....Jo Prov.....
I walked into the kitchen to eat.But all I saw where 4 faces staring at me...
When Joann Horan wakes up she sees 4 faces staring. Who are they? What are they doing here. But all things forgotten....who is she.....


2. Don't let me go

Jo's POV

I'm alive. That's the first thing I think. Dad and I where in a car crash and I don't know what happens after that. I hear people screaming but I don't remember. I hear a man saying," Shes in a coma." Then I hear crying. Knowing that I might not wake up I start to hum my favorite song: Don't let me go, by the river. Dont let me go by dawns early light Don't let me go, oohh noo, Cuz when I see you smile you bring out the best in me baby. I hear shrieks. I stoped humming to listen. I hear a lady say that I'm going to makeR it! I push though the darknest focussing on his voice. "Hello?" I ask my voice sounding hoarse. "Sis!" I hear a blonde male say. " Umm sorry but I don't have a brother," I replied slowly. The woman standing next to him starts to cry and leave the room. "looks like she only has 3 days to get her memory back otherwise it's gone for good." "Is she ok to go home" the one in stripes tells the guy wearing the lab coat. "yes she is fine" he answers. They give me a check up then let me go. " Dont you remember us Jo?!?" the one with black hair asks. " Sorry but who are you?!" I ask. They take me into a place called Nandos and I have a warm feeling in my tummy. I look at the boys faces.  I break out in a smile. "Why are you smiling?" the blonde one asks."because I feel like I know you guys but can't remember."I reply."its ok Jo, you'll remember one of these days."the one in stripes tells me

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