Zany leaves the band is it for good?


2. Zayn's pov: busted

What have I done? I wondered staring at the girl passed out on the sidewalk. Uhh why did I have to go outside to smoke, I didn't need it im supposed to be trying to quit I can imagine the headlines" Zayn Malik knocks fan unconscious" you sighed. And focused back on the girl, her arm was twisted in a way it shouldn't be and her head was bleeding. You picked her up and carried her inside the door. Then you took off your shirt and wrapped it around her arm and tore a piece off to bandage Her head. Inside you called a cab to take you back to your hotel. Once you reached the hotel you lay the girl flat on her back on the couch, you raced to the freezer to find an ice pack you pressed it against her head in intervals of 5 minutes.
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