Just Dreaming

Would Pauline's night mare come true? She keeps on dreaming about this young lad, that she will marry in the future. She's worried because this lad is the person she doesn't really know well, but her mate is his band mate and also his friend since they were combined in XFactor. After a couple of dreams that she had and felt like some of them really did happen, she didn't want this one to become true.
Let's find out if it'll come true or would she fall to another lad and same as the dream invader.


2. 2


Why do I keep on dreaming about him?  Why can't I catch his name?  he looks so familiar but it cant be him.. it cant be one of the famous you.K band member... you know them, and one of them was my classmate for 2 years, his name is Ha-...

"PAULINE!" Nyaira shouted from the front door.  We moved to a different flat since we turned 18, it's not so big, but it's perfect for the two of us.  My parents and my little sister moved back to Canada, me and Nyiara stayed here in you.K. My brother finished nursing and moved to you.S and have children.

"PAULINE IM HOME!  I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING! YOU WANNA GUESS WHO JUST TEXTED ME?!"  She screamed while running towards my bed, and jump on me. 

"Awe! CANT. BREATHE." I said while trying to catch an air.  "Who texted you anyway?"  I asked while sitting up.

"Well you know One Direction right?"

I nodded to response.

"Your bestie txted me and he said that they are here in London and he said he had been calling you and you weren't answering.  he wants us to meet the lads e said he'll txt you the dets later or he'll just call you."  she was ranting actually.

Liam is my old bestfreind. My mom and his mom are best friend as well. I don't know how they met but who cares I have Li as my bff now, we are like long lost twins because we both have birthmark but I have two, so yeah.

I forgot to tell you that me and Nyaira moved to London to study fashion, which I don't really fancy.  I wanted to be a nurse but its too expensive and my parents didnt support us child, so I went to fashion which I can afford.

"Really?! I must have been sleeping really deep that I didn't hear my phone rang." I couldn't believe that he called me and I didn't answer, never done that to him, he might think im mad at him. hope not.

"LET'S GO SHOPPING!" Nyaira said while running to her room.

So, I took a shower, took me one hour and 15 minutes to finish. I dont know I just love shower time, they call me sometimes mermaid because of that.  

My outfit for today is aqua blue skinny jeans and blue and white stripes and red braces (suspender).  No I am not Louis' long lost sister.  blow dry my hair, curled it, put some lip gloss and mascara on.  Yes I told you I don't put make up but since I lived with Nyaira I wore make up, because she sometimes wear some so I tried it. 

"I'M DONE!"  I exclaimed for Nyaira to hear.

I went to my side table and unplug my phone and get my wallet and grab my black 5 inches heels.

"LOUIS!! why you here? Your suppose to meet us later on?" Nyaira said and laughed at me because of my attire.

******** we ate and went shopping now I'm driving back home********

Got home by 5 we left the house at 12 that's not long we usually go home at 8 or 9 when we shop haha.  

My phone was vibrating and played "Never Grow Up" by Taylor Swift.  Which means that Liam is calling me.  He set that song to my phone so I'll know it's I'm whose calling.


P-Pauline L-Liam


L- Hey, how are you I've been calling you since this morning and you weren't answering I was worried sick!

P: don't worry I'm fine I slept in sorry.

L: Well were here at Grand Palace here in London the lads wants to meet you.  Care to join our movie night? SLUMBERPARTY!!  Louis' gonna love this.

P: hahaha okay I'll tell Nyiara. We'll be there in about 15 minutes or so. I miss you big D!

L: I miss you too, love. bye


**hung up**


Nyaira drove this time.  We got all the stuff we need and all that girl stuff.  We arrived at the hotel, which looks like a Palace. Probably that's why its called Grand Palace, I'm so stupid.  Well Nyiara parked behind the hotel and we entered at the back as well, because there were girls and paparazzi standing out there so we chose to go at the back since we didn't want to get mob by those crazy fans.  

"Imma call Li." I suggested.  Suddenly while I pulled my phone out of my bag someone poked me at my sides and I jumped up and screamed.  It was only Liam, "LIAM DON'T DO THAT!! YOU KNOW I HATE WHEN PEOPLE DO THAT TO ME." my hands were on my chest and panting.  I ran up to him and hugged him, my eyes were tearing, tears of joy. I almost forgot that Nyaira was there so I let go of him.

"I miss you soo much big D." I said while he swept away my tears and kissed my forehead.

He lead us to the lift and press the floor 11 which is the final floor which mean that they're staying at a penthouse.

We talked about what I did while he was gone and how was my study and my life since my parents left me.  The lift made a loud ding and and opened suddenly someone was standing infront of the tv... uhm... naked... I screamed and Liam covered my eyes and pulled me to his chest and Nyiara's head was on his chest as well.

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