3 years but no memories..

Jessica and Liam have been madly in love since the moment they met. But 6 months into there relationship Jessica's dad gets a posting and is forced to move to Canada.

3 years have passed, 2 visits from Liam and one fatal car accident for Jessica. Liam is in a university lecture when Jessica walks in. What will happen? Does Jessica remember him? Will Liam convince her of there love? Will he win her back?

And what secrets are the gang hiding? Will Jessica ever recover after what she sees, or will she accept it, falling in love with one of them. Only time will Tell.

(story begins from here)


4. Can memories come flooding back?


'i love you cupcake' I smiled at her. I'm going to miss her so much. 

'I love you more Wiam' she started crying. So did I. 

She was my everything and shes moving. It's so sad! She ran to to me and jumped in my arms, hugging me tightly, never wanting to let me go. I knew this had to end soon. I bent don and kissed her, and instantly our tongues where fighting for dominance. 

'Flight 492 to Toronto, this is your final call.' I looked her. She was in even more tears. I lent down and whispered something in her ear, handing her something to go along with it. She kissed me quickly before we brother picked her up and carried her away before she would run away with me. 

'I love you so much Liam!' she screamed across the airport.

'I love you more Jessica' I whispered to myself, knowing she wouldn't be able to hear me. I watched her walk through the gates. I whipped away my tears. It's okay. I will see her soon. I will keep the promise I whispered in my ear. After all she is my cupcake right? 

*now- Liams point of view*

For gods sake. She didn't remember me. I sat against the wall, with me elbows on my knees and my hands on my head. I sat like this till I heard the nurses door open and close. I looked up. It was Jessica. I sat up quickly standing in front of her. 

'Hey bub. How are you feeling? ' I asked. She blushed abit when I called her bub. God I loved it when she blushed. 

'umm Liam.. I remember something.' she said very quietly, looking at the ground. 

I smiled wider. 'what do you remember? Do you remember me? Do you remember moving? Ong did you remember the crash?!' I go really scared now. I didn't need her remembering that. 

She giggled abit. 'hehe no. None of that. I just remember you coming to the airport to say goodbye. We uhm.. Uh. Kissed as well..' she wounded super shy now. 

I chuckled. 'oh and your nickname for me is cupcake? I think. I might just be dreaming... ' she trailed off, but not before I could grab her and hug her. She didnt hesitate to hug back. God I've missed her. 

Someone behind her coughed after a few seconds. I looked up and Louis was standing there awkwardly. I chuckled, let go of Jessica and walked to Louis, clamping his hand, then pullin him into a bros hug. 

*Jessicas point of view* 

The two boys started talking. Okay. I didn't even know they knew each other. I pulled out my phone and texted my dad 

-Hey daddy. I'm scared. I just ran into Liam and I didn't know who he was. Why did I lose my memory? I cant remember anything :( -

I pressed send, I went and sat down against the wall, like how Liam was sitting before. I sat there and I fell asleep. I started dreaming.

'DAD STOP THE CAR! Now! I don't want to be in here with you! LET ME OUT!' I screamed. Before I knew it, the car had stopped. I jumped out and started walking in the other direction to what we were heading. 

'Phil.' my mum whined 'go get her. You just can't let her walk home. It's minus 13 out there...' my mum hopped out of the car now. 'Jesica sweety, come back to the car, dad said he will drive you home!' 

I turned around and sighed. 'Is that a promise?!' I was upset with dad. But I can't remember why.. 

'Yes no comeon sweety. Your gonna get a cold..' mum partly whispered. I walked back to the car, and sat back in my seat, next to Cameron, my brother. 

'Jessica.. Sweety wakeup. It's time to go to lunch.' someone was shaking me awake. I opened my eyes slowly and Liam, Niall and Louis where standing there staring at me.. That's not uncomfortable or anything.. Liam grabbed my hand and helped me stand up. 

'thanks' I mumbled. 'uh Liam can we talk before we go to lunch?' I smiled. 

He nodded, and the other two smiled reassuringly. I waved goodbye and grabbed Liam's hand and walked the other way. 

'I remember.' he was about start talking but I cut him off. 'no not about you. I remember getting in the car and fighting with my dad. I don't know why I was fighting with him, but I was. Mum came out to get me before I ran off. That's all I remember..' I sighed.. This was a lot to take in.

'Jessica. That's exactly what your dad described. Your memories coming back, because That's what happened before your crash.' 
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