Magazine Splash

One Day me and my friend Mckenzie were walking on the busy streets of England. When Mckenzie and I crashed into the famous boy bad One Direction we were out of breath. I couldn't believe that the boy band was lost when they live their so they said we would like to help them so we did.After we helped them Niall asked if i could give him my number i couldn't believe the sexy blonde boy asked me for my number. TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPEN NEXT HAVE TO READ THE STORIES P.S I NEW TO THIS SO PLEASE DON'T SAY I'M A BAD WRITER OR AUTHOR


2. Breakfast with 1D

After Louis had asked me the question we all headed to the breakfast table just because Harry said "Get out of my kitchen!" When we were all siting in the table Liam had told me that he cut his hair to donate to a person that has breast cancer I thought that was neat and really sweet of him. Niall had told me if I and some friends of mine wanted to go to the beach I had told them "Sure I'll love to." So Niall had told me if I wanted to go back to my house and get ready because they were going to leave in an hour. I had told Niall "Yes please." He looked at me with a big smile and with beautiful sparkly blue eyes. 

(5 min later) When i arrive at my house Niall had told me that he loved me and he said that i was his only beautiful girlfriend that he ever had. I started to chuckle that i even blushed. So after he kissed me on the cheek or should i say lips he told me that he was going to pick me up and my friends in an hour. He smiled and he got on his car. When i open the door Mckenzie was all dressed up and one of her friends was their Andrea i had told them both if they wanted to go with me and the boys to the beach and they all said ahhhhhhhh yes!!!!!!

( an hour later) Niall arrived at my house and Harry in a jeep we all had our stuff for the beach Niall had carry me like a bride to the jeep Andrea was suprised that me and M where friends with the 1D lads. When Andrea spotted Harry she started to blush her beautiful tan skin made her look like she belonged with Harry. I thought Harry and Andrea would make a cute boyfriend and girlfriend. When I had gotten in the car I had realize that Mckenzi was sitting next to Zayn, it looked like Zayn liked Mckenzi with his beautiful hazel eyes he couldn't lie to me.

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