The Games

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Since i wrote this back i like 2011, its very, 'carroty' as my friend called it. so just read the new and improved version if you like on wattpad, same user, fagulouscurls


2. chapter 2



It was time for training, this is horrid. My mentor, Jack, said that my band-mates were also in the games. Poor Niall, how is he going to handle this?!?! hes a wuss! Louis can't take being in this giant ass open field and fight till death, hes to nice to kill a spider. Harry, he will probably be the first of us to kill someone, i mean. Yea, me and him might be the ones to kill people first, Liam. Liam will probably be the boss, he will probably know what hes doing in these situations, i hope.

'Hello Zayn, Willa'

'Hi, sir'

'Please Willa, call me Jack'


Willa, she was gorgeous. But i miss Perrie, Willa had shoulder legnth curly hair with green eyes. She was pettiet, but by the way she spoke and her attitude, i bet she already wants to take a knife to my throat.

'Now Zayn, what is your talent, we can use it against the other oponents in the games'

'I'm strong, i can climb'

'Ahhhhh, a mixter of a Peeta and Rue, what about you Willa?"

'I hunt, i have VERY good aim'

'Ahhhh so we ALSO have a Katniss, i have to say.You to are a good duo to work with'\

Jack spoke to Willa about what she should do. Wow, shes very willing, like she KNOWS shes going to win the games, shes a little rude, maybe its because of the games, she looks familier, did she go to my school before One Direction? did she hate the band so she deciding to kill US first?

I looked out from the train, a GORGEOUS city rose form the horizion. The Capital. i herd it was FULL of unusual people, people with long colorful eyelashes, and big hair-dues, and colorful but crazy clothing. This is mad, i wan't to go home! This is'nt right! I miss Perrie, When she came to the weeping she was in tears, she told me to stay alive, i hugged her so tight, thinking that it might be the last time i felt her hug, or kissed her lips, and even herd her voice. She kissed my lips for what felt like forever. Then that blasted security dragged her out by force. I wanted to slap the shit out of EVERY. SINGLE. one of the guards. But, then again. I might just win this game. with my 4 buds and someone else.

I might stay alive. Might

Well, lets start

 'Zayn, Willa, lets go'

He held both of our hands, cameras flashing, people yelling questions, questions mostly for me about One Direction, even autographs were asked for, i might as well give them before i die. Maybe i will die, never be able to see Perrie again, or the boys. Never be able to sing again, see my family, friends, and fans. Stuck at 19 forever. But what if i live.

'Zayn, give them the autogrpahs'

'I need a pen Jack'


Jack handed me a black Sharpie. i signed papers, took pictures, kissed a few cheeks. Then left, atleast a few wonderful fans got a signiture and picture before i died or lived to tell the story of the Hunger Games.

Watching people die, seeing people get hurt, people wanting to kill me, I looked up and saw 5 screens, my face was on one. 4 boys were plasters on the other 4. Live T.V screens brodcasting this.

I saw Liam's face, his hair was shaved into a buzz-cut, eyes stained with tears and doing the same as i, signing autagraphs and taking pictures

I watched Harry step of the train, his curls were trimmed but not to much, His face normal, but still frowned plasterd were a smile used to lay, and he did the same us me and Liam

I witnessed Louis stumble out, he looked so different with a smile plasted across is face, he still did the same, but he acted like he might not die and that hes not even going to the games. he did the same us as

I looked at Niall, he stared at the ground. Then looked up at sighned autographs. His face didn't have a frow or smile on it

Their mentors, Niall had a familr face, Peeta Mellark! i didn't know the others.

We HAVE to survive this, and we really dont have a choice to loose

Happy Hunger Games to us



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