For Josh

Josh is a typical man in love.
Skye is a gorgeous young woman .

After years of dating, Josh proposes. But Skye has a secret, one which disables her from marrying him. But will she be able to tell him this secret, or will someone else have to?


1. Chapter 1

The engagement ring weighed down in Josh's pocket. Millions of thoughts raced across his mind, "What if she says no? What if she runs away? What if? What is? What if?-" He shook away the negative thoughts. As she approached him, his nerves got the better of him. "H-h-hey" he managed to stutter, she cooly embraced him. "Hey to you too." Josh let out a heavy sigh, Skye noticed how awkwardly he began to shuffle. "Are you ok?" - she asked "You seem really tense." Concern spread across her face. "Yeah." Josh said, giving off a false sense of confidence. "Well, actually there's something I need to ask you." He slowly began to get down on one knee. "Will you marry me?" Skye let out a small gasp and tears began to stream down her face. "No," she slowly whispered. "No?" Josh questioned. "I'm so sorry, but no. We can't be." Skye whimpered. She sluggishly backed away, leaving a befuddled Josh to think about the rejection. 

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