the love triangle - A One Direction love story

Jas and Ginny get through auditions on x factor. At Simon's house they meet One Direction. And what happens when Ginny is torn between Harry and Niall and Jas has to 'hate' Liam to help Harry!? Does everything work out in the end?


9. Chapter 9




Virginia: ... And the food was incredible! Niall is so sweet, I really like him.

Jasmin: So your gonna tell Harry that?

Virginia: I don't want to!

Jasmin: But you have to! Imagine if they found out you were cheating, then both would hate you!

Virginia: I'm not cheating!

Jasmin: Not yet...

Virginia: I'll go tell him now.

Jasmin: Good luck!

She left the room looking extremely nervous.

There was nothing to do in the bedroom so I took a stroll down the hall.

And bumped into Liam on the way.

Jasmin: Hey!

Liam: Hey Jas! I was Just coming to see you!

Jasmin: That's funny becaus-

I got cut off by someone dragging me and Liam down the corridor, he opened the toilet door and locked us in.

Harry: Right, I need some help.

Liam: Why did you lock us in the toilets?

Jasmin: And Isn't Ginny supposed to be telling you her feelings right now?

Harry: She just did.

Jasmin: omg, what did you say?

Harry: I said I totally respect her decision

Jasmin: That's nice of you

Harry: I really don't. I want her to be with me!

Jasmin: But she's with Niall

Harry: Not for long...

Jasmin: What evil thing have you planned?

Harry: Making her Jealous

Jasmin: With who? Which girl is gonna pretend to be your girlfriend?

Harry pointed directly at me.

Jasmin: Me! You want me to fake being your girlfriend!

Harry: Only for now! Look, I really, really like Virginia. Please help me.

Jasmin: Fine. But what about Me and Liam?

I turned to look at him, he was staring at the two of us in confusion.

Liam: What are you guys talking about?

Harry sighed.

Jasmin: Around Virginia you cannot be near be, understand? Pretend you hate me.

Liam: WHAT! I am not doing that!

Jasmin: You have to, for Harry. So just don't talk in front of her, but otherwise, I'll come to your room and we can hang out there.

Liam: Okay fine, but only for a week.

Harry: Thank you so much guys! And Jas, to make her Jealous we just need to hold hands and you act all giggly around her and me. Then we you guys go to bed at night brag about how amazing I am.

Jasmin: This better work...

We all walked out the Bathroom and headed down the stairs.

Liam: For this to work, you have to scream at me.

Jasmin: I don't want to scream at you!

Liam: Just pretend we had a giant fight.

Harry: Come on Jas, and it would be a bonus if you cried.

Liam: NO! You don't have to cry.

Jasmin: I will, wait a sec.

I thought of the saddest thing that came to my mind at that moment, I thought hard.

Then I imagined Liam really breaking up with me, and him going off with someone else, and how horrible that would be.

The tears came to my eyes, and that's when I started to yell.

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