the love triangle - A One Direction love story

Jas and Ginny get through auditions on x factor. At Simon's house they meet One Direction. And what happens when Ginny is torn between Harry and Niall and Jas has to 'hate' Liam to help Harry!? Does everything work out in the end?


2. Chapter 2



I was getting impatient with that Hot chocolate.

Where was Jasmin?

This was annoying, It takes 3 minutes to make that drink and she's been out for like 10.


My head snapped up as my singing friend ran inside and slammed the door really loudly.

Virginia: WOW. OKAY.

Jasmin: Oh my god.

She started to make that fangirling noise we came up with years ago.


She calmed down and smiled so widely it was scary.

Jasmin: You know what you said about meeting Hot guys...

Virginia: Yeah.

Jasmin: I met 5.

Virginia: You slut.

Jasmin: NO, NO, NO! Not like that! Come see!

She grabbed my arm and opened the door, we slowly peeked out.

A cute blond haired boy carrying many bags was all I saw.

He looked back at us and winked.

We both quickly stopped staring and slammed the door once more.

Virginia: He was sooo cute!

Jasmin: I know right! Wait ... who are we talking about?

Virginia: The blond haired one! He was adorable.

Jasmin: No, no, no, no, no the brown straight haired one! Liam!

Virginia: I only saw the blond one...

Jasmin: Well go look again! I want you to see Liam!

Virginia: ARE YOU CRAZY! I'm not getting caught staring at some guy again.

Jasmin: WELL! ... I'm gonna go offer to help them unpack.

Virginia: Don't do that, they'll think you're strange.

Jasmin: Your probably right.

Virginia: I'll go instead.

Jasmin: No, That's not fair!

Virginia: If you're not, I will.

Jasmin: How about we just change into really nice clothes and have breakfast. No stalking.

Virginia: Done.

We both ended up not even putting on nice stuff. Just the normal t-shirt and jeans.

I grabbed my IPod and we both left the room in silence.

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