Live While Were Young

Elena Hueton was your average girl going to school day in day out but everything changes when she realises that her cousin Zayn just started going to the same school.....!!


2. Lunch break

Ringggggggg owooooooo siren went i walked out of class to the lunch room and i saw Caroline, Aria and Clair all eating their lunch so i walk over to them and sat down next to Aria and started to eat mine when i saw someone i thought i knew i only realised who it was when he looked back at me and started to laugh no it cant be my cousin Zayn i walked over to him and gave hIm a hug
Zayns point of view:
Omg i cant belive my cousin Elena goes to this school maybe now i will have more friends then the other new kids
Elenas pov
Hey Zayn so who are you little group of friends
Zayn: ohh well they are also new this is Louis and Elenor this is liam and Danielle , this is Harry and last but not least Niall (they all say hello)
I decided to sit with them for the rest of lunch

Ohh hey Elena how would you like to come round to mine after school zayn asked
Will autie sue be thier???
Nope zayn said just me and the boys
Okay fine i will
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