A Million Miles Away

"I'll be home before you know it, okay?" He said, lifting my chin up.
"Okay." I whispered. He pressed his lips to mine and wrapped me in a tight hug.
"I love you so much, Marissa."


3. Disappointment


"C'mon...c'mon." I muttered as the phone rang. Straight to Nat's voicemail. Ugh, why won't she answer? I am meeting up with her today to help her decorate for her parent's 30th wedding anniversary, and she's not answering! I was hoping to tell her I would be late so I could get this guy's phone number. Speaking of which, he was looking at me again. I blushed and a small smile creeped up on his lips.

"VANILLA FRAPPICHINO." The Starbucks worker called out, I picked mine up and right as I got the courage to go talk the guy, he went into the bathroom. Shoot, well I can't wait for him now, I really have to go.


I pushed open the door to Nat's front door. "Nat?" I called, shutting the door and slipping my toms off.

"In the kitchen!" She called. I headed into her kitchen and set my bag and keys on the counter. "Hey, how was your jog?" She asked, not looking up from whatever she was doing.

"Good." I said, still in a dreamy state. 

Her head snapped up and her shoulder length blond hair bounced from the movement of her head. "I know that voice. WHO DID YOU MEET?" She practically shrieked.

I laughed, "Some guy at Starbucks. He was super cute."

"Did you get his number?"

"No." I replied, sipping my drink.

"WHY NOT?" She yelled, staring me down.

"I was going to but you wouldn't pick up your phone!" I teased.

"You could've been late!"

"Last time I was late, you made me clean your bathroom." I smiled, "But I didn't do it."

"Well, you can still meet that guy tonight at dinner." She finished.

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