The Games

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Since i wrote this back i like 2011, its very, 'carroty' as my friend called it. so just read the new and improved version if you like on wattpad, same user, fagulouscurls


4. Chapter 3

Harry's Point of view

The cannon made a sound i could never forget, i ran as fast as my legs could carry me, I grabbed my bag and ran, i saw people following behind me. i looked behind and i saw the boys, but wheres that girl? Channell i think her name is. I could see Liam's face red and puffy, maybe he got hurt. why does he have 2 bags? We all managed to climb high into a tree, we checked to make sure there were no birds or wasps nests. Then we sat on the branches and talked about what we had in our bags..

"Niall, what did you get?" 

I calmly asked him as he panted rummaging through the district 34 bag.

"I-I have these tablets? Oh cool! there water cleaner tablets, they will make the drinking water clean for us, it looks like theres 30 of em', i have some rope, and i have a bow and arrow"

 "Zayn, what did you get?"

"A water bottle, bandages, rope, a lighter, and i have a switch knife it looks like

"Great, what about you Lou?"

"Harry, i have a blanket, some water cleaning tablets, rope, and the repellent to keep away those pesky wasps, oh and i have the 'ball and chain' 

"Great lou, and you Li-"

"I lost her"


"Channell, but shes NOT dead, they took her! i don't know who i want more, Channell or Danielle"

"Promise you we will look for her"

The cannon boomed and the pictures and district numbers of the fallen appeared in the dark, black, starless, digital sky... 

Alex | District 10

Mark | District 12, 

Emila | District 42

I saw Lou's face drop when he read Emila's name, she must have been with him

I herd Niall quitley speak..

"Shes still alive"

"Who Ni?"

Liam asked quitley as he fumbled with his hands

"My partner Jackie, shes gorgeous. long blonde hair, green eyes, real cutie"

"Niall got a crush aye?"

"Well Zayn, thats the thing. im in sudden death territory literally, i step foot on the ground i get shot, I just really like to know where she ran of to"

We all climbed higher into the tree and tied the ropes around our wastes. I layed my head back onto the tree and looked over at the bandmates. Me, Harry Styles. trapped, my four best friend, trapped.

Zayn's Point of View

I looked over, all the guys were sleeping, i thought. what about Willa? where did she go, what if shes waiting to take a knife to my neck, i thought about her curly brown hair, tan skin and green eyes. She looked so familiar. I need to find her..



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