For Josh

Josh is a typical man in love.
Skye is a gorgeous young woman .

After years of dating, Josh proposes. But Skye has a secret, one which disables her from marrying him. But will she be able to tell him this secret, or will someone else have to?


2. Chapter 2

Months became endless for Josh. Many times he tried to call and text Skye, but her phone always went straight to voicemail and she never replied to his texts. Three months after Josh proposed to Skye, he decided to visit her.

From outside the window, she could see the pain and betrayal in his eyes. "What the hell is your problem?" Josh  cried out, his rage becoming obvious. "You tell me you love me, then you leave me all alone! Without even explaining? Why would you do that? You better have a good explination for me." Slowly the door began to creek open. Suprised, Josh staggered across to the door. As the door opened wider, Josh was dissapointed to see a short, round woman making her way out to him. "You don't know do you?" Mrs Parkes, Skyes mother, asked with a solemn facial expression. "Skye..." she began to cry. "Skye died two months ago. She wanted me to give you this." Mrs Parkes said, handing Josh an envelope. "You're lying. She just didn't want to marry me.You can just tell me that! You don't have to lie! Why would you say she died? Who does that?" He protested, tears threatening to escape his eyes. "Just take it!" Mrs Parkes exclaimed, bawling. Josh fell to the ground, clasping the envelope simply entitled 'For Josh'. The reality that Skye had died began to sink in.

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