A Million Miles Away

"I'll be home before you know it, okay?" He said, lifting my chin up.
"Okay." I whispered. He pressed his lips to mine and wrapped me in a tight hug.
"I love you so much, Marissa."


1. Chapter 1: Introductions

"Nat, stop. I can get a date on my own." I said, taking a bite of my burger and watching her stare me down. "Come on Issa, you haven't gone out since you were dating Tyler. At least go flirt with the waiter over there, he's been checking you out all night." She smirked. I glanced over at the waiter, who was very cute, and caught him staring. Natalie smirked. "What did I tell you?" I glanced back over at him and he smiled. He was cute.

"I can get a date on my own." I said firmly.

"Issa, you're starting your senior year of college. Come on." She urged.

"Like I said, I can get a date on my own." I said, getting slightly annoyed.

She stared me down for a second before her face lit up. "I know! Amber's friend flew in the other day, why don't you go out on a triple date with us?" 


"Fine." I sighed, if going on a date with her boyfriend's friend would get her to stop bugging me, so be it. 



"Hey man, nice to see you again." I said, hugging Andrew.

"You too." He smiled.

"Thanks for letting me stay with you and Amber for awhile." I said, hauling my luggage out to his car.

"No problem. What are best friends for, huh?"

I grinned and slid into his car. "So...any dates since your breakup with Brittany?"

"Nope." I said.

"Well you should really check out the girls here, Long Beach has some pretty hot girls." He remarked, glancing over at me.

"I can find my own date, thank you." I answered, watching the palm trees go flashing by the windows.

"C'mon man, are you going to die alone?" Andrew teased.

"No, I just haven't found the right girl yet."  I sighed.

"Well...then good, because Amber's sister knows someone you can go out with." He grinned.

"Andrew, come on, can't I try on my own to find a date?"

"No. And you're going to meet her, you can go on a triple date with us."

"No." I said firmly.

"Yes." Andrew smirked.

"No." I glared.

"Come on!" He whined.

"Fine!" I said throwing my hands up in the air. Why do I always let him talk me into things?

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