Zany leaves the band is it for good?


4. Hospital

I'm dead I'm really dead I thought. She's gonna die and I'm gonna be a murderer I thought again why am I do stupid. Uhh I picked up my phone and called an ambulance something I should of done awhile ago. As I waited with her, I got a call from Liam.
Him: where are you?!!
Me: sorry you guys something came up in at the hotel
I can hear someone probably the bodyguard askin where I was
Him: he's at the hotel guys! Driver step on it! We'll be right over
Me: NO!, wait I mean umm I wont be here.
Him: what is up with you Zayn?
Me: it's just I, I, I don't wanna talk about it okay
Him (pauses) okay Zayn jeez well wherever your goin make sure you don't go crazy we don't need any negatives from the media
Me: my point exactly
Him: huh?
I hear the ambulance wailing downstairs
Me: nothing gotta go bye
I hang up on him.

Before we leave I race into my room and grab her a sweater, one for me also. I run down to the lobby to get the EMT's. They come upstairs with the stretcher and carry her out I follow closely behind.walking by the gurney and holding her good hand like it would help.
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