Magazine Splash

One Day me and my friend Mckenzie were walking on the busy streets of England. When Mckenzie and I crashed into the famous boy bad One Direction we were out of breath. I couldn't believe that the boy band was lost when they live their so they said we would like to help them so we did.After we helped them Niall asked if i could give him my number i couldn't believe the sexy blonde boy asked me for my number. TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPEN NEXT HAVE TO READ THE STORIES P.S I NEW TO THIS SO PLEASE DON'T SAY I'M A BAD WRITER OR AUTHOR


3. Party Time at Beach

When we had arrive to the beach Niall had notice that I was tired of sitting down so he had told me if I wanted to race to the beach and crazy me I said yes! So we started to run when we got to the water part Niall was standing on the edge of were the water spreads he told me "look isn't this beautiful" I had ask what is? He told me the waves I could surffing than he asked me do you know how to surf i was like o dam he asked again and i told him no but that if he could teach me than i'll learn faster.(2min later) we were both sitting on this heart blanket when he started to take off his shirt i was like ........... He look dam hot so than I started to take off my shorts and shirt off and just leaving myself with a red heart bikini. 

Niall said to me that i look hot i told him that he look hot to. I had asked Niall if he could put sun screen on my back he told me anything for you darling. When he apply the sun screen i felt relax with the massage he was giving me than he asked me if i could put sun screen on his back i was like anything for my Nialler. We started to laugh after we both got in into the sweet water. (20 min later) we got out the water and we had change to a new pair of cloth when we had change me and Niall had gone for a walk while my friends and the lads gather around the fire to sing songs Andrea was a really good singer and i bet Harry is going to love her more. When me and Niall started to walk he told me that I've been the sweeties girlfriend ever and that if i and the girls wanted to stay at their house tonight i had thought it was a good idea. He told me that today he wanted to hug me kiss me and give me the best night ever.

When we reached to a big rock he put my back against a soft part of the rock and he started to pull off my shirt he put his hand on the zipper of my shorts and pull down. I was completely in my bra and in my undies when i started to do the same with him we started to kiss he put his chest on mine. He put his hands on my legs and he stared to kiss me and he worked his way through when he had reach my glossy lips again. Good thing we had a blanket (10 min later) he had told me that he had gotten a text from Liam saying "Niall we better get going" I told him that we should he was like we could finish this in the hotel. I was so smiley my whole way to the hotel or apartment.

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