The Games

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Since i wrote this back i like 2011, its very, 'carroty' as my friend called it. so just read the new and improved version if you like on wattpad, same user, fagulouscurls


1. chapter 1

October 8, 2013


We had all gotten home, Harry to Chesire, Liam to Wolverhampton, Zayn to Bradford, Louis to Doncaster, and me. Back to Mullinger. I wasn't so happy to be home. The Games, we had herd about them, the were only in the states. But then they transferd to Ireland, England, and Austrailia, i dont get it. Why here. now its from 12 - 21, 6 people to survive instead of 1. Me and the boys promised eachother, if one of were choosen, then we stay hidden and ONLY go out at night. If we were all choosen, then that would be a blessing. I had watched the Hunger Games on the Telivision. That poor little girl, Rue i believe her name was, and Katniss and Peeta. They were the ones who changed the rules about how many people survive, those horrid people who run the games made the age.


Here i was, in the large train driving to the Capital. I came with this girl. Her name was Jackie. She had long blonde hair and bright green eyes. she was quiet. We were both told to sit in the back if the train and wait for our mentor.

Hello Niall. Hello Jackie

I looked up and saw a blonde man. Peeta. Peeta Mellark?

Your Peeta, you and Katni-

Yes young man, i am. How are you both today?

How could you be so happy!?! I'm going to DIE!

Jackie, sweetie. dont let yourself get like that, i know. Its a horribe feeling to be choosen for this

Peeta talked to Jackie, i stared out the window. Then, a beutiful city was in the horizion. it was gorgeous, execpt for the people, they were wearing the weirdest clothes, they looked like they had been pulled from the Mad-Hatters hat.

Now Niall, i understand you were in a band

One Direction, sir

Yes, i have some good news for you

Like what, i get to go back home? yea sure

No, your other band-mates will be there

After he said that, i smiled. I hugged him so tight, Was it a blessing? probably

I waited to be let of, Peeta was our mentor, maybe i will survive.

Maybe WE will survive


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