3 years but no memories..

Jessica and Liam have been madly in love since the moment they met. But 6 months into there relationship Jessica's dad gets a posting and is forced to move to Canada.

3 years have passed, 2 visits from Liam and one fatal car accident for Jessica. Liam is in a university lecture when Jessica walks in. What will happen? Does Jessica remember him? Will Liam convince her of there love? Will he win her back?

And what secrets are the gang hiding? Will Jessica ever recover after what she sees, or will she accept it, falling in love with one of them. Only time will Tell.

(story begins from here)


2. This isn't happening!

*Liams point of view* 

'Someone get the nurse!' I screamed. From the corner of my eye i saw Niall and Hazza run out of the room. H dog and I dropped down next to her. 

'oh god. What's happened?!' I whispered. I take of my leather jacket, fold it up and put it under her head, giving her a head rest. 

'shes in a state of shock Liam. We need to give her space!' H dog said, loud enough for the class to hear. I had no idea what to do. She's never been the one to faint! I started panicking. The nurse hurries in followed shortly by he boys. She confirms she's in a state of shock. 

'Liam, can you lift her up and bring her with me please. Niall I'll need you to come along as well.' she said before she rushed out the door. I looked to Niall.

'She will be fine mate, just, don't freak out' He said, putting his hand on my back as we followed the nurse out the door. Just as we reached the hall leading to the nurses office Jessica groaned. 

'Niall she's waking up! Help me carry her.' I said quietly so I didn't wake her fully, which may cause her to freak out more.  Niall came to the other side and helped me carry her bridal style. 

We walked into the nurses office and places Jessica on the bed. I followed The nurse into her office while Niall sat next to Jessica. 

The nurse started writing on a notepad. Shortly after she asked 'She's fine. Just a state of shock. What happened anyways?' 

As I explained to her what happened, the nurse just nodded and said a couple of 'ohh's and 'uh-huh' s. 

'okay well I suggest you stay away for a bit, let her breathe and let this process okay?' the nurse looked up to me from her notepad. 

I nodded and walked out and sat in the hall, pulling my knees to my chest. 

*Jessicas point of view* 

I groaned a bit. I landed funny on the way down, and now my head hurt. I tried sitting up to rub my head but was pushed back down slowly again. 

'nu-uh. You arnt getting up that quickly. Just lie your head down for a bit.' said the most gorgeous Irish accent I think ive ever heard. 

I opened my eyes and saw a very handsome young lad sitting next to me, holding my hand. I blushed a bit. God this was so embarrassing. He chuckled and whispered 'im Niall. Nice to meet you gorgeous'. I blushed more. And he chuckled more. I think he found this amusing.

I looked around and realised I was in the nurses office. First day of school and I've already started trouble. Great. What an impression I've bet I've made. 

'ahh your awake mrs swan. I'm nurse nancy. You had a bit of a fall. How are you feeling?' 

I nodded my head. My mouth wasn't working. Okay let's be strange mouth.. 

'okay good, do you know why you fainted my dear?' 

Ugh. No I didn't actually. I had no idea why. I shook my head. 

'well okay. I'll leave you be and I'll come back to visit you in a second. I'll bring some nurofen.' 

I smiled and barley whispered thanks before another handsome boy walks in. He looked at me and smiled. He came over and kissed me. Before I knew what I was doing, I slapped him. My grip on Niall tightened as I got scared. 

'This isn't happening. Not now. Shit' LIAM! His name was Liam but that's all I can remember. 

Liam walked over to the counter and screamed, wiping his hands across the top, everything coming with them. 

'WHY ME?!' he screamed before he stormed out, leaving me and Niall in a state of shock. 
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