Live While Were Young

Elena Hueton was your average girl going to school day in day out but everything changes when she realises that her cousin Zayn just started going to the same school.....!!


3. At zayns

I arrive at Zayns house after school and knock on his front door all i hear is a scream from inside so i ran in to find all thr boys looking at me i say softly i heard a scream they all started to laugh
Z: dont worry Elena that was only Niall scream
E: but why did he scream
Z: because louis took his last piece of toast (niall is very protective of his food)
E: ohh i see
N: Elena be a babe and can you get it back from louis please
Z: niall i told you about this before
N: What??
Niall and Zayn leave the room
Z: niall i dont want any of you dating her
N: ohh why :(
Z: because i just dont i have told hazza to
N: but i really like her
Z: to bad you are not going out with her
N: okay:(
E: umm niall here i got it back
N: ohh thanks ba..
Z: Niall
N: thankyou Elena
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