the love triangle - A One Direction love story

Jas and Ginny get through auditions on x factor. At Simon's house they meet One Direction. And what happens when Ginny is torn between Harry and Niall and Jas has to 'hate' Liam to help Harry!? Does everything work out in the end?


4. Chapter 4



I yawned as I slowly staggered my way through the long hall and into the kitchen.

But as I entered 3 people looked up at me.

One was Jas, that girl from before.

The other was Niall, standing over the girls.

My eye's turned to a Beautiful blond haired girl, she had pretty eyes and a giant smile on her face.

But I frowned as I saw that Niall must have been flirting with her.

I had told the guys that I had first pick on the girls! Then mr. Adorable does in and takes the pretty one. That's not fair! I told them!

The only way of solving this is to win her back, Luckily Niall hasn't done too much damage.

Harry: Hello Ladies.

Jasmin: Sup

Virginia: hi!

Harry: I'm Harry, But you can call me H, Haz, Hazza...

Niall silently grumbled, he noticed what I was doing, mwahaha...

I walked towards their table.

Virginia: I'm Virginia.

Jasmin: And I'm-

Harry: I know.

Jasmin: Of course you do.

Niall: I was wondering if you would like to make us all some pancakes Harry? Now he was using me for a slave, thanks for that you good of nothing...

Harry: Of course, I'll get started.

So I'll make the best pancakes in the world and Impress her.

Niall: So Virginia, what food's do you like?

Just stop it. She doesn't like you, seriously. She'll fall for me, I'll make her.

And I just know how...

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