....Jo Prov.....
I walked into the kitchen to eat.But all I saw where 4 faces staring at me...
When Joann Horan wakes up she sees 4 faces staring. Who are they? What are they doing here. But all things forgotten....who is she.....


3. The Questions

Jo's POV

We got back to the house and the boys question me. "What's your full name?""Joann May Horan."I reply."How old are you?" 17."Who are your parents?"I-I don't know."I start to cry. They give me some photo albums to look through. I give up and walk outside. And  then climb a tree looking into the back yard and sit on a branch. I see two girls coming down the street. They walk over to me. "Hey Jo!"They both say. "Nani? Sophie?" "YEA THAT'S US!!!!"I smile and jump down to hug them. "I lost my memory when I was in a car crash with my dad." "OMG IS MR.H OKAY?!?!?!?" Yeah he's fine." " We need to go home our mom is already pissed." I laugh."K bye." I watch them walk off then ran inside the living room and look at the 4 boy faces staring at me. I smile and run to the kitchen and jump on Niall. " Hey whats gotten into you?" Nani and Sophie came over." I reply waiting for him to get it."That's good." he says. " I know it is Nialler.""WHA?!?!?!?!?!""I REMEMBER WHEN I WAS TALKING TO SOPHIE AND NANI NIALL!!!!!!"GUYS SHE REMEMBERS!!!" Niall  screams and seonds later I had five boys hugging me. I started to laugh. I missed you guys 2." I say. "WE MISSED YOU TO CARROT PRINCESS!!!!!"Louis screams. I  laugh having my memory back isn't going to be so bad after all.

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