Be your one and only (harry styles fanfic)

What happens when harry and grace start dating what will the boys and graces best friend sarah do will they approve or not read to see what happens


3. Telling everyone about "us"

Harry's POV

I woke up and grace was still in my arms and then I remembered last night and our kiss I got up and was glad that I didn't wake her up. I went down stairs and Niall Liam Louis and Zayn were watching something on the television we started to talk about the girls and I told them about me and grace and they all said "we knew it" and I laughed I asked them if they wanted to help me make breakfast and Louis said he wanted to when we were done cooking we said "breakfast is done" then we heard Niall running and I laughed "he really loves food" Liam said. I told the boys that I was going to get grace and Louis said that would get Sarah I went to my room and Sarah was still asleep so I went over to her and said "wake up beautiful" her eyes opened and she smiled and said "morning Harry" I told her breakfast was ready and she said she would come down stairs in a few minutes I left and when I went back down stairs I saw Sarah eating breakfast she looked sad and when I asked "you okay" she said "yeah I will be okay" I didn't believe her for a second.

Sarah's POV

I woke up to Louis saying that breakfast was ready I got up and was going to get grace but instead I heard Harry saying "morning beautiful" I was so upset Sarah said that her favorite was Niall and she knew I loved Harry what a friend I have after I took a pancake a me some bacon Harry I heard Harry coming into the kitchen he noticed I was upset and he asked if I was okay I told him "yeah I will be okay" I don't think he bought it for a second then I heard grad coming down stairs I just kept looking down she said "morning Sarah" I didn't saying anything because one I had food in my mouth and it is not lady like to eat with your mouth full of food and two she wasn't someone I wanted to talk to she asked "you okay" I said "I'm fine why can't any of you guys believe that I'm actual okay" she said "sorry" I just rolled my eyes and left the boys looked at me I just kept walking the. When I walked in my room and closed the door I cryer for what seemed like for ever but in reality it was only for 2 hours and the only reason I stopped was because I heard someone walking and it was Niall he said "Harry and grace want to tell everyone something" I said " be there in 10 minutes when he left I cleaned my self up and went down stairs when I sat down Harry and grace stood up and said "we are together" with smiles on their faces I got up and walked back up stairs being followed by grace she was yelling at me "why can't you be happy for me once!" I yelled back " you knew I hade a thing for Harry and instead of being a good friend you go and be his girlfriend are you kidding me!?!?!" She left and as soon as she left I put my shoes on and left because I can't watch my ex best friend be all lovey covey with the guy of my dreams.

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