayn! " I playfully glared at Zayn and he laughs. After a couple of minutes of just swimming around, we started to hear a bit of a commotion outside. Me and Zayn turned around to notice the paparazzi infront of the clear walls. 

He gasps and turns around quickly, trying to hide his face. I would have suggested to hide under water, but they already saw him, and if he hid, then it would prove he was Zayn. I bit my lip, mentally panicking. Wait.. He doesn't have a girlfriend. I hesitated a bit and leaned into him, pressing my lips to his.

I felt his body tense drastically, and feeling him freeze. I didn't expect him to kiss back, but when I did feel him kiss back, I couldn't help but smile. I continued to kiss him, glancing to see if the paparazzi had disappeared yet. Luckily, they leave and I pull away from the kiss, and honestly, I really liked it.

I look at Zayn, who was panting slightly from how long we had to hold the kiss. " W-Well.. that came out of no where... " He mutters, blushing deeper than any time he did before. I blushed also. " W-Well, no one knew you had a girlfriend, and it was the only way to cover for you. I don't hear you complaining though, you kissed back." I smirked and he blushed more.

" S-Sorry... " I smile and shake my head. " No need to be sorry, I kind of liked it anyway. " I laid back and let myself float on the water. After a few minutes of silence, I felt myself be pulled and pinned against the wall, lips smashing to mine again. I was shocked, but gladly kissed back.

After a small make out session, he pulled away again.

" Avril... Will you be my girlfriend? "


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