the love triangle - A One Direction love story

Jas and Ginny get through auditions on x factor. At Simon's house they meet One Direction. And what happens when Ginny is torn between Harry and Niall and Jas has to 'hate' Liam to help Harry!? Does everything work out in the end?


15. Chapter 15

( This is the final chapter )




As Jasmin pulled away she looked quite stunned and awkward, but then she snapped out of it and smiled at me.

Virginia: Guys, I have something to say.

We all looked at her in confusion. Could this be it? Has our Jealousy plan worked? I really wanted to know the answer.

A Bar attendant over head our conversation.

Bar Attendant: You've got something to say my dear?

Virginia: Yes...

Bar Attendant: Then say it on stage! Go, go!

He threw her a microphone and she clambered onto the stage looking rather nervous.

Virginia: Guys, this isn't easy.

We all looked at each other, Niall was totally clueless, Jas looked quite astonished as well. But I, could guess what was coming.

Virginia: I'm so, so sorry Niall. Your incredible and talented, sweet and loving and a true friend but... Harry I've always loved you, from the very start and when I saw you with Jasmin it totally ripped me apart, I feel so bad saying this but I need to say the truth since I am the liar in this situation. I'm sorry.

I bounced off my chair and threw myself on the stage, taking the microphone.

Harry: No, I'm the devil here. You aren't the liar. Jasmin and me never loved each other, I told her to fake it to make you Jealous, I ruined everything. She had to pretend to have that giant fight with Liam, they had to stay away from each other all because I made them do it. It's not your fault, I was mean and selfish. I should've thought about Niall's feeling too. I'm sorry.

She then frowned and slapped me in the face.

Harry: Ow.

Virginia: That's for lying.

Then she pulled me close.

Virginia: And this is for loving me all along.

She kissed me.

Everyone is the bar cheered and clapped, But Niall.

Liam's P.O.V

I jumped up from my hiding place behind the bar, grabbed Jas' hand and dragged her up onto the stage.

She locked her fingers in mine and Virginia looked at us like we where zombies.

Virginia: You two never hated each other?

Jasmin: Nope, Never ever.

Liam: And never will.

I took her face in my hands and kissed her, the people in the Bar went crazy once again, this was the best night ever.

As it was getting late, we all decided to leave, as we were walking out the door, they cheered and whistled goodbye to us. Niall still frowned as I opened the door for us all. He tripped over my shoe and fell on a girl walking past.

Niall: I'm so sorry!

He helped her up, all 3 of us watched.

Niall: I'm Niall.

Frankie: Frankie.

They both smiled at each other, and that's when we all knew, that everything was gonna be alright.




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