Be your one and only (harry styles fanfic)

What happens when harry and grace start dating what will the boys and graces best friend sarah do will they approve or not read to see what happens


2. our frist kiss

Graces POV



it was about 7:30 and so we went to go to the boys house it was 8 so we right on time we got out of the car and went to knock on the door when Niall answered the door he said hey and let us walk in and it was huge he said that the boys would be down in a sec they were doing something and then they all came down stairs from where ever they were up stairs and there was harry looking gorgeous as always he started to say this is and then said what are your names exactly sarah introduced us because she knew that i couldnt talk because i would freak out but i think i was doing a pretty good job of not anyway they all introduced them selfs and we all went to sit on the couches and they asked about our selfs and we said that we were going to be graduating school soon and how we both wanted to join the service and they were pretty surpirzed then when we didnt know what to talk about Liam said "Want to watch a movie?" so we all said sure so we went to the movie room and they decieded to put on Final Destination let me just say something about me and scary movies they dont like me i remeber i was 7 and i watch saw i was scared for a month straight but i didnt want to say anything so i just said okay the order we were sitting in was Louis then Liam then Niall then Sarah then Zayn then Me then Harry when it would get to the scary parts i would cover my eyes the second time i did that harry wisppered if i liked scary movie and i shock my head no and he wisppered that i could we could leave and go do something else so i said no thats okay i wouldnt want to seem rude and he said okay and he put his arm around me and smiled to my self when the movie was over it was midnight so the boys said that we could stay over so me and sarah went to the guest bedrooms and i couldnt go to sleep so went to harrys room and lucky me he couldnt fall asleep so we started playing 20 questions and he started asking questions and the last one was what if i kissed you right now and before i could answer he kissed me and it felt like we were the only people in the whole house after the kiss we cuddled and i fell asleep with the biggest smile on my face





Harrys POV


i couldnt fall asleep after the movie and i heard a knock on my door and i said come in and grace walked in and said that she could sleep and i neither could i so asked if she wanted to play 20 questions and she said sure the last question i asked her was wahat if i kissed you and before she could answer i kissed her and i felt butterflys in my stomach after our kiss we cuddled i fell asleep that night with a smile on my face




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