the love triangle - A One Direction love story

Jas and Ginny get through auditions on x factor. At Simon's house they meet One Direction. And what happens when Ginny is torn between Harry and Niall and Jas has to 'hate' Liam to help Harry!? Does everything work out in the end?


13. Chapter 13

Harry's P.O.V


I defiantly saw her checking me out at the pools.

I swear, no Joke!

I felt kind of evil with this Jealousy plan but it really seemed to be working.

It was very dark outside, but I stood outside Jasmin's bedroom ready for tonight.

Liam was gonna meet us there so nothing looked suspicious.

*Knock Knock *

The door swung open and Jas stood there smiling.

Virginia: Where are you going?

Jasmin: To a date.

Virginia: WITH WHO!

Jasmin: Harry.

Virginia: What! But-

She snapped off as she saw me standing there.

Virginia: oh. You two have fun then.

When the door closed we both headed up to the road, caught a cab, and headed for the karaoke bar.


Liam's P.O.V


I've been here for 20 minutes.

Were where they?

Naww well, they'll be here soon.

I played a quick game of snooker and the moment the game finished the two of them walked in.

Jas picked up her pase and ran straight up to me.

Jasmin: Heyy, I missed you at dinner.

I put my arm around her.

Liam: I missed you too.

Harry: Who wants to vs. the champion pool player?

Liam: Oh please, I can beat you in a heartbeat.

Harry: Want a bet?


Jasmin's P.O.V


Watching the boys play was one of the funniest things ever.

When ever Harry got a good shot he would rub it in Liam's face, But when Liam won, Harry wasn't too happy.

Harry: That was not a fair game. You cheated.

Liam: Did not!
Harry: Did too.

Liam: Your just a sore loser.

Harry: Whatever, anyway, shall we go up and sing now?

The three of us did a duet of ' Torn ' because the boys had to practise that song, then ' I like it like that ' by Hot chelle rae, they laughed at my choice.

After getting a big clap from the people, we headed off the stage and got some nacho's.

Liam: Oh no, is that?

Jasmin: It can't be.

Harry: Liam! Hide!

Two people headed inside the karaoke bar.

Two unexpected people.

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