Live While Were Young

Elena Hueton was your average girl going to school day in day out but everything changes when she realises that her cousin Zayn just started going to the same school.....!!


1. Monday 20/4/1230 first day back

Beep beep..... Beep beep.... I woke up to the sound of my alarm clock, grr why does school have to start already why cant hoildays last forvever
(Elena Showers Free!!) my mum said for downstairs
Coming i walked down the stairs and jumped into the shower , it took about 5 mins for me to have a shower, i slowly walked back up the stairs to my bedroom and picked out some clothes i decided to go with a casual look so i chose a pair of jeans, a pink singlet and a denim jacket to go over the top i went back down stairs to the bathroom to brush my long brown straight hair and apllie the smallest amont of make-up as i walked to the dining room i smelt blueberry pancakes (mmm my fav) i sat down at the table and looked up at my older brother jeromy he was looking at me if to say were is my goodmorning hug so i got up ran over to him and squeezed him as hard as i could and then sat back down in my seat and mum brought out the pancakes i finished my second one and looked at the time ohhh my gosh im late i quickly backed my school bag witch i havnt used for two weeks and ran out the door shouting cya mum cya jer luv ya both bye and slamed the door shut behind me and then started to walk to school. Just then i got a text from my friend caroline it said (where are you? I dont want to walk to skwl by myself) ohh my god i forgot me and Caroline walk to school together i quickly ran to her house thank god its only a few blocks away she was waiting out side of her house. Thankyou its about time you got here!, sorry Car comebon we are going to be late we arrived at school and got our term four timetable and went in our seperate directions i went to my first class MATHS grrr great here we go:(
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