Just Dreaming

Would Pauline's night mare come true? She keeps on dreaming about this young lad, that she will marry in the future. She's worried because this lad is the person she doesn't really know well, but her mate is his band mate and also his friend since they were combined in XFactor. After a couple of dreams that she had and felt like some of them really did happen, she didn't want this one to become true.
Let's find out if it'll come true or would she fall to another lad and same as the dream invader.


1. 1


    I was walking down the aisle, wearing a wedding gown. it was so white that made my skin look chocolate. As I walked down the aisle I saw my best friend, she smiled at me and mouthed 'Good Luck', I didn't know what was happening so I just went with it.

    As I came closer and closer to the alter I saw a man wearing a tuxedo, with a rose on his pocket. I couldn't see his face... It's was blurry... 'What's happening?' I thought. Who is this guy that I am marrying and why is his face blurry? The priest said his name but I couldn't catch it, every time he said it, it was like swearing on the television, where they beep it out, but whenever he talks about other stuff it was clear.

    He slid my ring onto my left ring finger and repeated whatever the priest said, and I did the same after he was done. I am now married to a person I don't know. His hair was curly, he was about 5'9 and his eyes, well it's still blurry, but there were green, beautiful green, like and apple green.

    "Blah blah, you may now kiss the bride." He priest said.

    He was leaning forward, and his right hand was holding my left cheek and kissed me passionately...




    SUMMER AIR" That was my alarm.

    "ARGH!" I screamed.

    I stood up and prepare my outfit. It was white and orange stripe sleeveless top with blazer and skinny jeans. It was 7:00 in the morning and school starts at 9. Yes yes I know it's early but I have a little sister and a brother that won't bother waking up early so I'm the one who has to wake up early. My shower was really warm and it relaxes all my muscles. I checked the time and it's already 7:51 I dried of and woke up my little sister. after that I went straight to my room and put lotion and my shirt, pants and all that.I don't wear makeup so.... yeah, and sometimes I don't brush my hair! I'm a weirdo...

    I ate all my breakfast and waited for my brother and sister to be done then we headed off to school. Should I tell my best friend about my dream? Or should I just keep it to myself, because sometimes some of my dreams come true. I know it's weird but it's true. 'I think I should just keep it to myself' I thought.

*** School is done ***

    "Hey Paulina!"

    "Hey Nyaira!"

    Nyaira always calls me Paulina but it's actually Pauline, no 'a'. Well she's my best friend. She's sleeping over at my house today since its Saturday. we walked to my house talking about what happened to school and what we're going to do tonight. We decided to watch Hachi, bake a cake and make popcorn. That is actually what we do every time she comes over: eat. I like to eat; that's why me and her get along, because she also likes to eat. Every time she comes over we eat a lot. I don't know why, probably because I love seeing people enjoying the food :)

*** Introduction of the Character ***

    Hey my name is Pauline Timbang and I am from Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, UK. I don't have an accent or anything, I'm Filipino. Lived in the Philippines for 10 years, since birth and moved to Canada stayed there for five years (which where Nyaira came from and moved in with me and my family) and now I'm living at UK.


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