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One Day me and my friend Mckenzie were walking on the busy streets of England. When Mckenzie and I crashed into the famous boy bad One Direction we were out of breath. I couldn't believe that the boy band was lost when they live their so they said we would like to help them so we did.After we helped them Niall asked if i could give him my number i couldn't believe the sexy blonde boy asked me for my number. TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPEN NEXT HAVE TO READ THE STORIES P.S I NEW TO THIS SO PLEASE DON'T SAY I'M A BAD WRITER OR AUTHOR



I had told Mckenzie what had just happen between me and Niall Mckenzie was shocked. (2 hours later) When I got home i saw my phone it had a number that did not have a name but i read the text, it was Niall it had said ''Hey so I want to know you better o sorry its me Niall so yeah it would be great to go to dinner tomorrow please respond- Niall Horan''. I did not know what to say so I said yes!!! (Next Day) It was dinner time with Niall Horan from One Direction when i got to the beautiful resturant i was so happy that i was not breathing. 

When Niall arrive I hugged him and gave him a kiss on the cheak just like i would to someone. When Niall got their we started to order the food he order like three plated i was suprised. I asked like 3 times why did he want to go to dinner with a fan and he got closer to me almost putting his lips on my and he whisper because i love you. Then butterflies started to fourm in my stocmac. I had told him that i never thought somebody like him would like me and told me '' I like you not just cause your beautiful but because you have a beautiful personatlity. 

After we had dinner he asked me if  I wanted to go to his apartment I had said yes to him, so we got in his car and drove and the whole drive to the apartment he had put romantic music on. After the long ride home he got off the car and open the door for me, so we headed to the amazing and big apartment he told me that his room was next to the kitchen when he told me that i started to giggle he asked why was I giggling i told him that i didn't think that this day would happen to me and he reply back with a big smile on his beautiful face. 

So he took me to his bedroom he said if i wanted to see TV and stay over for the night and i said yes but that i needed to talk with my friend so i called and Mckenzie she said that it was alright. (5 minutes later) He gave me a gray sweat pants and a long green shirt that said free hugs on it. After we watched TV he snuggled me and i snuggled him back, then his lips and mines almost touch when they did i hugged him and gave him a kiss on the fourhead.

(The next morning) After i wokeup their was lots of noice coming from the kitchen like if their was a party going on. So i got up and their they were the 1D lads goofing around Harry was cooking or making pancakes but they were burned i stared to laugh when Lou said Kayle how did you spend the night i was like kinda good.

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