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One Day me and my friend Mckenzie were walking on the busy streets of England. When Mckenzie and I crashed into the famous boy bad One Direction we were out of breath. I couldn't believe that the boy band was lost when they live their so they said we would like to help them so we did.After we helped them Niall asked if i could give him my number i couldn't believe the sexy blonde boy asked me for my number. TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPEN NEXT HAVE TO READ THE STORIES P.S I NEW TO THIS SO PLEASE DON'T SAY I'M A BAD WRITER OR AUTHOR


4. A Night with 1D!!!

When we had arrived at their apartment we all had gotten ready for the movie that Niall had rented us. Niall likes scary movies so we rented Paranormal Activity 4. We all got our blankets we had our popcorn ready our drinks and everything setup by the time we were setup I had realize that Harry and Andrea were kissing every were when you enter the kitchen you see them you see them in the car and now i'm seeing them in the living room. When the movie started playing i felt some strong hands on my waist when I had turned my head it was Niall he said oh Jackie you look so adorable but what I hated was that Liam kept shusshhhing us. (20 min later) When we hear a knock on the door Liam goes running to see who it is and we see his girlfriend Karla Liam told me that he calls her Carly. 

I think Harry and Andrea were to scared to see the movie so they were the first to head to their rooms or should i say Harry room. Good thing Andrea had packed a lot of cloths so i think Harry had to her to go in the room and spend sometimes together. Niall had told me that he wanted to go to bed but I could tell that he was lying. So we headed to his room when i was changing he was just sitting in the edge of the bed when he started to tell me that I was beautiful than he said don't put you pj's yet so i followed his orders and didn't when i realize that he started to pull his shirt of and just let him self with just his gray sweat pants when he pushed me into his bed and he was on top of me. That is when i started to tangle my hands on his adorable blonde hair. 

Niall and I started to bite each other and he started to give me kisses on my tummy he kept saying "I love you" and each time he said he would start kissing me on the neck and work his way down. We spent the whole night you might say that Harry and Andrea were doing the same and that they were having SEX which i bet they were so Niall told me that i should not take it the wrong way but he did feel like he love being with me and doing this all the time so he told me about this thing that the lads and him were thinking to do. He told me that he and the lads were planning to buy this huge hotel room and have our girlfriends live with us. That's when i stopped Niall and told him "You want me and the girls to move in" and he told me "well yeah because we would spend more time together" and i told him "I love to and i bet the girls love to too." Than he told me than we will help you moving tomorrow. When i started to tell myself in my head that this was going to be the best time ever. I had told Niall that  it was time for us to have some rest.

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