the love triangle - A One Direction love story

Jas and Ginny get through auditions on x factor. At Simon's house they meet One Direction. And what happens when Ginny is torn between Harry and Niall and Jas has to 'hate' Liam to help Harry!? Does everything work out in the end?


11. Chapter 11



Jasmin: ... And then I heard Zayn say ' Haha, Another girl for you to sleep with! ' then that's when I burst in and screamed at him, He did admit he was cheating, and I totally lost it.

I'd stopped crying now because it was stinging my eyes, fake crying hurts.

Virginia: Aww, Jazzy I'm so sorry.

Jasmin: Thanks. * sniff *

Harry: It'll be okay, I promise.

He pulled me really close and kissed my forehead, I actually think this was gonna work.




Hold up. Did Harry just kiss her? I know it wasn't a real kiss but STILL.

No, she can't go out with him, I like Harry. Wait what! No, Niall is my boyfriend.

I'm so confused, Yes I do like Harry, but I like Niall two, And I REALLY Don't want these two to get close.

Why don't I want them to be together? Because I'd get really Jealous.

That's sad, maybe I should just let them be together and try act as if I don't care. Yeah, then Niall and me can hang out alot more. Hopefully.

So I'll let them be, nothing will happen, they will probably just become great, great friends.

Harry: No matter what happens, I'm on your side okay? I'll stand by you, And I promise I'll only talk to Liam If I'm saying rude things to him.

Jasmin: Thanks so much Harry, I don't know what I'd do without you.

He pulled her close and gave her a long hug.

Ok, they might get to be more then friends, I just have to keep my fingers crossed.

Harry: I've gotta go tell the others the ' real ' story, so they don't become Liam's followers.

He stood up, But Jasmin pulled him back.

Jasmin: No, stay here with me. Please?

Harry: I think everyone's going swimming now, it'll be fun, take these things off your mind.

Jasmin: Okay.

Harry: Virginia, do you want to come as well?

Virginia: If everyone's going I better go two.

Harry smiled at Jas as he left the room.

Virginia: He likes you! No way!

Jasmin: * sniff * what do you mean?

Virginia: Harry, He likes you.

Jasmin: Does he? Oh, I didn't think so...

Virginia: You know he does, I thought he liked me but I guess not...

Jasmin: Why? What's wrong?

Virginia: Nothing. So do you, like him back?

Jasmin: Um... maybe, we'll just have to wait and see.

She grabbed her togs and left the room, I stood there stunned.

' we'll just have to wait and see. '

Please God no.

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