3 years but no memories..

Jessica and Liam have been madly in love since the moment they met. But 6 months into there relationship Jessica's dad gets a posting and is forced to move to Canada.

3 years have passed, 2 visits from Liam and one fatal car accident for Jessica. Liam is in a university lecture when Jessica walks in. What will happen? Does Jessica remember him? Will Liam convince her of there love? Will he win her back?

And what secrets are the gang hiding? Will Jessica ever recover after what she sees, or will she accept it, falling in love with one of them. Only time will Tell.

(story begins from here)



* Flashback*

I Was standing in the airport impatiently. Liam was coming to visit for the first time since I've been here. I was so excited! I started tapping my foot I was growing more and more impatient by the second. I yawned and i shut my eyes. When i opened them, coming through the terminal was Liam, with his suitcase, looking as handsome as ever. 

I squealed, left my dad, jumped over the rope and ran to him he caught me in his arms, dropping everything he was holding. He was spinning me around and i had my legs up, being careful not to hit anyone. I Heard a few people behind the ropes go 'Awwww' and a few people say 'that's sweet'. I giggled into his neck. 

'I missed you so much cupcake'-he half chuckled and cried-'Never ever let me be away from you, for that long again.' he sighed. It has been almost a year since I've seen him. 

'Aww Wiiammmm. I love you so much! I missed you so much.' I didn't want this moment to end. But it probably had to soon. He put me down, lent me back, and kissed me with the most passion he ever has before. wow he really did miss me. 

I lent forward to his ear and whispered 'The things i'm going to do to you tonight, will be unforgettable.' I Pulled back again and winked, and Liam slightly moaned. I Started to giggle as we walked out of the airport. 

*Now Niall's POV*

God shes beautiful. Liam is so lucky. Or unlucky. Cause you know. She has no freaking idea who he is. Omg! Now's my chance to get with her!

As Liam and Jessica walked away, Lou started blabbing on about nothing. I nodded, saying i agreed even though I had idea what he was saying. I heard a big gasp, i turned around it was Jessica. She had her hand over her mouth, and Liam was talking. I Saw a tear slide down her cheek. I Speed walked to where they were, and Liam stopped talking just as i got there. 

'Okay maybe it isn't such a good idea to spend every second with Liam. Who knows what could happen. You could go into a fit or something! Jess, why don't you come sit with Me and Lou at lunch? Give you some time to breathe maybe?' I Said the last bit whilst glaring at Liam. I wanted Jessica. I never got what i want, so maybe if i try this time.. I was sure she was going to say no. 

'Yea That's not a bad idea at all' Jess smiled big. 'where do you sit?' 

She waved goodbye to Liam as I grabbed her hand. She didn't move it, she actually tightened. When she tightened so did I. I started walking towards the direction of where we sat, Lou and Jess having a little catch up chat, while she was still holding my hand. Next thing i knew Liam was standing in front of me, arms crossed against his chest. Hes such a douche I swear. 

'Sorry am I in your way?' He smirked. Why did Jess ever like him, hes just rude. I Smiled and walked around him. Yet again he stood in front of me but this time he was right in my face. If something was going to happen, I didn't want Jess being involved, so I let go of her hand. As i did so, Liam pushed me, so i hit hard on the floor. 

*Jessica's POV* 

Niall hit the floor with a loud BANG! Was Liam asking to get hit? I Saw Lou to my other side tense. I've seen Lou mad, and its not pretty. Hes like the incredible Hulk, but not as green or big. 

Niall stood up, His face getting red. He stood in front of Liam, his face right up to Liam's. If they weren't about to beat the crap out of each other, it looks like there about to kiss. Ha ha that's funny. 

'Lets take this outside shall we.' Liam growled. Okay this wasn't weird or anything. I Turned to Lou. Anddd hes gone. WTF is happening ?!

I looked back to Liam and Niall. Before i knew it, Niall grabbed my hand and started hauling me outside. It was warm so its okay. I saw a spare seat and started to walk to it, But Niall just pulled me back on track. We didn't stop in the playground, we kept walking. Into the Forrest  3 Figures where standing in the distance talking. Actually no, they where arguing. Okay Creeepppyyy. 

Liam and Niall stopped just in front of the figures. Okay well I could see them now. I Recognized two of them. Lou, and a cute boy, Tall, pretty green eyes, and curly hair. The other one, Tall, Dark brown hair, and very tanned skin, his eyes, wow i could just look into them forever.... He Just stood there and looked at me. I've never seen him before but he was cute. He just kept staring.. I Realized i was looking at him to. I Could feel myself blush. He chuckled. 

As i tuned back in all the boys were talking, to fast for me to understand. Next thing i knew Lou grabbed me and pulled me back a couple feet. Okay WHAT IS HAPPENING  I Wanted to scream at all of them. But i was intrigued at what was happening. 

Next thing i know, The curly haired boy, Dark skinned boy, Liam and Niall where on all fours. 

'Shut your eyes. You might go blind' Lou whispered in my ear. I Quickly turned around and buried my head in his chest. There was a flash of bright light. Lou tapped my should saying it was okay. Why didn't he look away? 

I turned around, and the boys where gone. There were 4 piles of clothes and 4 animals, standing there growling at each other. Two were walking around in circles, ready to attack. Then it hit me. These thing in front of me where the boys. They just weren't boys anymore though... They where wolves. 

***Okay guys atm, i have really big school exams, and I do need help writing this story! I would love it if someone could help me co-write this, I Just need someone to help. Send in your ideas and where you want the story to go, and why you want to help, and ill read them all! Thanks so much guys!~~ Bekah xo***

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