Be your one and only (harry styles fanfic)

What happens when harry and grace start dating what will the boys and graces best friend sarah do will they approve or not read to see what happens


6. couldnt think of a name for this chapter



Graces POV


Its been 2 days since everything happened and im starting to get worried about sarah i honestly didnt think that she would leave im mean i understand that she would be mad but it isnt good to run away from your problems. i called her and she didnt answer i called her again and again and she wouldnt answer i told her to call me when she got the message i know she wont but i dont know what else to do. I had to go work at the cafe today so i told the boys goodbye and went home to get ready for work and when i got there sarah was there so i said "hey" but of course she didnt say anything i said "you cant ignore me forever you know" but of course she still didnt say anything for the rest of the day we didnt talk i think that she is over reacting about this but then again she has always been the type of person to over react to things.





Sarahs POV



Is there something wrong with grace or something because she is acting like nothing happened but the thing that is bugging me is that she is dating the guy that i fell in love with she is proboly thinking that im over reacting about this because i can sometimes over react to things but i think that im allowed to act like this right now she said "you cant ignore me forever you know" but i felt like going over to a punching her in the face because i cant belive that she is saying this stuff like you know what maybe i can ignore you forever.


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