....Jo Prov.....
I walked into the kitchen to eat.But all I saw where 4 faces staring at me...
When Joann Horan wakes up she sees 4 faces staring. Who are they? What are they doing here. But all things forgotten....who is she.....


4. My Boyfriend's Girlfriend

Jo's POV

I remember! It's the best feeling ever. Knowing that I could be myself and do what I want."Shit I forgot Cody." I say and before the boys could protest I say,"he's my boyfriend." and run out the door. I was almost to his house when I bumped into someone who looked like she was going to the  same place as me. "Hi."she says, "I'm Crystal."I'm Jo." We kept on walking towards Cody's house."So were are you going?"She asks me."To my boyfriend Cody's house."I reply."That's funny,"She says,"My boyfriend lives in this house to."And after she said that I knew that I was talking with my boyfriend's girlfriend. We walk up the drive way and I knock on the door."Hey babe!" "Don't hey babe me.""Whoa whats wrong ?""I don't know why don't we ask Crystal?"His face tenses and Crystal steps out from around the corner.I walk over to her. We cross our arms and look at him. "WERE OVER!!!!" We both scream at him and walk away."Ugh I can't believe we both fell for that cheater."I say. "I know."Crystal says."Want to come to my house?"I ask her."Sure"she replies.We walk up my driveway."This is your house?!?"she practicably screams And a minute later we hear screaming fans.I quickly close the gates and turn to her who is obviously staring at the fans sign that say 'We love One Direction and Reality!!!!' "Whoa your-""Yea I know now lets go!"We walk into the house. "JO!!!" 5 boys scream and I get rushed. "Ok Ok guys I get it."The boys get up and look at Crystal. "Guys this is one of my new friend Crystal."I say,"Crystal these boys are: Niall,Harry,Zayn,Liam, and Louis."I finished the meet and greet and pointed the boys as I said there names."Hi."she said very quietly.

"lets play a game,'harry says."NOT TRUTH OR DARE OR SPIN THE BOTTLE LOUIS,"I scream before Louis has the chance to scream. he makes the 'pff' sound and says" Fine whatever you people don't wanna have fun."And walks out like the sassy Louis he is. We all start to laugh. Wow I can't believe that I just befriended my ex-boyfriends ex-girlfriend. This is going to be an interesting friendship.

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