3 years but no memories..

Jessica and Liam have been madly in love since the moment they met. But 6 months into there relationship Jessica's dad gets a posting and is forced to move to Canada.

3 years have passed, 2 visits from Liam and one fatal car accident for Jessica. Liam is in a university lecture when Jessica walks in. What will happen? Does Jessica remember him? Will Liam convince her of there love? Will he win her back?

And what secrets are the gang hiding? Will Jessica ever recover after what she sees, or will she accept it, falling in love with one of them. Only time will Tell.

(story begins from here)


1. A new beginning ?

*Jessicas point of view* 

I went and looked at myself in the bathroom mirror. My blonde hair was wavy and my blue eyes were as bright as ever. That's weird, there never this bright. My mascara was a bit light. I went through my bag and put some more on. Didn't want to look bad on my first day of university. My freckles where shinning through my foundation, just to give my face more features. I applied my lipgloss after the masara an puckered my lips. 

'And here goes nothing..' I whispered to myself. 

I fixed up my little summer dress I was wearing. As I straightened out the fabric I ran my hands along the different shades of yellow. I smiled to myself. Damn I looked good.

I looked at my time table. I had English studies first. I looked to my watch. Annnnddd I was already late.. Great. I left the bathroom, breathing in, trying not to panic. I always got scared. But never this nervous. What is happening with me today. I'm so nervous. More than normal. Damn. 

As I looked at the map I was given, I stopped in front of my door. I didn't know if I should knock or not, so I just walked in. I looked up at the class in front of me. Great. There had to be over 50 people in here, I blushed as the teacher walked over. 

' I'm mr hathrington, But you can call me H dog or just sir.' the class laughed at his joke. 'can I see your timetable?' 

I handed him my timetable and while he read the piece of paper, I looked at the class. Most of the class was boys. Great. There were a few girls and all I noticed smiled at me friendly. I smiled back. 

'Jessica? Is that you bub?' I looked past H dog ad there stood a very handsome young man. I smiled at him, realising he was the one who called my name. 

'umm yea, I'm Jessica. Sorry but Who are you?' I could feel my cheeks reddening. Uh ohh.. 

I heared a few 'oh shit's in the audience and someone even said 'she doesn't remember you man'. 
I looked back to him and the pain in his eyes was very obvious. I then looked at H dog  who seemed very confused at what was happening. 

I walked past H dog and made my way to the boy. His eyes were a light brown, but at the moment they were mostly filled with sorrow and sadness. 

'you never told me your name'. I blushed again. Damn this guy was attractive.

He just stood there and looked at me. I studied him more. Brown hair, styled into a quiff. Vans, leather jacket and skinny jeans. This guy had style. 

'I'm Liam Jess.. I thought you would have at least remembered me..' he looked even sadder now. 

I simply shook my head at him. I had no idea who this guy was. 

'bub, I'm your boyfriend..' he whispered.

I gasped. That's the last thing I remembered before I fainted, followed by a few 'CALL THE NURSE's. 
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