3 years but no memories..

Jessica and Liam have been madly in love since the moment they met. But 6 months into there relationship Jessica's dad gets a posting and is forced to move to Canada.

3 years have passed, 2 visits from Liam and one fatal car accident for Jessica. Liam is in a university lecture when Jessica walks in. What will happen? Does Jessica remember him? Will Liam convince her of there love? Will he win her back?

And what secrets are the gang hiding? Will Jessica ever recover after what she sees, or will she accept it, falling in love with one of them. Only time will Tell.

(story begins from here)


3. Old and new memories.


'AHHH Liam don't do that!' I squealed as Liam chased me through my garden with the hose. He was laughing so hard I think he was about to pee himself. 

I stopped and turned around. I ran towards him and jumped on him before he had a chance to stop me. He dropped the hose and grabbed hold of my waist looking me in the eyes. 

'god your beautiful. How did I end up so lucky to have you?' I blushed and kissed him. As he accepted the kiss he got a better grip on me. My tongue slid across his bottom lip. I wanted him so bad right now! 

He accepted and as our tongues fought for dominance  he moaned, as the kiss got deeper and deeper and deeper and deeper...


'umm Niall. What was that about?!' I looked up at him. Trying not to move my now throbbing head. 

He looked back down at me. Wow his eyes where amazing. I could just look at them all day....

Niall started blushing. I giggled. He's cute. I liked this boy. 

'well ever since you left to Canada a few years ago, Liam didn't have someone he could talk to about his problems so he bottled them up, and now he has a few anger issues..' Niall tried to explain, without being to technical.

Wait a second..

'How did you know I moved to Canada?! Are you stalking me!?' I started freaking out.

As his eyes got big he started shaking his head really fast. 

'NONONONO! I'm not a stalker! You see, when you were in high school, you and Liam were.. You know.. A couple..' he said, expecting me to freak out. 

I laughed. And for some reason I couldn't stop. That is until my head started throbbing again, reminding me to be careful. I sighed a bit. 'I went out, with him?' I gestures towards he door. ' ahah how come I don't remember this?' I started laughing again. I'm pretty sure if I was in a relationship with someone as attractive as Liam I would have remembered it. 

I heard someone else chuckle, I looked to the door. 'Hey Jems' he smiled. I only knew one person to ever call me that name. My best friend. 

Louis was standing there in front of me. If it wasn't for my throbbing head I would have jumped on him. Louis and I have been friends since we were in pre-school. So we've known each other for about 14 years. 

He came over and bent down to hug me. Only now did Niall let go of my hand. Louis sat on the end of my bed. 

His smile slowly disappeared. 'You had a serious car accident while you were in Canada Jems. That's why you dont remember anything. you lost your brother and your mum. So you and your dad moved back here. Your memory is all gone. You can only remember a few people and places.' 

As this was all sinking in I tried to remember things but the last thing I could remember before coming to Uni was me packing a suitcase. Must have been before I moved. 

I turned to Louis. He smiled. This was to much information. How come I don't even remember the accident?! 

And, for the second time that day, I fainted. 
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