Be your one and only (harry styles fanfic)

What happens when harry and grace start dating what will the boys and graces best friend sarah do will they approve or not read to see what happens


1. Meeting him




Graces POV


There wasnt to many people at the cafe so me and my friend sarah start talking about school it is our last year in high school then we hear someone walk through the door i blinked twice because the harry styles was standing in front of us with that smile that made my heart melt i know it sounds corny but its true me and sarh love one direction but we arent crazy if we ever hade the chance to talk to them we would we wouldnt scream after they talked my friend sarah said "what would you like?" which made me snap out of it he said that he would like a coffee she gave it to him and he sat at table set for two but so he was facing us we hade the radio on and live while were young came on and i was about to turn it off and he said "leave it" so i did sarah kept saying how excited she was to be graduating this year but i stop paying attention i was wondering how she wasnt caring about the fact that harry styles was here but then again i was proboly a bigger fan of them then she was when he was done he came back and said something to sarah which made her smile and she said something he wrote something on a napkin and gave it to her and after he left she said guess where were going after work and i screamed i was so excited.




Harrys POV 




I asked if the guys would want to get a coffee with me and they all said no so i went alone i walked in and there was only two people there and they were talking about something and they both looked at me and one couldnt stop staring at me the other one aske what i would like i told her a coffee and after i payed and everything i sat at a table for two but so i could see them both one couldnt stop staring at me and the other one was talking about something i couldnt hear when the one girl stoped looking at me and at the radio because live while were young came on she was going to turn it off i told her not to and she didnt i looked at her and she had perfect curly hair that was the same shade brown hair i hade i saw her eyes they were the preetiest blue when i was done with my coffee i went to the counter and the talker walked over and i wispered to her "would you and your friend like to come over and meeting me and the band?" she said of course because her and her friend loved us and it made me smile so i wrote down where we would be and she said that they would over by 8 i left and texted the boys that we would have componey over and they were all excited i couldnt wait to meet the quiet one 



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